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Spectacular Incomplete Horseman Sculptures

We're familiar with Grecian sculptures highly revering the human form, so how does one echo the elegance of such art without mundanely copying it? The artistic trio known as Unmask Group has managed to not only sculpturally honor the human form, but to add a new twist to its visual appeal by subtracting redundant parts from the sculptures. Their series entitled Flash…


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Remembering Murdered Women Around the World

Artist Lise Bjorne Linnert has catapulted this ongoing social project involving 3,700 people in over 25 countries. As of June 2011, more than 5,500 hand-embroidered labels have been displayed to represent women who have fallen victim to extreme violence. The generally pink panel is adorned with countless white labels displaying the names of these women who met…


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Conserving Africa's Wildlife Through Photography

How often do we see exquisite imagery of animals that isn't a "When Animals Attack" special? Photographer Nick Brandt says, "The emphasis has generally been on capturing the drama of wild animals IN ACTION, on capturing that dramatic single moment, as opposed to simply animals in the state of being." I agree with Brandt and appreciate his stunning contributions to wildlife…


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Waterfall Made of 300,000 Plastic Straws

Japan-based artist Tokujin Yoshioka designed an installation entitled Waterfall using 300,000 clear plastic straws. This artistic display marks Yoshioka's first showing in Sydney. In fact, he had never even visited the space and had to imagine the entire construction of the piece in his mind - and what a creative mind he has!

Yoshioka's current installation bears a…


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One Million Coffee Beans Mosaic

Instead of grinding coffee beans for a morning brew, artist Saimir Strati has taken on a massive mosaic project made of approximately one million coffee beans. The piece features five characters who each represent a different continent. The objective is to display a sense of unity across the world.

Strati, who is based in Albania, is known for setting records with his meticulously…


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Illuminated Light Bulb Garden

Have you ever seen a garden of light bulbs? UK-based artist Bruce Munro's latest large-scale light installment entitled Field of Light envelopes us in its magical meadow that is comprised of over 5,000 light bulbs. Each of the illuminated orbs are threaded with fibre optic cables and stand atop an acrylic stem, all of which is enlivened by a color projector. These festive lights were…


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Spectacular Hanging Cups Installation

Photo by Gwyneth Leech

After you drink coffee, what do you do with your paper cup? Though most of us opt to chuck the cup into the trash bin, artist Gwyneth Leech has chosen to create an innovative art installation. Leech, who lives and works in New York, keeps her empty…


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Majestic Landscapes by Craig Easton

Photographer Craig Easton captures stunning location shots, devoid of distraction. Many of his images present an isolated calm. The natural landscapes are enlivened by their surrounding elements, whether it be a surge and splash of ocean water or the swirling hues of the sky. Other than natural settings, Easton has a talent for creating nearly-abstract and wholly interesting images…


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Exquisite Cityscape Collages

Russia-based artist Serge Mendzhiyskogo constructs cityscape collages using a mix of hundreds of different photos. Each image involves splicing and reforming an innumerable amount of photographs into one kaleidoscopic-like picture. The technique that Mendzhiyskogo employs adds a dizzying and almost busy effect to these already populated urban landscapes. He offers a new…


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Flourishing at the Most Inopportune Times

While most people begin a year-long project at the beginning of a new year, Madrid-based photographer Rebeca Cygnus has embarked on her 365 Project in November. Starting her photograph-a-day creative self-assignment, the young 19-year-old freelance photographer realizes the amount of effort and innovation it requires.

Cygnus says: "I have to take photos during the worst…


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We Are All Created Equal


Lately, all we hear about in the nightly news is conflict and clashing between social classes and political leaders. What we all seem to forget, amidst all the fighting and disagreements, is that we are all human; as the American Constitution states "All men are created equal." As proof of this point, photographer Mark Laita has…


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Illuminated Wire Sculptures Take Flight

Don't these remind you of Jaume Plensa's otherworldly sculptures? Artist Cedric Le Borgne constructs liberating figures made of chicken wire. Each of the artist's intricately crafted sculptures feature the human form (Les Voyageurs), a deer (La Biche), or a monkey…


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Beautifully Surreal Photo Manipulations

Digital artist Sarolta Bán is a self-taught photo manipulator with a knack for surreal imagery that piques one's interest. The artist, who is based in Budapest, Hungary, utilizes her skills in image editing to combine multiple ordinary objects or ideas to create something entirely unusual and, therefore, fascinating.

Bán's playfulness with size… Continue

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Mesmerizing Exotic Silhouettes

Pakistan-based photographer Naveed Mughal takes breathtaking shots and then tweaks them a bit to create truly astounding images. It is absolutely baffling that this photo manipulator was only introduced to Photoshop in 2009 and has accomplished this level of digital photo editing. We've seen plenty of images featuring…


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Beautifully Decomposing Frames

Perfection is overrated. In works of art, it's the flaws that we truly appreciate. Brooklyn-based artist Valerie Hegarty should know, her installations revolve around the destruction of beautifully framed artwork. Each demolished painting and decomposing frame only contributes to the intrigue.

The bubbling decay and weathered remains, of what we can only assume was once a solid form…


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Blissfully Lost in the Enchanting Forest

Ohio-based photographer Joy St. Claire captures beautiful images of nature, including enchanting forests and vivid flowers. Her portfolio presents nature in a charming haze. Taking inspiration from the faded photography of the 1920s and 1930s, she makes her photos look as though they have a washed-out sepia tone finish, with the exception of a single color that vividly pops out at you.…


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Frozen & Suspended Bonsai Tree Sculptures

Japan-based artist Makoto Azuma has constructed two botanical art pieces (Shiki 1 and Frozen Pine) comprised of bonsai pine trees in unusual situations. As one of 20 international contemporary artists showing their work at Z33 Art Centre's exhibit in Hasselt, Belgium entitled Alter Nature: We Can, he sought to…


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Man Builds $5,200 Hobbit House

Last week, we saw a lodge in Chile that looked like a hobbit hotel and this week we bring you a woodland home with a similar aesthetic. Though this domain doesn't gush gallons of water, it is an alternative living space for a natural homestead. Photographer Simon Dale is responsible for…


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Cinema-Inspired Beauty and Elegance

Editorial photographer Cihan Alpgiray captures the beauty and elegance of models in various locations. The photographer, who is based in Turkey, finds inspiration from the art of cinema. Alpgiray uses fashion, design, lighting, and location to bring to life his images, creating a story within the frame. Though his subjects stand motionless, there is the presence of action and thought that…


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Shockingly Awesome Newspaper People

If you can appreciate Yulia Brodskaya's paper portraits, you'll enjoy Nick Georgiou's newspaper sculptures. The native New Yorker, who is currently based in Tucson, Arizona, draws inspiration from his surrounding environment. Using local newspapers and old, discarded books, Georgiou… Continue

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