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Denmark's Uniquely Shaped Geodesic Dome

This incredibly complex geometric structure by Copenhagen-based architects Kristoffer Tejlgaard and Benny Jepsen exemplifies the cooperative culmination of creative architecture, efficient design, and mathematic construction. The Danish architects built the geodesic dome for the Peoples Meeting being held in Bornholm, Denmark this year. The event gathers the greatest…


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Romantic Cinematic Photos in the Rain and Snow

Generally, people don't look forward to getting caught in the rain or stuck in a snowstorm, but photographer Christophe Jacrot makes it seem like an incredibly beautiful experience. The French photographer's body of work features several images of huddled pedestrians walking along soaked streets and ivory coated paths trying to withstand the weather. Jacrot romanticizes the rain, turning the…


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Photographer Walks Across City Creating Map Using Memory

Every city has its landmarks and signature aesthetic that sticks in a traveler's mind, allowing one to fondly recall a location based on these visual characteristics. New York has the Empire State building, Statue of Liberty, and crowding skyscrapers while Paris has the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre amidst its distinctive architecture. Based on memory, Japanese photographer Sohei…


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Spectacular Sculptures Set Ablaze at Burning Man

Photographer Michael Holden captures the fiery blaze of sculptures being incinerated at Burning Man. The event, which is an annual gathering of artists and their wooden creations in Nevada's Black Rock Desert, has been growing in popularity over the last few years, drawing in crowds of over 50,000 people. Each year, the week-long event culminates into a massive, festive celebration of…


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Magnificent Chandeliers Made of Bicycle Chains

When you think of chandeliers, you customarily associate them with refined elegance and luxury. They exude a pristine freshness that you wouldn't ordinarily affiliate with pieces of junk; however, Carolina Fontoura Alzaga's chandeliers combine the two opposing worlds into one awesome series of hanging light fixtures. In this ongoing series referred to as Connect, the…


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Captivating Hyperrealistic Pencil Drawings of Glistening Eyes

What is it about eyes that are so fascinating? Regardless of the medium they're depicted in, whether it be a drawing, painting, or…


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Hyper-Realistic Sculpture of a Man Licking the Ground

Cang Xin is a Chinese performance artist who is well-known for his ongoing exploration project in which he chooses to experience life and locations in a variety of uncommon means such as bathing with lizards and, in this case, licking the ground we walk on with his tongue. As one of the most sensitive parts of the body, the tongue provides a method of experiencing things on a whole other level.…


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Spectacular UFO House Sighted in Puerto Rico

There are plenty of conspiracy theorists out there who claim to have sighted extraterrestrial spacecrafts, but 58-year-old Roberto Sanchez Rivera doesn't need to spot any flying saucers because he's living in his own custom-built UFO house. The property resembles a UFO straight out of a science fiction movie, equipped with an array of colorful lights and an eerie soundtrack…


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Clever Variations of Evolution's March of Progress

Evolution can be a controversial subject for some, but Paris-based artist collective Maentis has decided to take on the touchy topic in a clever and sometimes humorous way for their first creative endeavor as a group. Their ongoing project titled 99 Steps of Progress presents a series of graphics that parody the…


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French Photographer's Wildly Imaginative Storytelling Shots

La Rose des Vents is a photo series by French photographer Elene Usdin for a theater by the same name. The fashion photographer goes beyond basic fashion photography and stimulates the imagination with these shots. The unusual collection of images present oddities in design and human behavior with the…


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French Trains Transformed into the Palace of Versailles

Most of us don't have the extravagant luxuries of ornate high ceilings and an abundance of golden statues to adorn our living spaces like 17th century French royalty. However, if you're a regular commuter in France, you just might get the chance to play pretend in one of these trains that have been redesigned to give passengers a taste of opulence that defines the Palace of…


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Startling Digital Illustrations of Fierce Snarling Animals

Have you ever seen a ravenous animal so up-close? French illustrator Samy Halim gives us an idea of what these wild creatures wrought with rage and hunger in their eyes would look like, face-to-face, in his series titled Ungry Animals. While it isn't entirely clear what the word "ungry" alludes to, whether it is a typo or not, one can assume it is a combination of the words…


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Breathtaking Paintings Right Below the Water's Surface

Californian artist Erika Craig paints extraordinary images of women submerged in water, deep in thought. Though one can only imagine what these pensive ladies are thinking, there is an unmistakable connection between the subjects and their environment. Water has transformative qualities that extends beyond visual distortion. The natural mirror effect of the element forces one to…


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Incredible Anamorphic Installations Made of Found Objects

French artist Bernard Pras uses junk and discarded materials to create his large-scale "paintings" whose visual construction bears a resemblance to that of artist Vik Muniz's junkyard masterpieces and…


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Hilarious Miniature Figurine of Sad Keanu Meme

By now, most people should be familiar with a few internet memes. Perhaps one of the most popular, having had its fair share of attention, is Sad Keanu. Now, designer neuralfirings has released a figurine commemorating the staple in hilarious internet culture to crossover into your real life. The…


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Best of 2012 European Beard and Moustache Championships

Over 100 men with the wildest whiskers entered the 2012 European Beard and Moustache Championships in Wittersdorf, France over this past weekend. The entrants curled their mustaches and brushed their beards, adorning their faces with eccentric designs, stiffened and maintained by intense primping, styling, and blow drying. Whether you like a man with facial hair or not,…


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Meet the Most Adorable Cross-Eyed Kitty in the World

If you thought Daisy was the cutest little kitten in the world, it'll be hard to resist the adorable charms of Spangles, the cross-eyed kitty. It's always endearing when someone, be it human or cat, has an obvious, inescapable quirk about him and Spangles' unique gaze meets all the…


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Two World Maps Created with a Country's Own Currency

They say that money makes the world go round but these creatively designed maps give that saying a whole new meaning. Swedish design studio Bedow, run by creative director Perniclas Bedow, produced the world map, above, using international coins. Each continent is formed out of the region's varied native currencies. There is said to be a total of 3,000 coins used for the…


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An Insider's Look at Space Shuttle Flight Decks

As of late, an interest in space exploration has risen and we're discovering more and more astounding photography of our incredible vessels that make the journey possible. Last month, we brought you the incredible photos of America's Space Shuttle Program by Dan Winters and today we're pleased to share…


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Magnificent Chandelier Shaped Like Vineyard's Grape Vines

What screams "high class" more than the grandeur caves of a winery featuring a chandelier with 1,500 Swarovski crystals? I certainly can't think of anything off the top of my head. That's part of why this exquisitely designed and installed hanging sculpture, boasting said sparkling crystals, takes our breath away.

Sculptor Donald Lipski constructed the ceiling fixture titled Chilean…


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