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My Modern Shop Spotlight #7 - Chick in Gray Top Hat by Julie Persons

From emotionally charged photos to humorous graphic designs, My Modern Shop has a growing number of works available as prints and canvases by some of today's best contemporary artists, all of whom have been featured right here on My Modern Met. As part of our ongoing series of…


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Amazing Rock Sculptures Perform Impossible Balancing Acts

The art of sculptor Woods Davy is both inspired by nature and composed of natural elements. The artist, who lives and works in Venice, California, creates what he calls a sense of "Western Zen" with his gravity-defying rock sculptures. His Cantamar and Granite series feature a number of collected stones arranged in an impossible balancing act, leaving one to…


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Awesome Calvin and Hobbes Mural Painted for a Nursery

Redditor alltherobots gave a lucky kid one of the coolest gifts ever. At the request of his friends, the professional artist painted this awesome Calvin and Hobbes wall mural for their baby's nursery. The classic image of the adventurous duo lounging on a tree branch is playfully recreated using latex paint to mimic the typical watercolors used in comic strip creator…


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Mesmerizing Photos of Unique Spiraling Staircases

German photographer Nils Eisfeld captures some truly unique spiraling staircases. The photographer's Stairs series exhibits the winding paths of steps as they both ascend and descend, highlighting the mesmerizing beauty of the architectural constructs. The way most photographers have a visual sense of the human body, knowing the best angles of the human form, Eisfeld has honed his keen eye…


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Architectural Blueprint of an Entire City Made of Food

Stockholm-based art director Petter Johansson designed a delectable display of geometric foods for Swedish food lab Atelier Food. The meats, cheeses, breads, and veggies are all seated atop a gridded board, playfully drawing a resemblance to an architectural blueprint. The edible edifices are both diced to geometric perfection…


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More Non-Photoshopped Anamorphic Illusions by Felice Varini

Paris-based Swiss artist Felice Varini's paintings are the kind that have one vantage point from which its completed form can be viewed in its fluid entirety. The artist's vast portfolio of anamorphic illusions presents a variety of urban paintings, both indoors…


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Incredibly Detailed Shadow Sculptures by Diet Wiegman

Artist Diet Wiegman manages to sculpt mounds of irregularly shaped structures that are transformed into an intricately detailed silhouette when a light shines on it from a precise angle. Similar to the light and shadow sculptures of artistic duo Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Wiegman…


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Ukrainian Daredevil Hangs On From Great Heights

Russia has proven to have an endless supply of daredevils who get a rush out of climbing sky-scraping towers and monstrous cranes, but one Ukrainian who goes by the pseudonym Mustang Wanted tempts gravity by not only scaling his lofty destination but by then…


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Artist's Insomnia Leads to Large Scale Thread Installation

Too Much Time, Again is a thread installation by Los Angeles-based artist Pae White that stems from her own experiences with insomnia. White's spatial project is a culmination of the artist's affinity for working with fragile materials and her development of sleep deprivation. The large-scale structure echoes one's endless stream of thoughts when they are robbed of a…


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Spectacular Photos From Inside Arizona's Antelope Canyon

Landscape and nature photographer Gregory Boratyn produces some truly spectacular shots of Arizona's popular Antelope Canyon. The photographer visually highlights the ridges and varied textures found within the cavernous canyon in addition to inserting a brilliant splash of color. Boratyn's digitally enhanced photos provide a feast for the eyes, allowing the viewer's gaze to…


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Gorgeous Paintings of Tree Roots Filled with Colorful Detail

Painter Erika Pochybova-Johnson is an untrained artist that relies on her intuition when painting her incredibly colorful figurative and abstract works. The artist's festive color palette allows each image to explode with energy. Her series of tree paintings are especially intriguing due to her artistic choice to save that burst of multihued liveliness for the roots of her…


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World Landmarks Levitate on Boulders Over the Ocean

Levitation is a collection of manipulated photos by Italian photographer Giuseppe Lo Schiavo that takes a surreal look at world landmarks as their own islands hovering over open waters. The imaginative series presents an unusual concept that uses architectural structures and natural landscapes found in real life to produce images that transcend reality.

Lo Schiavo says, "I…


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Gull Feathers Suspended in Magnificent Geometric Shapes

French artist Isa Barbier suspends gull feathers in geometric arrangements, determining each piece's composition on site. The artist maintains the light and airiness of her chosen medium while presenting them as a geometric entity. There is a duality in her work that is seamlessly effective at exhibiting shape and form as well as abstract freedom. It is this visual juxtaposition of…


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Giant Keyboard Installation Embedded in the Ground

Russian artist Anatoly Vyatkin installed a giant replica of a Cyrillic QWERTY keyboard made of 86 stone blocks, each weighing up to 1,000 pounds. The Keyboard monument (which in some circles also goes by the name "Claudia") is a permanent outdoor sculpture located in Yekaterinburg, Russia, where it remains a prominent tourist attraction.

The landmark,…


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Thick Fog Turns Dubai into a City Above the Clouds

Dubai-based German photographer Sebastian Opitz captures the surreal and mystical look of his adopted city as fog rolls in and out at sunrise. The photographer renames the cityscape as Cloud City for the brief moments when the mist takes over and fills the empty space between the towering buildings. Optiz's images offer a serene and dreamy view of a bustling city, re-imagining it as a…


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Colorblind Photographer Captures Magical Lava Flows

Photographer Sean King captures the beautiful glow of lava-flowing volcanoes against the starry night sky in Hawaii. Despite being colorblind and facing temperatures of up to 2,000°F, the determined and dedicated photographer manages to produce awe-inspiring images that boast the fiery radiance of molten rock gushing and streaming down the natural landscape.



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Action Heroes Hilariously Replace Guns With a Thumbs Up

What if all the gun-toting action heroes in films replaced their artillery with an enthusiastic thumbs up? The single topic blog Thumbs & Ammo shows us all exactly what that would look like by substituting threatening firearms with a gesture of approval. The blog's driving force is that "Real tough guys don't need guns, they just need a positive, can-do attitude."

Instead of wreaking…


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My Modern Shop Spotlight #6 - Houston Bowery NYC 1 by Navid Baraty

If you ever thought "I wish I owned that!" while reading about and browsing through the fantastic art and photography here on My Modern Met, you're in luck because many of our featured artists have prints and canvases of their work available through My Modern Shop. As part of our ongoing series of…


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Mesmerizing Digital Collages of People Climbing Stairs

Korean artist Jiyen Lee has created a series of hypnotizing digital collages that present people going up and down stairs, as seen from a bird's eye view. Each puzzling assemblage features an unidentifiable traffic of pedestrians on an endless journey. It also remains unclear whether they are actually ascending or descending the steps in front of them, as Lee has taken the artistic…


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Elaborate Chewing Gum Constructions by Jérémy Laffon

French artist Jérémy Laffon utilizes the flexible nature of chewing gum to create intriguing sculptures made solely with the fragile material. The structural composition of each piece relies on thousands of sticks of gum working together to present a three-dimensional figure. Often geometric in their composition, Laffon's architectural designs offer a variety of interpretations…


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