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Shape-Shifting GIFs of Fine Art Sculptures

Tumblr user hateplow has created a series of GIFs that shift back and forth between figurative sculptures and pixelated abstractions. The glitchy animated images present an intriguing perspective of art. They're hypnotizing in their constant shape-shifting motion, but they also showcase the different forms one work of art can take. Any given piece is a chosen form of interpretation out of a wide…


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Huge Abandoned Ship Transformed into a Graffiti Gallery

DuDug is an international street art collective that has taken over an abandoned ship on the beaches of Llanerch-y-Mor in North Wales, repurposing its deserted carcass as a large canvas for their graffiti art project referred to as The Black Duke. The once highly revered cruise liner known as the Duke of Lancaster was left to rust on a dry dock since 1979 and only finally…


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Awesome GIFs Reveal Words Through Mimicking Motion

Hidden Typography is a series of animated GIFs by Japanese 3D illustrator MountStar that realizes movement associated with words. The typographical project presents a creative interpretation of natural elements like water and wind as well as visually stimulating occurrences like lightning and light beams. Each word is revealed through a cleverly animated series of white…


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Inside the Art Suites of the Spectacular ICEHOTEL

Even though Spring is supposedly just around the corner, Winter isn't over yet! So why not spend a night in a beautiful ice hotel while you can? Every year in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, ICEHOTEL calls…


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Hauntingly Surreal Images Inspired by Fairy Tales

Moscow-based photographer Katerina Plotnikova creates a haunting atmosphere in nature that draws inspiration from fairy tales. Her portfolio of work features enchanting young women lifted by spirits, floating in skies, and entangled in the branches of trees.

Plotnikova's subjects appear as innocent as Alice from Alice in Wonderland, caught in a mysterious world of oddities.…


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700,000 Sheets of Paper Form Stunning 3D Design Space

Swedish architect Gert Wingårdh and Finnish illustrator Kustaa Saksi have collaborated on an architectural design project intended to serve as a temporary event space for the Hello! panelists at the 2013 Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair. Made up of 700,000 sheets of A4 paper, the…


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Film Noir Inspired Comic Book Superhero Posters

Macedonia-based graphic designer and comic artist Marko Manev has released a series of designs inspired by some of pop culture's most revered fictional superheroes for his Superhero Noir Posters series. From Batman and Iron Man to the Silver Surfer and Wolverine, Manev captures the silhouettes of these fearless vigilantes perched atop skyscrapers and attentively on…


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Hypnotizing Optical Illusion GIFs Made with Tape

New York-based street artist Aakash Nihalani, who works primarily with tape in public spaces, has taken his creative landscape indoors with a new set of animated GIFs that incorporate his signature blend of optical illusion and fun. We're big fans of Nihalani's geometric…


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Futuristic Tron-Inspired Prom Dress

At San Diego Comic Con 2011, cosplayer Victoria Schmidt, better known as Scruffy Rebel, modeled this awesome Tron-themed outfit. Designed and constructed by Jin Yo, the costume is a re-imagining of the character Quorra's outfit as a party dress inspired by the styles of eccentric fashion designer…


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Spectacular Three-Dimensional Polar Bear Sculpture

Valencia, Spain-based artist Luciana Novo reimagines the mounted head of an animal as a colorful spectacle on display. The plastic and clay wall-mounted sculpture known as Cabeza de oso polar, translated simply as Polar Bear Head, turns the typical hunter's trophy into an intriguing piece of art that raises many questions and provokes thoughts about these endangered…


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Fascinating Shots of Sharks and Dolphins Preying on Mackerel

British photographer Christopher Swann captures the fascinating underwater action that takes place when sharks and dolphins prey on a school of mackerel. We rarely think about how members of the animal kingdom hunt or defend themselves, but the wildlife photographer gives some perspective on these particular creatures off the coast of Azores.

In an effort to better protect themselves,…


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Google's Fresh New Offices in Tel Aviv

Google has recently opened up new offices in Tel Aviv, Israel that boast a balanced aesthetic of modern design and nature. The vibrant and welcoming space is designed by Camenzind Evolution, a company that has worked with Google in the past to create extraordinary working environments across the globe. In collaboration with…


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Ornate Carpet Made with Two Tons of Sugar

Montreal-based French artist Aude Moreau has created a carpet that is not only good enough to eat off of, but is actually edible! The sweet furnishing, aptly titled Sugar Carpet (or Tapis de Sucre), is made of over two tons of refined sugar. The delicate floor installation is refined both in terms of its purified components and its elegant resemblance…


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Incredible In-Camera Photo Manipulations Using a Mirror

Imaginative photographer Julianne Swartz gives us a surreal look at what holding a piece of nature in one's hand looks like. While many of the illusionary works in her series titled Placements looks as though the photographer is holding the moon in her hand, she is actually just presenting a circular reflection of water and sky. With a mirror gripped in her palm, Swartz is able to…


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Poetic Photos of a Beautiful Bride Submerged Underwater

Taiwan-based photographer Ada Wang captures the poetic flow of a young bride's descent underwater. Though the model appears empty and resigned in her facial expressions throughout most of the shoot, she emanates an elegant sadness that speaks volumes. Her rooted somberness is reflected in the sheer image of a bride submerged in water.

On a day that is often revered as being the…


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Shrinking Global Cities Through Tilt-Shift Photography

Melbourne-based photographer Ben Thomas skillfully incorporates the tilt-shift technique to turn landscape and lifestyle photos into scenic shots of toy cities for his Cityshrinker project. The Australian world traveler transforms the skyscrapers of major metropolises like New York City and London into model buildings, visually shrinking their towering appearance with a few quickly…


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Awesome Lenticular Prints Morph Insects into Cars

Taxi-Dermy is a series of lenticular prints of cars and insects transforming into one another by designer Joe Jin. The Toronto-based artist uses aerial stock photos of his subjects, coupling colorful insects with their equally vibrant vehicular doubles. In this series, the beetle is both the creepy-crawler and the automobile.

The idea for the project stems from the world's…


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Mysterious Surreal Portraits of Faceless Men

Minnesota-based photographer Bryan Durushia, aka DreamingOfAutumn, captures surreal portraits of faceless men and women wandering around nature. The 18-year-old's conceptual portraits depict a series of half-human creatures with concealed heads roaming through deep forests and open fields, leaving the viewer baffled by what…


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A Photographer's Playful Approach to Climate Change

Neige / Snow

Switzerland-based photographer Loan Nguyen takes on the creatively surreal task of creating weather for her series titled Météo et phénomènes naturels, translated as Weather and other natural phenomena. The photographer steps in front of the camera herself, presenting her subdued and delicate form as…


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Powerful Acrobatic Portraits of Parkour in Motion

New York-based photographer and videographer Ben Franke captures the beautiful, acrobatic movement of parkour. The photographer followed New York City free runners, known as tracers, for a few years, documenting their athletic prowess as they freely roamed about the urban streets with a zest for life. Finally, he decided to take his personal project to the next level by producing a collection of…


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