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Walking on a Multilayered Aerial Installation

On Space Time Foam is a multilayered aerial installation by Argentinian artist Tomás Saraceno. Similar to his previous work, titled Cloud Cities, this interactive installation features surfaces of clear film in the air for visitors to walk, crawl, and lie in. What separates…


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Villainous Joker Pumpkin by Andy Bergholtz

Whenever Halloween rolls around, we're all wow'd by the incredible pumpkin sculptures of master carver Ray Villafane, but there's another amazing sculptor at Villafane Studios named…


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New Winter Olympics 2014 Pictograms Revealed

New pictograms have been revealed for the 2014 Winter Olympic games set to take place in Sochi, Russia. Each of the twenty-two icons displays a figurative representation of the winter competitions, from skiing and snowboarding to bobsledding and curling. The symbolic images are to appear at the games themselves, guiding visitors to their designated events, as well as on…


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Intricate Button Mosaics of Queens and Crowns

Accessories aren't just for fashion design anymore. UK-based artist Ann Carrington has constructed a number of regal button mosaics as part of her Pearly Queens series. Each textured collage in the collection features an intricately detailed assembly of buttons displaying the profile of English royalty and the embellished design of majestic crowns.

Whether the portraits are made of the…


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Twisting Wire to Create Cute Animal Sculptures

Many jewelry makers use wire to craft their embellished accessories but designer Ruth Jensen extends the malleable material's use beyond necklaces and bracelets. She uses wire to create her carefully constructed enchanting animal sculptures. From birds and bunnies to cats and foxes, each figure presents a creature found in nature with a brilliant twisting pattern. It's hard to believe, but…


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The Guggenheim Gets a Light Transformation in 2013

Renowned artist James Turrell is scheduled to present three concurrent solo exhibitions in Spring/Summer 2013—at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, and the Guggenheim Museum in New York. A preview…


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Stunning Ink and Pencil Portraits on Maps

Illustrator Ed Fairburn's Maps series turns road and subway maps into interesting canvases for his ink and pencil portraits. The artist utilizes the multicolored, patterned surface of each map to serve as an eye-catching attribute that echoes the complex textures found in the human form. Fairburn says, "Emphasis is placed on the ‘fragmented’ texture of the skin, a process which has…


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Creative Illustrator Draws Himself into the Frame

UK-based digital artist Dan Lester combines photography and illustration into clever and intriguing images that really make you question what you're looking at. Is it a photograph or a drawing? In actuality, it's both. The digital illustrator manages to bewilder his audience by merging the roles of model and artist into one entity in an innovative fashion. Unlike a typical set of…


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Mind-Blowing Photorealistic Pencil Drawing

Italy-based artist Diego Fazio, better known as DiegoKoi, is bound to blow you away with his incredible drawing skills. One of his newer pieces titled Sensazioni is an unbelievably hyperrealistic pencil drawing of a woman that has caused people to question the truth of its medium. Is it really done in pencil? The answer is an impressively resounding "Yes!"

We often come…


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Artist Captures Lightning in an Acrylic Box

We've heard the phrase "catching lightning in a bottle" but Bert Hickman gives the metaphoric idea a whole new meaning in his Captured Lightning series. The artist composes abstract, branching patterns onto a clear acrylic plane through the incorporation of millions of volts to create his sculptural lightning paintings. Furthermore, the Illinois-based…


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Dome of 12,000 Plastic Bag Roses and More in France

Did you know that 2011 was the International Year of Chemistry? To launch the year-long celebratory event, four artists created four incredible art installations in four French cities—Paris, Lille, Lyon, and Marseille. Each installation in the project known as L'art et la Matiére, translated as Art in Matter,…


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Dragon Cat and Other Awesome Photo Manipulations of Animals

Redditor unpajarito submitted the image, above, being referred to as Dragon Cat. The fiery breath of the feline grabbed our attention so quickly that we had to look further into the work of artist Miguel P, aka PSHoudini. The Brazil-based artist uses his skilled hand in digital photo manipulation to…


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Big Blue Snails Invade a Gothic Cathedral

International art collective Cracking Art Group placed 50 large-scale plastic snails all across the roof of the Duomo (the fourth largest cathedral in the world) in Milan, Italy in an effort to draw attention to and raise funds for much-needed repairs. The installation titled REgeneration features these sluggish creatures,…


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More Hilarious Photos of Dogs Playing Fetch Underwater

Earlier this year, Eugene shared some funny photos of dogs diving underwater to fetch balls. After garnering much attention and praise across the internet, self-proclaimed lifestyle pet photographer Seth Casteel released a book, aptly titled Underwater Dogs, filled with the…


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The Secret Life of Stormtroopers and Their Mini-Me's

You may recall the hilarious Stormtroopers 365 photo series by Stéfan Le Dû that showed us what Stormtroopers do during their time off. Well, UK photographer Andy Wells has been working on a similar project known simply as Stormtroopers that also works with the Star Wars action figures,…


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Top 10 Creative Sports Photographers

Photography is a medium that many artists have adopted, but that's not to say that it's an easy practice. Some of the best photographers out there have honed in on their craft, snapping some amazing shots in this fast-paced world and even in the roughest climates. This is especially true of sports photographers. The action doesn't wait for setting up the camera and finding the right light.…


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Spectacular Micro Photography of Tiny Waves

Australian photographer Deb Morris is a master of micro wave photography. While her brand of photography isn't a globally popularized branch of the medium, it is absolutely breathtaking and bound to lead more photographers to discovering its visually magnetic allure. Her innovative collection known as WAVEART features shots that get in close to capture the magnificence of the most…


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Awesome Apartment Designed with 25,000 Ping Pong Balls

Living in New York can mean adapting to far smaller living spaces, but that's not to say that architectural design should have to suffer. Brooklyn-based designer Daniel Arsham of Snarkitecture has made sure that his 90-square-foot residence is nothing short of amazing. The experimental personal project known as Box/Box took…


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Spiraling Book Sculpture Reflects the Struggles of OCD

Graphic design student and budding artist Thomas Wightman crafted a beautifully intricate book sculpture for his major project at Edinburgh Napier University. The assignment, referred to as The Medium is the Message, required students to focus on a theme—in Wightman's case, it's "addiction"—and hone in on…


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Walking Under a Massive 340-Ton Boulder

Positioned atop the center of a 456-foot long concrete trench, on the Los Angeles County Museum of Art's campus, sits a 340-ton boulder that visitors can walk under. It is securely bolted to two shelves that line the walls they are affixed to, but it's still a thrill to walk below such a massive piece of earth. The installation is said to…


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