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Amazing Multi-Layered Sculptures

Michael Murphy challenges the boundaries between the second and third dimensions in his art. What appears to be a painting is, in fact, a series of dissected layers, forming a figure when viewed from the right angle. His series, LOOK, forces the viewer to move around and observe each comprehensive piece from different perspectives.

In addition to the optical illusions he… Continue

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Intimate Photorealistic Paintings

It has become increasingly difficult to distinguish what medium of art I'm looking at anymore! Marta Penter, a psychologist-turned-painter based in Brazil, is playing mind games with her photorealistic paintings. Her series "Shared Intimacy" features visuals that you'd swear were candid photographs from a personal collection.

Penter paints with watercolors and oils on canvas. She… Continue

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Giant Net Sculptures Color the Sky

With her colorful net sculptures, Janet Echelman is the artist responsible for beautifying skies around the world. These are not your average sculptures. Their near-weightlessness and vivid colors allow for them to interact with nature, swaying in the wind and shining in the sunlight.

Echelman started as a contemporary painter but after the paints she ordered (while on a… Continue

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Hyper-Realistic Paintings of the Female Form

If the artist himself wasn't in the shot, I wouldn't have guessed that these were oil paintings. Omar Ortiz is the man with the magic hands behind these exquisite works of art.

What separates this Mexico-based artist from other hyper-realistic painters… Continue

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Capturing the Heart of Sicily

Photographer Michel Perez captures the essence of Sicilian life in the 1960s for Bambi magazine. Perez's photo series, A Sicilian Adventure, features Romanian model Catrinel Menghia in captivating scenes. Browsing through the photos, I feel like I'm looking at stills from a Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren film. The outfits are period-appropriate and Menghia's assets are… Continue

Added by Pinar on September 27, 2011 at 4:14pm — 6 Comments

Glamorous Mid-Air Fashion

Today, we see a lot of photographers capturing pictures of their subjects in mid-air, whether they be models in an ad campaign or photographers who shoot themselves. What some people may not realize… Continue

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Sitting on a Giant Red Dress

That's one big dress! Aamu Song designed REDDRESS, a towering red gown that fills in its performance space. It is an interactive installation designed to be worn by one performer within the bodice of the gargantuan garment. Each performer climbs a concealed staircase to fit into the body. The dress also allows the average spectator to sit within the 238 pockets of the dress surrounding the entertainer.… Continue

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Spectacular Fashion Fantasies

Fashion photographer Kristian Schuller just released an ebook titled 90 Days One Dream which features his vibrant, imaginative photography. Over the course of 90 days, while traveling to the most beautiful places in the world, Schuller took photos for this daring project, creating an… Continue

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Real-Life Superhero Collages

Come a little closer. For the ten year anniversary of 9/11, London based artist Ben Turnbull created captivating collages comprised of fictional superheroes we can all recognize (if we look closely). They were made to commemorate real life heroes, the firemen and policemen that protect us every day.

There have been a wide array of 9/11 tributes in all mediums of art, but Turnbull's… Continue

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Wartime Molotov Cocktail Art

Have you ever used a cocktail to paint a portrait? (Don't worry, neither have we.) With the help of his production crew and a book of archived photos and documents, Russian street artist Radya can proudly claim that he has. He's created giant portraits of six World War II USSR soldiers - Guard Major Fedor Spekhov, Colonel Formichev, Guard Sergeant I.D. Serebrjakov, Guard Lieutenant V.A. Markov,… Continue

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Motivational Anamorphic Tape

Is success defined by the grades you get in school? Dominic Randolph, the headmaster of the prestigious private school, Riverdale Country School, doesn't think so. According to him, too much attention is put on grades and not enough on character. "There was this idea in America that if you worked hard and you showed real grit, that you could be successful," says Randolph.

As an… Continue

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Dante's Beach Inferno

As the two-time winner of the Food Network's Challenge: Outrageous Pumpkins, Ray Villafane is best known for his expert artistry in food carving. However, he's now recognized for more after accepting to take on a sand sculpting project in Jesolo, Italy. Despite not having any experience in creating sand sculptures, Villafane challenged himself and took part in the annual holiday project. He did such an… Continue

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Vinyl Music Icons

Alejandro de Antonio Fernández, an accomplished designer and illustrator based in Madrid, Spain, created this incredible collection of vinyl-inspired pop art for the UNCO_MA Project presented by Art Room. The idea behind this set is to create innovative style within a space with the use of unconventional materials. De Antonio was inspired by vinyl records and illustrated original portraits of legendary… Continue

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Watch Sculptures: Moments in Time

UK artist, designer, and inventor Dominic Wilcox works with everyday objects to tell compelling stories. Using hand-crafted miniature figures attached to the hands of vintage mechanical watches and encased in custom hand blown glass domes, Wilcox conveys the idea of unending repetition as the figure on the second hand continually passes the one on the minute hand. It's all at once beautiful… Continue

Added by Pinar on September 20, 2011 at 2:20pm — 3 Comments

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