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Stunning Dita Von Teese in Revolutionary 3D-Printed Dress

Burlesque performer Dita Von Teese modeled the very first fully articulated 3D-printed dress at an unveiling party earlier this week at Ace Hotel New York. The spectacular garment is made of 17 individually printed pieces with 3,000 articulated joints. To further glamorize the piece, the designers adorned the netted pattern with 12,000 black Swarovski crystals.…


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The Cutest Polar Bear Cub in the World

The Buffalo Zoo welcomed a cute little polar bear cub on November 27th that is finally being revealed to the masses. Between Daisy the kitten, Miss Xuxu the puppy, and now Luna the polar bear cub, it…


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Clever Typographic Designs of Famous Scientists' Names

Mumbai-based graphic designer Kapil Bhagat creatively presents the names of some of the world's most famous scientists, honoring their pioneering line of work in the process for National Science Day in India. His typographical creations playfully hint at each respective genius's breakthrough discovery. From Darwin's theory of evolution to Pythagoras' theorem and Archimedes'…


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Nigeria's Cost & Energy-Efficient Floating Schools

The Makoko Floating School is an ambitious project that is currently under construction in the water community of Makoko in Lagos, Nigeria by NLÉ, a collaborative agency whose mission is to provide architectural change for developing cities. The project seeks to create floating buildings that are designed to serve as educational classrooms for neighborhood children.



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Whimsical Steel Flowers and Trees Installed in Nature

London-based artist Zadok Ben-David echoes motifs found in nature by implanting large steel sculptures of flowers, trees, and swarms of butterflies in natural landscapes, most recently at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Each large-scale structure mimics the various plant life and beautiful swirls of butterflies in a whimsically delicate manner. The silhouetted botanical forms vary…


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Dreaming of a World of Couture

I Dream of a World of Couture is a high fashion Tumblr blog with an ethereal aesthetic. Featuring fashion both on and off the runway, in print and behind the scenes, the blog presents a look at a world of carefully calculated elegance. Each image, following no sequential timeline or focusing on any specific era, exudes a gracefully delicate quality filled with a…


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Spectacular GIFs of Water Paintings Revealed with Ink Drops

Multifaceted creative Clément Beauvais uses his talents as both an artist and a director to present an original new media campaign titled Water & Ink for Solidarités International, a humanitarian NGO dedicated to aiding victims of war or natural disasters. For this specific campaign, created in collaboration…


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Whimsical Peanut Sculptures of Pop Culture Icons

Artist Steve Casino creates miniature sculptures of iconic celebrities and fictional characters from pop culture by painting on peanut shells. Like Sadi Tekin's playful chickpea heads, Casino turns legumes into a fun cast of characters with some additional mixed media. From…


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Mesmerizing GIFs of Beautiful Frolicking Animals

There's something inexplicably beautiful about seeing scenes from nature in an endless loop, which is why the blog Head Like an Orange focuses solely on featuring nature-themed gifs. The Tumblr blog's animated images of animals are especially mesmerizing, revealing the intriguing habits of…


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Incredible Spatial Sculptures Using Colorful Suspended Buttons

Miami-based artist Augusto Esquivel realistically duplicates objects by suspending thousands of sewing buttons on mere strings. Each strand of his incredible sculptural pieces work with their adjacent string of buttons to create colorful replicas of…


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Incredibly Detailed Calligraphy on the Human Body

Israeli artist Ronit Bigal meticulously presents excerpts from sacred Biblical texts on the human body in her Body Scripture II series. Like Allan Teger's Bodyscapes, Bigal gets in close to the contours of the human form, re-imagining the body as an abstract…


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Ordinary Books Transformed into Charming Little Buildings

Dutch artist Frank Halmans transforms ordinary stacks of books into charming little buildings. For his series Built of Books, Halmans carves squares and rectangles into old textbooks and binds them altogether like a quaint little town made of rows of narrow buildings. Each quadrangle incision serves as a window or door. The artist is even careful enough to include a…


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Chair Looks Around with Hundreds of Curious Eyeballs

Do you ever feel like you're being watched? It's hard not to have that feeling when you're around this upholstered armchair featuring hundreds of plastic eyes by Australian artist Fiona Roberts. If you have a fear of being looked at (scopophobia), you might want to look away from this creepily designed furniture that is aptly titled Scopophilia ("love of looking").

While most…


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Detailed Floor Plan Drawings of Popular TV and Film Homes

The Simpsons

If you've ever wondered what the layout of your favorite fictional character's apartment looked like, interior designer Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde may have hand drawn exactly what you're looking for. The Spain-based artist, who also goes by…


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Railway Carriage Sculpture Bursts Through Church Floor

Hungarian artist Zsuzsi Csiszer's installation titled Átjárás, which translates as Passage, features half of a train car bursting through the floor in the Templespace of Museum Kiscell. The site-specific work brings many thoughts and questions to mind due to its large scale and unusual location within an 18th century temple hall. The life-size sculptural installation leads one to…


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The Very Best Submissions of "You Had One Job!"

We're all human and have made mistakes, however, some blunders are much funnier than others. You Had One Job! is a site dedicated to the meme by the same name that presents the various mistakes made by people who had a fairly simple task at hand. From mislabeling groceries and making it impossible for…


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Giant Autumn Leaves Viewed from an Ant's Perspective

And The Wind Blows Over You is an installation of giant scattered leaves by Finnish sculptor Kaarina Kaikkonen. Each of the sculptural pieces, made of paper and fiberglass, emulate the earthy colors, veiny texture, and free falling lightness of browned…


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Scientific Sculptures of the Evolution of Human Faces

Sahelanthropus tchadensis

As part of the Safari zum Urmenschen exhibition (translated as Safari to Early Humans) at the Senckenberg Natural History Museum in Frankfurt, Germany,…


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Artist Carves Into Pencils to Create Incredible Sculptures

Equipped with a box of pencils and some carving tools, a Hungarian artist known simply as cerkahegyzo manages to produce incredibly detailed miniature sculptures. Each creation is constructed entirely out of its respective pencil, utilizing the wood and lead as its base and body. Cerkahegyzo uses the fine blades of razors and needles as well as the buffing capabilities of sandpaper, files,…


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Incredible Archives of a Nuclear Bomb Test Underwater

As part of a series of US nuclear weapon tests known as Operation Crossroads in 1946, a 23-kilotun nuke called Baker was blasted at about 90 feet underwater at Bikini Atoll and caused a tidal wave that reached over 2 miles high. The images that resulted from the test are breathtaking, both in the beautiful and terrifying sense. The vertical movement of such an…


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