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Best Nature Photos of 2012

Over the last year, there have been countless images that have been circulated throughout the media, and while there are many branches to the art of photography, there's something about pictures of nature that never cease to amaze us. Photographers across the globe remind us everyday that the world we live in is an amazing place with a bounty of beauty to offer by framing various natural occurrences in breathtaking compositions and simply capturing some breathtaking shots.

Whether the…


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Tiny Doodles Collectively Form Larger Cultural Illustrations

Who says doodling can't be fine art? Tokyo-based artist Sagaki Keita combines the world of fine art with lowbrow illustrations in his highly creative body of work. Each of the artist's drawings are made up of countless tiny sketches of his vast cast of characters. The tiny, animated subjects collectively compose each of Keita's impressive creations depicting a staple of art…


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Adorable Dog Sculptures Made with Bicycle Parts

Israeli artist Nirit Levav Packer solders and welds discarded bicycle parts together to create adorable dog sculptures for her series titled HOW! WOW! The former fashion designer specializing in bridal gowns decided to switch gears and experiment with more durable forms of art. Seeking to get away from working with people and fragile fabrics, the multidisciplinary artist…


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Slaughterhouse Transformed Into Modern Cinema Center

We see old stores that have gone out of business turn into completely different establishments all the time. Reassigning a building's purpose is common practice and adds to the structure's history, but it is only through smart design that the architecture's history is preserved while simultaneously providing a business its own identity. Madrid-based architecture…


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New Illusionary Three-Dimensional Street Art by Kurt Wenner

Street art has evolved over the years, branching off into this brilliant practice of depicting interactive illusions on pavement. Street artist Kurt Wenner knows this method of art all too well, having impressed passersby with his amazing…


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Innovative Log Cabin on Wheels in the Netherlands

Artists often have intimate log cabin retreats in the woods to clear their minds and focus their attention on their craft. The environment plays a vital role in one's ability to create, which is precisely why Dutch musical entertainer Hans Liberg sought his own inspiring hideout in nature. What he got is much more—a log…


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Li Wei's Best Non-Photoshopped Shots of 2012

Beijing-based photographer and performance artist Li Wei boggles the mind with his gravity-defying photography. We we entertained by the multifaceted artist's work from 2011 and he continues to draw our attention with his latest compositions in 2012. Without…


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Man Walks All Day to Create Massive Snow Patterns (Part 2)

We were first introduced to the creative snow patterns of artist Simon Beck earlier this year and it seems the active snow artist is back at it again. As winter approaches and we all bundle up inside for warmth, Beck already has his snowshoes on to trek through the snowy fields of Les Arcs, a ski resort…


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Incredible Butter Sculptures by Jim Victor and Marie Pelton

Artists are known to think outside of the box and utilize uncommon items to construct their creations. From matchsticks to socks and…


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Beautiful Hand-Shredded Silk Flower Installation

Artist Gyun Hur creates installations with transformative properties. Using countless pieces of silk flowers, Hur hand-shreds the delicate materials into a fine, almost powdery, substance and reallocates their decorative charm to a new form. By destroying one sample of beauty, Hur is given the opportunity to reassemble the material in a different way, transferring its attractive…


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Street Artist Dran aka the French Banksy

French street artist Dran uses his art to comment on issues concerning contemporary society. Being donned "the French Banksy" by some, his approach to street art is similar to the English graffiti artist in tone and message. Dran utilizes his dark sense of humor to criticize modern culture, often tackling topics concerning art, creativity, and the freedom of expression. These recurring themes…


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AFP's Most Powerful Photos of 2012

As 2012 comes to a close, we reflect on this amazing year that has had its fair share of triumphs and hardships. At the forefront of many of the most memorable moments, both in the victorious and devastating sense, there have been photojournalists capturing images that would travel all around the world. Their dedication to their craft has produced some remarkable images over the year, many of which are included in global press agency Agence France Presse's 2012…


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Unique Photos of African Wildlife Through Hidden Spy Cams

Photographer Anup Shah has taken a new approach to wildlife photography, producing unique, up-close perspectives. By incorporating remote-controlled, hidden cameras in the open expanses of African wildlife territory, Shah is able to expose intimate points of view of these majestic and feral creatures in his project titled Serengeti Spy.

The photographer, whose body of work consists…


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Clay Man's Surreal Depiction of Self-Discovery

Clay to Consciousness is an intriguing photo series by New York-based filmmaker and photographer Ryan Hayward that presents a surreal depiction of self-discovery. Alluding to the religious notion that man was first formed out of clay, the series begins with an isolated clay hand hovering in midair. With each progressive frame, the viewer is introduced to a new body…


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Bosnia's Magnificent Looping Bridge

Festina Lente is a looping bridge in Sarajevo designed by three Bosnian product design students—Adnan Alagić, Bojan Kanlić, and Amila Hrustić. Located right outside the Academy of Fine Arts, the trio of former students first conceptualized the design for the bridge five years ago. After winning a…


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Movie Stills Aligned Against Their Exact Locations (Part 2)

Elf, 2003

Photographer and dedicated cinephile Christopher Moloney travels across the world, particularly throughout New York, with a few black and white film stills in tow to capture intriguing juxtapositions of said stills against their real-life locations. This ongoing project is known as FILMography, a portmanteau of…


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New Spectacular Pixelated Animal Sculptures

These pixelated animal sculptures by artist Shawn Smith re-imagine creatures found in nature as disintegrated and blocky figures. Smith's ongoing Re-things project blurs the lines between real life and the digital world. The Austin, Texas-based sculptor says, "Specifically, I am…


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New Stunningly Ethereal Works by Stella Im Hultberg

Pop artist Stella Im Hultberg, a long time favorite on My Modern Met,…


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Brilliant Interior Design Embeds Furniture Into Walls

Le Refuge is an apartment located at Les Menuires, a ski resort in Menuires, France, that boasts modern and innovative designs. At the request of their clients, architecture firm H2O Architectes sought to maximize the living space of the already constructed rooms while retaining 8 sleeping beds and inserting an additional bathroom to the space. Rather than trying to stuff the apartment…


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Innovative Cat Transit System Designed for the Home Office

Cats are already internet sensations who even have their own cafés and now, thanks to architecture firm Because We Can, our feline friends can have their very own Cat Transit System. The studio, led by interior designer Jillian Northrup and her husband architect Jeffrey…


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