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Capturing Clouds at 20,000 Feet in the Air

This must be what heaven looks like. Photojournalist Rüdiger Nehmzow took to the skies in his Cloud Collection series to photograph some beautiful cloud formations. After being strapped in, the committed photographer, equipped with two cameras and an oxygen mask, went 6,000 meters (approximately 4 miles) high in an airplane with the doors wide open to snap his… Continue

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Giant Rubik's Cube Mosaic of Martin Luther King Jr.

If you thought solving a Rubik's Cube took a lot of time, you've got to see this. Pete Fecteau spent 40 hours configuring a monumental mosaic of Martin Luther King Jr. made entirely out of Rubik's Cubes called Dream Big. With a computer generated draft as his blueprint, the determined creator used 4,242 Rubik's Cubes to construct the 18' 6" x 9' 8" piece that, once… Continue

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Armadillo-Inspired Street Art

In Avignon, France, the streets are animated with street artist GoddoG's graffiti art. The young artist's creations are filled with color and center on his human-like characters. Despite having similar features to humans, the subjects often ball up into themselves, giving them an animalistic appearance - specifically, armadillos. GoddoG also occasionally features animals alongside his main… Continue

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Crucifixion Made Out of Thousands of Hangers

At this year's annual Edinburgh Art Festival, spectators marveled at the towering installations by David Mach. Over seventy of Mach's works were displayed, making this his largest solo show to date. The exhibition, entitled Precious Light, examines and modernizes the themes in the King James Bible on the 400th anniversary of the scripture.

Mach, who is no… Continue

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Zombies Spawned from World's Heaviest Pumpkin

What master sculptor Ray Villafane does with pumpkins is more than just carve a typical holiday jack-o-lantern. We've seen his past pumpkin sculptures before but his latest creation for The New York Botanical Garden is otherworldly. Or should we say... UNDERworldly!… Continue

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Demolished Building Art Gallery

In Trondheim, Norway, there stands a building made up of uneven windows. From the outside, it looks like a wacky fun-house, but inside, it is a standard white cube fit for displaying amazing artwork. The gallery space, known as RAKE, was developed by four NTNU students who invited fellow architecture students from Trodheim, Oslo, and Bergen to materialize this idea.

The project's… Continue

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Classic Works of Art Re-Imagined

“American Gothic” remake by Jesse John Hunniford

“American Gothic” by Grant Wood

One of the most creative competitions we've seen in a while involves imitating an established piece of artwork. Adobe had originally created an art competition that was open only to UK students for a grand prize of £10,000. Canadian art blog… Continue

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Magnificent Tower of Books

Bibliophiles, check out this fine tower of books! Unfortunately, it's only a concept at the moment by visual artist Anca Benera. The artist, who is based in Bucharest, Romania, was inspired to conceptualize this creation after hearing the story of Stalin's statue in Bucharest whose base was supposed to be home to a Marxist-Lenninist library, but which never came to fruition. Benera… Continue

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Reconstructing Reality in a Big Way

Believe it or not, artist Petros Chrisostomou works on a small scale. Looking at the photographic images of his installations, you'd think he recreated everyday objects in a substantially larger size, enough to fill a room. You'd be half-right. His objects fill a room, but the space is considerably smaller than you'd imagine. In fact, they are model-sized replicas of rooms constructed by… Continue

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Captivating Melting Sculpture

Customarily, when an artist constructs a life-sized statue of someone, the intention is to keep the form as solid as possible, to mimic the human physique. However, internationally revered contemporary artist Diana Al-Hadid's piece called "In Mortal Repose" challenges those conventions. The figure is melting on the pedestal she would otherwise be standing atop.

Al-Hadid's work,… Continue

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Lost in a Mixed Media World

Danny O'Connor, aka DOC, is a UK-based artist whose riveting street art-style portraits incorporate a variety of mixed media. He combines physically handcrafted elements with digital editing tools like Photoshop to add a unique layer to his already beautifully painted works.

Each of the artist's paintings represents a different subject, usually female, that is lost within her own thoughts. They exude unfiltered emotion, despite their wandering gaze.… Continue

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Brilliant Culinary Photo Manipulations

Belgium-based photographer Jean Francois De Witte is a skilled digital artist when it comes to manipulating images. His advertising work with food items is especially creative. These culinary creations combine two uniquely different elements but De Witte somehow makes them work seamlessly together.

His photographic illusions work in such unison that their dichotomous… Continue

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Plastic Fantastic Fashion Wonderland

Did you ever think that you could make a fashion statement by adorning yourself with water bottles? New York-based photographer Tomaas proves that you can! His series of beauty shots entitled "Plastic Fantastic" feature an assortment of everyday plastics, like forks and straws, as fashion gear. He takes recycling to a whole other level!

We got in contact with Tomaas and he was… Continue

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Street Art Celebrates Strong Women

Alice "AliCé" Pasquini is a painter, illustrator, animator, and designer, but above all else, she is a visual artist. In addition to being exhibited in several galleries, she has taken her talent to the streets in cities all around the world including Milan, Barcelona, Madrid, London, and Moscow.

AliCé's street art style and color palette is similar to street artist… Continue

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Hilarious Scenes of Manufactured Chaos

Los Angeles-based photographer Ryan Schude captures exclusive moments filled with energy, movement, life, and whimsy. Each frame tells a different story that is complex, layered, and intriguing.

Some of his photos are like the scene of a crime, with clues scattered within. For example, one can conclude that the girl, with a mouth full of blood and feathers, standing next to the… Continue

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Bicycle Chain Human Sculptures

The human body is a complex system and yet Korea-based artist Yeong-Deok Seo's figurative sculptures manage to capture its intricacies. His realistic models are comprised of bicycle chains and industrial steel links carefully sculpted and welded together to mimic the human body.

The figures have a definite, recognizable silhouette from a distance. However, up close, the… Continue

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Beaded Skulls Burst with Color

For Halloween, what could be more festive than a dressed up skull? The company Our Exquisite Corpse, run by Catherine Martin, has released sixteen life-like skulls adorned with colorful beads. The Huichol people of the Sierra Madre mountains in Western Mexico, who collaborated with Martin on this project, handcrafted each figure, drawing inspiration from their religious beliefs. Each piece… Continue

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Evocatively Haunting Photography

You don't need a multitude of colors to add life to a still image. Just take a look at photographer Hale Çokyürüyen's black and white photos. Haunting and evocative, despite being stripped of any pigment, the photos have stories that are crafted in facial expressions, composition, and carefully chosen props.

Equipped with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Çokyürüyen photographs… Continue

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Bright Neon Light Paintings

Three mind-blowing new light paintings have emerged from artist Brian Hart that are amazingly creative. The fact that these photographs utilize light to create the entire image is unbelievable and impressive. The defined, distinguishable shapes formed simply by light add an element of detail that clearly demanded precision on the artist's part. Hart's attention to detail and meticulous execution… Continue

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Portraits of Occupy Wall Street Protesters

Pockets, 19, From Washington D.C.
The widely covered peaceful protest, known as Occupy Wall Street, has been ongoing at New York's Zuccoti Park for over a month now. Like many people across the nation, photographer Eddie McShane wanted to get a firsthand look at the protest and the people putting their time and energy… Continue

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