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Commuter Juxtaposes Newspaper to Unsuspecting Travelers

Traveling to work everyday can be a bore so one commuter took matters into his own hands and created a fun little activity for himself. Instead of simply reading a newspaper amidst a crowd of people on the same mundane route to work as him, the anonymous straphanger decided to juxtapose their bodies with faces of celebrities, animals, and cartoons found on…


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Hyperrealistic Animals Created by Painting on Layers of Resin

Singapore-based artist Keng Lye meticulously produces three-dimensional works of art with acrylics and epoxy resin that lie somewhere between painting and sculpture. Using a technique originated by Riusuke Fukahori (see this video), Lye manages to produce the…


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Pop Culture Haircuts Recreated While Woman Shaves Head

Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta

In a last ditch effort to get through a 21+ admission for a Ben Folds Five concert, Redditor whistlesandshit opted to shave her head and use her brother's ID. Before she went…


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New Harry Potter Photo Meme Has Teens Playing Quidditch

Pottering is a new photo meme that embraces the fictional and illusionary art of flying broomsticks á la Harry Potter. The viral craze emerged only recently, launching a Facebook page called Public Pottering on March 5th, and is already evolving into another version of itself that involves…


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Father Hilariously Shares the Reasons Why His Son is Crying

"I wouldn’t let him drink bath water."

Greg Pembroke, a 32-year-old father of two boys under the age of 4, has seen his share of temper tantrums and decided to share his fatherhood experiences through a single topic blog called Reasons My Son is Crying. What began as simply posting pictures on Facebook for family and friends has turned into an internet…


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Breathtaking Photos of Colorful Rock Formations in China

In the Gansu province of China lies the Zhangye Danxia Landform, a beautiful expanse of land featuring naturally formed streaks of color. It's hard to believe, but these images of the vast landscape with a brilliant array of colors are not Photoshopped. They naturally boast rich hues of red, green, and gold in addition to the normal rock pigments of brown, black, and…


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Spectrum of Colors Revealed Through Lit String Vibrations

British artist, physicist, and all-around science enthusiast Paul Friedlander produces kinetic light sculptures that provide a colorful feast for the eyes. Each piece in his body of work offers a visual medley of light and motion by rapidly rotating a piece of string through white light. The vibrating rope becomes invisible to the human eye, but colors from the light…


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Artist Uses Own Hand as Canvas for Fairy Tale Illustrations

Russian musician and painter Svetlana Kolosova uses her own hand as her canvas as she paints charming little scenes inspired by fairy tales. The Moscow-based artist's series of hand paintings, roughly translated as Palm Drawings, include a range of stories from classic Hans Christian Andersen tales like The Little Mermaid and The Little Match Girl to…


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Thrill-Seeking Kayakers Paddle Across an Active Volcano

Extreme sports photographer Alexandre Socci accompanied professional kayaker Pedro Oliva and his team (including kayakers Ben Stookesberry and Chris Korbulic) as they decided to take on the turbulent waters surrounding Kilauea, an active volcano on the southeast slope of Mauna Loa in south-central Hawaii. Unlike a typical water expedition, though, the group kayaked…


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New Electrifying Palette Knife Portraits by Françoise Nielly

French painter Françoise Nielly uses a palette knife to create highly stylized portraits that pop with color. The artist, who we featured last year, has already produced a number of new paintings in 2013 that highlight her exuberant aesthetic and technique. The textured…


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Photos of a Fragmented Man Reflects Inner Turmoil

Defragmentados is a series by photographer Yago Partal that features fragmented men, in the most literal sense of the word. Each image in the Barcelona-based photographer's collection depicts these incomplete figures as digital renditions of a man whose image is either loading up or…


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Contemplative Silhouettes Search for Their Path in Life

Artist Kasia Derwinska creates scenes with contemplative silhouettes trying to find their own paths in life. Each anonymous character is either standing at a distance or walking off in a vast and empty landscape. There are recurring visuals throughout her portfolio that include umbrellas, clouds, and a theme of pensiveness as her characters are stuck at a standstill. Like an…


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Playful Seniors Wear Organic Materials to Personify Nature

Eyes as Big as Plates is a whimsical series by Finnish photographer Riitta Ikonen and Norwegian photographer Karoline Hjorth that features senior citizens donning organic materials like twigs and grass. Ikonen says that the collaborative project originally began as "a play on characters and protagonists from Norwegian folklore" but has since…


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Spectacular Aerial Shots of International Airports

Newark Liberty International Airport

Flying is an ongoing series by New York-based photographer Jeffrey Milstein that presents a spectacular aerial view of airports. Like his other collection of images titled Aircraft:…


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New "Vadering" Photo Meme Lifts People Up with The Force

If you're a fan of Star Wars, you should be familiar with Darth Vader's signature stranglehold move. Well, it's no longer an attack reserved for the movies as the internet has adopted the gravity-defying strike and is incorporating it into a developing meme known as Vadering. It only requires two participants—one nonchalantly extending a hand and the other leaping into the air…


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Surreal Sunken Platform in the Middle of a Lake

There's a wonderfully picturesque spot in Vöcklabruck, Austria where visitors are able to sit in the middle of a pond without getting wet. The scenic landscape includes a path leading down to a hollowed out circular area where people can take a seat and relax amongst nature. It's a surreal journey along the gradual ramp to the observational platform as the water level…


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Mesmerizing Mechanized Sculptures Reflect Silhouettes

New York-based artist Daniel Rozin has created a series of kinetic sculptures that move according to an algorithm; however, the motorized structures also respond to outside interaction. His interactive installations, titled Angles Mirror and Fan Mirror, each serve as…


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Fascinating Instagram Photos from Inside North Korea

While on assignment in North Korea, Associated Press Chief Photographer for Asia David Guttenfelder had the opportunity to snap shots on his iPhone and iPod Touch and share them through Instagram. This would be a first for anyone to directly post their geotagged photos to the app from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).

The photographer explains:…


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Comic Book Illustrations Cross Over Into the Real World

Beijing-based chemical engineering student and talented illustrator Gaikuo-Captain re-imagines himself in precarious situations straight out of a comic book. The artist's playful images offer a range of action with some familiar faces from popular comic books, anime, and manga. Whether he's duking it out with Captain America and getting scorched by Charizard or simply taking a selfie with…


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What if Other Planets Replaced Earth's Moon?

Neptune instead of the Moon

Space enthusiast, artist, and writer Ron Miller questions what the night sky would look like if the moon was replaced by one of our solar system's planets. His collection of manipulated images station planets, from the relatively minute Mercury to the enormous Jupiter, in place of Earth's…


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