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Annie Leibovitz's Celebrity Disney Dream Portraits

Jessica Chastain as Merida from Brave

World renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz has been capturing shots of celebrities as popular Disney characters for years, as part of her ongoing collection of Disney Dream Portraits. The latest addition to her portfolio of work is Academy Award nominated actress Jessica Chastain as…


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New in the Shop: Artistic Photos of Poland by Michał Koralewski

Polish photographer Michał Koralewski has been capturing artistic renditions of Poland's landscape, architecture, and changing seasons. By sectioning off a single frame, the creative photographer is able to exhibit the visual differences of a single setting throughout the seasons. Koralewski juxtaposes summer and winter, revealing the transformative variance. He even sticks to one season, showing how different a…


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Little Girl Explores an Orange Color-Themed World

Fine art photographer Adrien Broom is back to continue her fantasy-filled series known as The Color Project with The Orange World. Having first begun the project with the intent of creating an eight-part exploration of the world of color as seen through the eyes of a…


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The 2014 Sony World Photography Awards Shortlist

The World Photography Organization has just recently announced the shortlist for the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards Shortlist. The annual contemporary photography competition includes entries from professionals and amateurs covering a variety of subjects. Competitors enter into one of three divisions—Professional, Open, Youth—and from there, the submitted photos are…


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Controversial Messages from Creationists to Evolutionists

Matt Stopera of BuzzFeed recently attended the debates between science educator Bill Nye (The Science Guy) and Christian author Ken Ham about the controversial topic of evolutionism vs creationism. While there, he asked a number of self-described creationists from the event's audience to write messages…


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Beautifully Designed Movie Theaters in Golden California

The Fox Theater I, Oakland

New York-based French photographer Franck Bohbot traveled to California to spotlight the most amazing movie theaters, big and small, as an homage to the history of film in his series titled Cinema. He captures the grandiose scale of some exquisitely designed theaters as well as the compact, intimate setting of a few indie film…


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Man Spontaneously Creates Incredible Sand Paintings by Hand

New York-based visual artist Joe Mangrum creates colorful sand paintings on the floor that exhibit spectacular designs. Each improvised creation is a spontaneous work of art that Mangrum produces entirely by hand. Each mound of the pigmented grains are poured from the palm of his hand in…


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Inspirational Surgeon Operates from Stand-Up Wheelchair

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ted Rummel was devastated with the news of a blood-filled cyst on his spine in 2010 that would eventually burst and lead to his paralyzation from the waist down. Despite the complications, however, the dedicated doctor has managed to find a way to continue working in the operating room through the use of an electric stand-up wheelchair.

The doctor,…


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Black Desert House Contrasts Nicely in the Mojave Desert

The Black Desert House is a minimalist getaway designed by creative director Marc Atlan in collaboration with architecture firm Oller & Pejic and interior design company Moderne…


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Tiny Tony Montana Gets Overly Excited at the Sight of Flour

Tumblr artist VSE OK continues to hilariously recreate mini scenes with toys of iconic characters and real-life objects. This time, he features Scarface's Tony Montana coming across a package filled with a mysterious "white powder." The tiny drug lord rips into the sack and proceeds…


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Self-Taught Fashion Guru Inspires Vintage Style in Namibia

Namibia may not be the fashion capital of the world but one man named Lourens Loux Gebhardt, who goes by Loux the Vintage Guru, has a passion for the art of thrift shopping and styling, which may be on the verge of sparking a fashion revolution in Africa. As a self-proclaimed "hipster" (which he describes as someone with the freedom of creative expression and influence on fashion…


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Famed Portraits and Paintings Recreated with Found Objects

UK-based artist Jane Perkins produces incredible pieces that recreate classic works of art and portraits of iconic figures using thousands of multicolored found objects. Each of the artist's creations is a compilation of numerous objects that range in color, size, and texture. She works with anything from buttons and beads to LEGO pieces, shells, plastic spoons, and…


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Tiny Bruce Lee Uses Martial Arts to Prepare Breakfast

A Tumblr artist known simply as VSE OK has created a hilariously clever sequence of eight images that depict Bruce Lee, using his expert martial arts skills, creatively preparing a balanced breakfast. The photographer does not accompany the photos with any background or guiding narrative in the form of text. Instead, VSE OK (said to be an artist hailing from Russia) allows the images to…


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Dramatic LEGO Recreations of Star Wars and Indiana Jones

Helsinki-based Finnish photographer Vesa Lehtimäki, aka Avanaut, captures cinematic shots of LEGO Star Wars and Indiana Jones toys. The photographer uses his creative eye and skilled hand to snap shots of the mini figurines against real-life backdrops, resulting in dramatic portraits of these…


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Giant Boulder Rolls Downhill and Crashes Through Barn. Incredibly, Another One Stops Inches Short of Home

On January 21st, a giant boulder was set loose from a mountain in northern Italy by a landslide and proceeded to rip through a 350-year-old stone barn in Ronchi di Termeno (Tarmin). Though no one in the four-person family was physically injured in the natural disaster, the owner of the house and accompanying vineyard, Trebo Herbert, has been left with tremendous damage to his…


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Giant Horse Head Sculptures Transform the Scottish Skyline

The Kelpies is an enormous installation consisting of two giant horse head sculptures by artist Andy Scott. The 100-foot-tall structures, which were eight years in the making, are inspired by a legend from the artist's Scottish background that tells of a water spirit that takes the shape of a horse. More than just a pair of broncos to Scott, the sculptures serve as monuments of the…


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Olympic Skier Wears Mariachi-Inspired Race Suit for Mexico

International teams about to enter the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi have been unveiling their outfits, proving that this is a year for some really creative sportswear. Among the Olympians wearing inventive attire is Mexican alpine skier Prince Hubertus von Hohenlohe who recently revealed his…


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Mysteriously Playful Composite Images by Dariusz Klimczak

Polish photographer Dariusz Klimczak constructs surreal landscapes through clever manipulation. Each image in the skilled photo editor's growing collection is a composite…


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Colorized B&W Portraits of Celebrities from the Past

Betty White

Younger versions of legendary stars like Betty White and Angela Lansbury are revitalized through colorizations skillfully administered by Wayne Degan of MetaColor. The Bangor, Maine-based creative takes old, black and white photos he stumbles upon and carefully adds pigments to them through Photoshop—a process…


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New in the Shop: Michael Aldo's Surreal Dreams

Indonesian photographer Mikael Aldo visualizes the depths of his imagination through his photography. The young fine art photographer's images are both surreal and raw at the same time, offering the viewer an extraordinary blend of 'unbelievable' and 'absolutely relatable.' Each emotionally-charged photo signifies a pure feelings that range from self-doubt to apathy and extreme passion.



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