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Incredible Woven Installation Made of 60,000 Coffee Stirrers

Most people don't think twice about their coffee stirrers once they've fulfilled their mixing duties, but artist Jonathan Brilliant has found another purpose for the common wooden sticks. The Raleigh, North Carolina-based artist has constructed numerous spatial art installations over the years that incorporate the coffee stir sticks, perhaps the most eye-fetching of them being The…


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Surreal Artifacts of Life Encased in Magical Light Bulbs

Albanian photographer Adrian Limani reevaluates the world around him and develops his own surreal "art objects." The self-taught photographer captures a variety of images that inspire him, both from nature and still life, and combines them to produce intriguing subjects. His work with light bulbs is especially fascinating. Limani uses two, sometimes three, different images…


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Spectacular Macro Shots of Underwater Corals

Los Angeles-based photographer Felix Salazar takes an up-close look at the mesmerizingly radiant colors and textures found in underwater corals. Normally we expect coral to be a plant-like marine life that is typically found in varying shades of pink (or coral), but there are a myriad of subclasses and orders to the living colonies that offer a much wider spectrum of…


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Whimsically Surreal Photo Montages by Thomas Barbéy

Traveling photographer Thomas Barbéy uses his keen, artistic eye to see the world a little differently than the rest of us. Along his travels, Barbéy proceeds to capture a variety of scenic images, still life, and portraiture, mixing and matching them all into some wildly creative composites. His resulting manipulated photo montages reveal a new world that feels both…


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Getting Lost in Ai Weiwei's Endless Stacks of Bicycle Tires

Renowned Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is constantly using his creative eye to construct art that comments on social, political, and cultural issues. His installation titled Stacked is no exception. The display features 760 bicycles piled atop one another, extending overhead and inviting visitors into an unusual maze of metallic frames and rubber tires. Stacked up high like you'd find in a…


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Breathtaking Photos Celebrate 150 Years of the London Tube

The Tube is a staple of London that is currently celebrating its 150th Anniversary. The underground transportation system was first opened on January 9, 1863 with a steam-powered train pulling out of Paddington station and making its 3-1/2 mile journey to Farringdon. The metro system has certainly expanded in the last century and a half, building some remarkable train stops along…


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Hilariously Honest Titles for 2013's Oscar Nominated Films

Now that the 2013 Academy Award nominees have been announced, audiences are quick to judge the movies that have made the cut for several of the categories, the biggest being Best Picture. One critic that chimes in each year is the comedy site CollegeHumor with their Honest Titles series of redesigned movie posters. The creative team of…


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Alluring Wood Paintings of Beautiful Women at Sea

New York-based artist Zofia Bogusz explores the realm of feminine beauty and strength through her painted and illustrated portraits on wood. Working primarily with oil paints, graphite, and colored pencils, the artist depicts realistic renditions of vibrant women against the abstract woodgrains of her chosen medium. The juxtaposition offers an interesting aesthetic to each portrait.…


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Multi-Layered Landscape Photos Redefine Perspective

Representing a three-dimensional structure on a two-dimensional platform can make a figure fall flat. Vancouver-based photography technician Jason Gowans found this same principle to be true of vast landscapes trying to be captured within photographs. The essence and expansive beauty of the earth is lost on a medium without physical depth. As a result of his contemplative dilemma, Gowans…


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Beautiful Vintage Artworks Created by Blending Film + Paint

Los Angeles-based photographer Alexandra Valenti combines her two passions for photography and painting to produce some truly creative works of art. Rather than simply painting portraits or snapping shots of models, Valenti merges the two art forms to create an intriguing landscape filled with personality. She gives her captured world character with vibrant streaks…


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Intricately Folded Geometric Paper Sculptures

It's always a treat when artists like Matt Shlian are able to incorporate their passion for science and math into their art. His interest in abstract geometric forms clearly influences his work though the paper engineer insists that he finds inspiration for his paper art from everything in life. He says, "I have a unique way of misunderstanding the world that helps me see things easily…


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Spectacular Gravity-Defying Tree Root Chandeliers

Rotterdam-based Sicilian artist Giuseppe Licari presents a network of tree roots hanging from the ceiling like unusual, organic chandeliers. His site-specific installation titled Humus features the extended prickly roots of trees affixed to the top of his exhibition space, transforming the room into a sort of underground lair. It's as though visitors are getting an exclusive…


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Amazing Non-Photoshopped Levitation Photos in Singapore

Photographers Jeff Cheong and Jayden Tan, aka Levitation SG, feature their enchanting ability to defy gravity throughout their beloved homeland of Singapore. The duo admit to being greatly inspired by Natsumi Hayashi's levitating self-portraits across Tokyo, which…


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Unbelievable Anatomical Illustrations Using Sharpies

Last year, artist Danny Quirk's realistic anatomical paintings of people pulling their skin back to reveal their inner organs had us do a double-take to make sure what we were seeing wasn't real. The scientific illustrator clearly has an interest in the human anatomy…


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The World's Strongest Man-Made Tornado

The Mercedes-Benz Museum, designed by Dutch architectural design studio UNStudio, is more than just a modern exhibition space featuring over 150 vehicles. What makes it especially unique is that it houses the world's strongest artificial tornado. The showcasing venue itself is built similar to the Guggenheim with a central atrium that is viewable from the spiraling levels of the…


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Magical Interactive Garden Made of 1,200 LED Lightbulbs

Portugal-based architecture and design studio LIKEarchitects designed a spectacular garden of lights for IKEA at the Centro Cultural de Belém in Lisbon. Using 1,200 LEDARE lightbulbs affixed to 1,200 HEMMA floor lamp bases, the installation titled LEDscape presents an interactive playground for visitors to walk through an illuminated…


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New Spectacular Surreal Photos by Joel Robison

We're constantly mesmerized by the surreal images produced by Canadian photographer Joel Robison who continues to expand his imaginative portfolio. His fairy tale-inspired works feature the…


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Human "Toy Soldiers" Reenact War Scenes

French photographer Jean Yves Lemoigne composes men in Zentai suits across natural landscapes like an army of toy soldiers ready for battle for his series titled Human Project / War. Despite appearing like carefully positioned militia figurines, they are in fact the photographer himself putting on a sort of performance. The form-fitting attire masks each of his played…


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Cameraman Comes Face-to-Face with Hungry Polar Bears

Scottish wildlife filmmaker Gordon Buchanan journeyed to Svalbard, the northern-most region of Arctic Norway, to document the lives of three polar bears, a mother (Lyra) and her two cubs (Miki and Luca), over the course of three seasons. Stationed within his own personal "ice cube" box, the cameraman gets an intimate and almost perilous look at these massive, carnivorous…


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Engineering Student Constructs Magical Rainbow Igloo

We've seen some impressive igloos and ice hotels, but have you ever seen a rainbow igloo? Engineering student Daniel Gray, aka…


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