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Creating Music on Coca-Cola's Beatbox Pavilion

With the London 2012 Olympics fast-approaching, innovative designs for the gargantuan spectacle are slowly being unveiled. One architectural highlight of the massive event is The Coca-Cola Beatbox, an interactive stage. Designed by Pernilla & Asif, the joint effort of emerging London architects…


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Whimsical Toy Headshots

In their series titled Headshots, French artist collective Hello I'm Wild questions how different life would be if we allowed our inner child to dictate our daily activities. The creative duo behind the project, Caroline Sauvage and Marion Audefray, used their expertise in graphic design and photography to birth this series into a realm of believability.…


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Kate Moss in Haute Couture at the Ritz Paris

Ritz Paris is set to close for renovations, but before it does, the famed hotel welcomed a photo shoot for Vogue Magazine with model Kate Moss. The extravagant photo spread, shot by British fashion photographer Tim Walker, features the grandeur architecture and design of the establishment while…


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Unorthodox Three-Dimensional Photo Reconstructions

By cutting, reconfiguring, and layering images, artist Rusty Scruby produces his 3D photo-based works. The three-dimensional photographic reconstructions utilize multiple copies of the same image to display the shot in a new, transformed way. The idea is to take a fully constructed visual, break it down, and rebuild it. It holds new meaning and offers a…


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Dick Clark's Real-Life Flintstones House

Legendary TV host Dick Clark and his wife are selling their home in Malibu for $3.5 million. Normally, a celebrity selling a piece of real estate in California is nothing to write about, but, in this case, it's nearly impossible not to share images of the media tycoon's Flintstones-inspired house. Based on the classic 60's…


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Polaroids of Afghanis Who've Never Seen a Photograph

The Wakhan corridor located in the northeastern corner of Afghanistan, is a less-traveled region by foreigners. French photographers Fabrice Nadjari and Cedric Houin (aka Varial) decided to journey off to the remote district because of their growing fascination with the country, further heightened by…


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I Know that Feel, Bro.

Itty Bitty Living Space

There is no way for me to express how much I love illustrator and web designer Chris Gerringer's series titled I Know That Feel, Bro. The series of illustrations, which echo the artist's great sense of humor, follow the basic template of placing two subjects, often fictional pop culture characters, side-by-side,…


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White Room Bursts to Life with Dreamy Flower Patterns

Japanese artist Shinji Ohmaki transforms an ordinary room into a flowery dream. Using pigments, felt, nonflammable cloth, fluorescent lights, and acrylic cases, Ohmaki incorporates traditional flower patterns to otherwise empty spaces. The vibrant spectrum of colors create a fun and welcoming environment.

The floor and wall installation, which has been shown several times over in…


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If 80's Film Villains Were Alive Today...

Some of the most horrific and evil villains in films were brought to us within the last thirty-or-so years, including Jason and Freddy Krueger. Italy-based photographer Federico Chiesa sought to capture some of these infamous characters from the 80's in their everyday lives, if they were alive today. With the help of makeup artist and stylist Carolina Trotta, the comical series…


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Crosshatched Ink Portrait Stencils

Best known for his stencil and spray paint work, artist Kris Trappeniers has undertaken a new art project involving an artist's most basic materials — ink and paper. The Belgium-based artist's series of illustrations, known as Analog haftones, feature contemporary portraits of ordinary…


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Crumbling Staircase Made of Salt

Earlier this month, we were awestruck by Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto's incredibly detailed salt maze floor installations and continue to be mesmerized by the art he creates with his medium of choice. As Alice first explained, "Salt has a special place in the death rituals of Japan, and…


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A 36-Foot Tall Whirlwind of Garbage

Have you ever felt like you lived in a dump and wished all the trash was miraculously swept away? Beijing-based artist Wang Zhiyuan helps us visualize what a whirlwind of trash, ascending into the air would look like in his piece entitled Thrown to the Wind. While it seems like a novel idea for trash to disappear into the skies, the reality is that we are all living…


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Being Drawn Into Multilayered Torn Photographs

Artist Scott Hazard's Photo Constructs series uses an interesting method to draw in the viewer. The Raleigh, North Carolina-based landscape artist carves into multiple photos that are layered atop one another, producing a three-dimensional perspective into a transcendent passageway. He uses this technique, creating a topographical rendering, in place of clouds, chimney…


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Snazzy Dinnerware Etiquette

Melbourne-based art director Sonia Rentsch has an eye for prop styling, as displayed in her spirited tableware series entitled Dinner Etiquette. Rentsch, with the help of photographer Scott Newett, adds life and personality to inanimate objects. Each of the still-life stylist's creations feature plates and…


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Remarkable Charcoal Finger-Painted Landscape Mural

Can you believe Judith Braun used her bare hands to finger-paint this spectacular landscape painting? The artist used her signature style of finger-painting for the latest addition to her Fingerings series. Employing her method, which basically involves covering her fingers in grounded…


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Gelatin Pill Mosaics Critique Pharmaceutical Drug Culture

Artist Andy Diaz Hope uses UV treatments on gelatin pill capsules to create his astounding pill mosaics. The diligent industrial designer begins the meticulous process by first digitally photographing locations and people and then inserting the imprints into the pills, piece by piece. Andy was kind enough to give us exclusive insight into his process: "The images are photographs…


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Liu Bolin is Lost in Art

Earlier this week, we brought you the outstanding collaboration between French street artist JR and Chinese contemporary artist Liu Bolin, aka the Invisible Man, in New York City. The performance and unveiling of the mural was all in preparation for Bolin's gallery showing in Soho. This solo exhibition…


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Spectacular Double Exposure Oil Paintings

Korean artist Ho Ryon Lee's series entitled Overlapping Images incorporates a double exposure technique that is typically used in photography. The remarkable thing about this body of work is that the images are, in fact, oil paintings. The realistic renditions of the multitude of scantily clad women in these works employ a layering method that plays with opacity. There…


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3D Sculptures Made from Dangling Strands of Elastic

South Korean artist Hong Sungchul creates three-dimensional string sculptures in his series entitled String Mirrors. The artworks depict several close-up, intimate shots of the human body, focusing heavily on interlocking hands and arms to represent a shared human experience. The most fascinating part about Sungchul's work is the unconventional medium used to reflect his…


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Minimalist Lego Cartoon Characters

Minimalism goes a long way. In this new series of Lego ads by German advertising agency Jung von Matt, we see simplistic representations of some of the most well-known cartoon characters. The Hamburg-based company's ad campaign titled Imagine features tiny towers of colored Lego blocks in each print. It seems abstract, but undeniably accurate in its color-blocking and size ratio in…


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