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Classic Art Recreated Using Plastic from the Ocean & Lighters

The Great Wave is a classic image we see again and again, but artist Chris Jordan puts a new twist on it by recreating the unmistakable piece with 2.4 million pieces of plastic. His reinterpretation, entitled Gyre, is composed entirely of plastic collected from the Pacific Ocean. Jordan takes massive global matters like man-made environmental pollution and…


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Blurring the Lines Between Animals and Mankind

Canadian filmmaker and photographer Gregory Colbert captures the beautiful, uninhibited relationship between man and wildlife. He took a ten-year hiatus from exhibiting any work to travel the world, exploring the vast and natural landscapes of exotic lands including India, Burma, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Egypt, and Antarctica. On his journey, he discovered and documented the exquisite coexistence…


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Real-Life Recreations of Banksy's Graffiti

Banksy has taken the public art world by storm over the last few years and just about everyone is familiar with his street works. Los Angeles-based British photographer Nick Stern took it upon himself to recreate some of the famous graffiti artist's most well-known and controversial works using real people. The photo series entitled You Are Not Banksy includes eight separate shots…


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Figurative Sculptures Made of Scrap Metal

Artist Julie Tremblay addresses the relationship between man and his environment with her figurative sculptural works made of scrap metal. The Quebec City native, who currently lives and works in Brooklyn, uses salvaged industrial sheet metal to form her life-like acrobatic figures, presenting an interesting texture and sheen to the human form. The human physique is a…


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8 Highly Effective Ways to Promote Your Personal Blog

The internet provides easy access for people to connect and share their passion with the world through a personal blog. Almost everyone has some form of a presence on the internet these days and many people have blogs. With so many individuals expressing themselves through their writing on the web, it can be hard to be heard over the crowd. Fortunately,…


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White Walls Artistically Transformed with Black Markers

Sometimes finding the right piece of art to hang on your wall can be difficult. Once that first painting is tacked on, there's the added pressure to fill the adjacent walls with complementing work to balance out the room. British artist Charlotte Mann, however, takes an alternative approach to adorning walls with art—she draws directly onto them with thick black…


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Impeccably Crafted Miniature Japanese Paper Cities

When I first came across a couple of images of these works, I thought they were real city captures using a tilt-shift filter. Little did I know that these are, in fact, fairly normal photographs of paper cities, meticulously crafted by New York-based artist Yumiko Matsui. The skillful artist, who hails from Osaka, Japan, uses her native land as inspiration for her miniature world,…


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Incredible Photography by the Invisible Wildlife Photographer

They say the the most difficult subjects to photograph are children and animals. Perhaps it can be a bit of a struggle to wrangle kids and household pets down for a picture, but capturing a stunning moment of an animal in its natural habitat is in its own league of difficulty. Somehow, 27-year-old Hungarian photographer Bence Máté has mastered this time-consuming art of wildlife…


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Fun and Playful Reinterpretation of an Ordinary City

We've all heard the saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure" but France-based artist Sandrine Estrade Boulet takes the idiom and turns everyday trash into a treasure for everyone to experience. The visual artist, who lives and works in Boulogne Billanourt, captures average streets littered with trash and foliage and digitally transforms them into fun, high-spirited…


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Delicately Crafted Glass Sculptures

Artist Robert Mickelson is an expert sculptor whose medium of choice happens to be glass. There's something so pure and serene about glass. Perhaps it's the material's transparency coupled with its fragility. Whatever it may be, Mickelson knows how to accentuate the element's most appealing qualities. Each of his life-like sculptural pieces exude realism with a refined…


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New Indoor Works from Banksy

Innovative street artist Banksy has recently revealed a series of new works he has completed, both outdoors and indoors. While most are used to witnessing his brand of controversial satire and…


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Futuristic Lotus-Shaped City in the Sky

City in the Sky is an architectural design concept for, as its title suggests, a city in the sky. According to Bulgaria-born, London-based architect Tsvetan Toshkov, the project is "about an imaginary tranquil oasis above the mega developed and polluted city where one can escape from the everyday noise, stress and dirt." The aerial escapes are meant to soar high above our tallest…


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Awesome 365 Project of Pop Culture Icons

Self-proclaimed "part-time dreamer, part-time designer" Jag Nagra has taken on her own personal 365 project, aptly titled 365. We've come across countless artistic pursuits that seek to spark creativity on a daily basis, yet Nagra's graphic design series manages to feel fresh and inviting. She began this project on January 29, 2012 and each day has brought a new finely executed pop…


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New Thread and Nail Portraits From Pamela Campagna

Italian artist Pamela Campagna has, once again, blown us away with her intricately designed thread and nail portraits. The series of comprehensive works known as NETworks entail black and gray thread interwoven and tightly wound around nails that are strategically embedded…


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Tremendous Wood Sculptures Alter Their Environments

Yesterday, we got to see 21 examples of land art that are simply unforgettable. Today, we can expand on that ever-growing list with the works of land artist Jaakko Pernu. The Finnish artist's body of work presents large-scale sculptures produced from elements that originate in natural…


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Intricate Shadow Faces Cast Through Strainers

We've come across several of street artist Isaac Cordal's intriguing tiny, lost figures, which we are clearly fans of, but we're pleased to discover another side to the multifaceted artist that tackles shadow art and combines it with his mastery of sculpting. The Brussels-based Spanish artist took to the streets of London for this project called Cement Bleak that utilizes an…


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Interactive Light and Sound Installation Plays Like a Guitar

Resonate, an interactive sound and light installation, entertained audiences in Frankfurt, Germany at the opening party for this year's biennial festival of lighting culture known as Luminale 2012. The responsive structure is the combined efforts of students studying master programs — "Interior Design - Spatial…


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Top 7 Sites to Find Art & Cultural Events in Your City

As we know here on My Modern Met, there is an abundance of art available and ready to be experienced, all across the globe. It's absolutely fascinating to discover the thought-provoking and inspiring works of diligent artists through the wonders of the internet, but sometimes you need to go out and experience creative works in person. What better venues are…


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A Drunkard's Spiraling Thoughts

Contemporary artist Gilles Barbier's sculptural installation titled L'ivrogne, translated as The Drunk, depicts a sullen man, down on his luck. Replicated after the artist himself, the figure has a spiraling whirlwind of thoughts physically emerging from his head. The artist uses his masterfully sculpted clone to give us a glimpse into a drunkard's inner…


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Amazing Three-Dimensional Suspended Rock Installations

Korean artist Jae-Hyo Lee is known for his comprehensive works made with organic materials found in nature. The contemporary artist's pieces often utilize the natural media, reconfiguring their shape to create unnaturally manufactured creations. The works reflect the original elements' beauty in a newly stylized form. From sculptural…


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