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Mesmerizing Glass Skeleton Radiates Krypton Light

Who says science isn't art? Artist Eric Franklin combines scientific elements and artistic creativity in his sculptural piece titled Embodiment, which just goes to show how seamlessly the two subjects work together. The Portland-based sculptor took over 1,000 hours over the course of two years to complete this 78-inch tall glass replica of the human skeleton. Unlike a normal…


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Intricately Designed Linocut Portraits

In 2010, graphic designer Hubert Tereszkiewicz earned his BFA from the University of Silesia in Cieszyn, Poland. While most of his works lie heavily in poster design, the young artist enjoys exploring traditional design techniques like printmaking. In his series of linocuts, simply labeled as Linocuts, Tereszkiewicz intricately carves sheets of linoleum to produce…


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Photorealistic Pencil Drawings of the Human Eye

What is it about the human eye that is all at once mysterious and revealing? These organic orbs that are said to be the windows to the soul express a world of knowledge and memories whose allure is heightened by their reflective nature. There are so many intricacies to the…


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A Young Photographer Begins His Surreal Journey

Artists are constantly emerging and they seem to be getting younger and younger. With a wide selection of teen photographers out there like Alex Stoddard, Brian Oldham, and…


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Artistic Duo's Clever & Witty Banners

Artistic duo Anna Gray and Ryan Wilson Paulsen use basic black text on white paper to convey their often comical messages relating to a wide variety of topics. The written works range from social commentary to self-reflective statements. The two-year-long 100 Posterworks project takes a straightforward black and white photography series with an equally…


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Gorgeous Icy Infrared Photographs of Kiev

We're no strangers to infrared photography, yet the visual results of the technology never cease to amaze us. Photographer Oleg Stelmach, aka Elektraua, tackles the art of using infrared film to transform viridescent landscapes into mesmerizing expanses of white, icy…


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Spellbinding Fantasy Paintings by John Pitre

Fantasy painter John Pitre creates his own surreal worlds that explore underwater schools of marine life as well as vast landscapes filled with astral bodies of light. He combines celestial and organic elements in his otherworldly environments, creating a sense of unity between living creatures and their planetary surroundings. The Hawaii-based artist has mastered…


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8 Fantastic Sites to Help Keep Your Kids Creative

Creativity starts from a very young age. In this technology-driven age, it can be very easy for youths to stifle their creative growth by wasting their time on mind-numbing websites that inspires little to no brain activity. Luckily, there are a number of sites for your little ones to keep their minds as open and active as possible, allowing their…


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Awesome Aerial Data Maps Reveal America

Visualization of internet distribution

There are over 300 million people in America with each person following his or her own day-to-day routines. Do you ever wonder how this powerful nation maintains its daily rhythm of life? How does America function so well that, in general, its population is consistently sustaining its way of life? PBS's new traveling…


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Unbelievable Non-Photoshopped Body Modifications

Surrealism comes in many forms and can often be difficult to define but one common ability that spans the works of almost all surrealist artists is the power to represent the oddities of one's wildest imaginations and pass it off as real life. We know that having a mouth on the back of your hand is unusual, yet one Japanese university student that goes by the name Chooo-san…


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Hot and Blurry Summer Paintings of the City

Given the recent heat wave that has hit New York City, artist Philip Barlow's blurry renditions of a crowded city really resonate with me. The South Africa-based painter's series simply titled The City depicts a photorealistic interpretation of a busy, out-of-focus urban setting that seems to reflect the glow of a vibrant sun beating down on the pavements. Barlow captures the soft focus…


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Hearing the Ocean in a Metallic Kinetic Sculpture

Finnish artistic duo Tommi Grönlund and Petteri Nisunen have constructed a structure titled Wave of Matter with an incredibly simple concept that involves thousands of tiny metallic spheres placed on a tilting table top. The installation's sloping mechanism causes the silvery orbs to shift and glide from one end to the next. Its hypnotic movement from one end of the…


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Turkish Olympians and Their Daily Diet

Elif Jale Yesilirmak, Wrestling, 3,000 Calories A Day

With about a month left until the London Olympics officially begin on July 27, 2012, athletes worldwide continue to train hard and push their bodies to the limits. In order to gain the energy and strength needed for the rigorous…


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Massive Stonehenge Replica Made of Cars

Artist Tommy Gun and his team of workers took 3 months to create this 36-ton Stonehenge replica made out of cars called Citihenge, though it is also referred to as Skodahenge. The Czech car company Skoda commissioned the life-size installation that sits on London's South Bank near the Tower Bridge, welcoming…


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A Drifting Canopy of Paper-Cut Flowers

Washington-based artist Michelle Forsyth constructs ethereal installations that make each intricate element appear as though it is floating in mid-air. In her piece titled Drift, we see a surface of blue flowers hovering and casting its interspersed shadows over a white pedestal. Each of the hundreds of tiny paper-cut figures is held in place with the use of eye hooks,…


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A Mystifying Sci-Fi-Inspired Terrarium

Ancient Goddess Ruins is an otherworldly terrarium created by artist Tony Larson, aka Megatone230. The organic-seeming diorama is in fact composed of absolutely no living plant life, making it more of an intriguing sculptural piece encased in a large 13-inch glass jar. If you were looking for another…


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New Spectacular Self-Portraits by 18-Year-Old Alex Stoddard

One of My Modern Met's all-time favorite teen photographers is the wildly creative Georgia native Alex Stoddard. In the past year, the 18-year-old has accomplished a great deal at his young age, including graduating from high school and the completion of his highly praised 365…


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Mythical Dragon Sculpture Made of Shattered CDs

If you like the work of animal sculptor Sean Avery, you'll get a kick out of this similarly constructed sculpture of a dragon by Redditor Amon-a-boat. According to the artist, who has…


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Lying Back and Watching the Skies in Silence

How often do we stop and just take a moment to ourselves to marvel at what's around us? Perhaps in passing we may take notice of a pretty flower or, on the off-chance, we may even avert our eyes to the skies and observe a familiar figure in the clouds, but this happens far too infrequently. Dutch artist Rob Sweere seeks to change this with his traveling social project titled Silent Sky…


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Okinawa's Banyan Treehouse Restaurant

In Japan, there's a structurally inventive restaurant called Naha Harbor Diner that takes the traditional treehouse to another level. It is a pan-Asian restaurant sitting atop a tree trunk, nestled amidst its branches, in the Banyan Town shopping center in Okinawa. The restaurant which offers "locally grown and organic harvested foods…


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