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Photographer's Sleep Paralysis Inspires Dark and Surreal Images

Photographer Nicolas Bruno has been haunted by episodes of sleep paralysis since he was 15-years-old. To understand his trauma, imagine waking up but being unable to move. While your mind is caught between sleeping and waking, you are confronted with terrifying visions such as an intruder in the room but are unable to react or even call out in fear.



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Fields of Black Paper Flowers Create a Striking Landscape

In Lauren Fensterstock's installation work, oceans of black grass flow from room to room and ebony flowers thrive in an unnatural lushness. The artist uses jet-black paper to create dark and expansive site-specific landscapes, thick with flowers, reeds, tendrils, and vines. By doing so, she adds an artificiality to the seemingly natural…


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Spectacular Time-Lapse GIFs of Flowers Blooming

These breathtaking gifs of different species of blooming flowers are from a time-lapse video shot by Japanese artist Yutaka Kitamura. Entitled Touched by Strangers, the flowering gifs, whose original video is part of a performance art collaboration with Alexander Reeder, is taken and separated from its film format to highlight the profound beauty…


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Stunningly Beautiful Sculpted Busts by Gosia

On her first foray into sculpture, Toronto-based artist Gosia created three distinct sculptures from one identical bust. Although there are several unique sculptures in her new work, Gosia has once again made a study of crafting individual characters through small differences or…


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Brilliant Three-Dimesional Mural by Street Artist Vesod

Beautiful, high contrast figures full of staggered motion and bright geometric abstractions characterize the fantastic street art of Vesod. Influenced by his artist father and the early 20th century Italian movement Futurism, Vesod skillfully applies layers of opaque paint to create remarkable three-dimensional geometric objects and elegant figures with a unique and expressive sense of…


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Captivating Illustrations of Children Raised by Wild Animals

Often the subject of folklore or legends, feral children are typically portrayed as having been raised by animals in the wild just as they are in Malika Favre's series of shrewdly designed illustrations, aptly entitled Feral Children.

Favre is a French illustrator living and working in London, England. In her impressive illustrations, she conveys the essence of her subjects using as…


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Floating Hotels Designed in Preparation for Qatar's World Cup

Sigge Architects has designed and proposed a series of floating hotels and luxury apartments that will form a completely new island off the coast of Doha, as a preemptive measure to accommodate the predicted influx of over 25,000 soccer enthusiasts during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Although they will be connected to the mainland by boats and new transit lines, Oryx Island will exist…


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Travelling Man Photographs His Motorhome Along Portugal's Coast

In 2011, photographer Alessandro Puccinelli decided to take a break from his professional work in commercial photography to concentrate on personal projects that all center around one of his greatest passions in life, the sea.

Puccinelli bought an old (but he insists, a very well constructed) Hymer 1983 motorhome and began to move it along the south coast of…


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Long Exposure Photos of Japanese Cherry Blossoms at Night

We have featured photographs of the cherry blossoms trees in Taiwan and every year there is a flood of photos as thousands of Americans flock to Washington DC to see the cherry…


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Polymer Clay Rolled into Thin Strands Form Artworks

Washinton DC-based illustrator Joseph Barbaccia rolls polymer clay into thin strands of color and lays them out in intricate designs to create his colorful artworks. The vibrant 3-dimensional curves give his illustrations a style and texture that is very unique.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Barbaccia studied at the Tyler School of Art and has over…


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Jumping Liquids Mimic Japanese Flower Arrangements

Ikebana is the traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement and Naoko Tosas's Sound of Ikebana is a contemporary take on that time-honored art form. For each piece, Tosa blends a variety of pastel colors and oil to express the different Japanese seasons. The cherry trees in spring, cool water in summer, red leaves in autumn, and snow in winter are all represented by a unique color…


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Breathtaking Black & White Animal Portraits by Lukas Holas

"Animals are a matter of my heart." These seven words are the only description Czech photographer Lukas Holas provides for his outstanding series entitled Portraits of Animals. His love and admiration for animals radiates clearly through each and every powerful close-up.

Shot in simple, but elegant black and white, the portraits showcase each animal's individuality. Holas uses his…


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Elaborately Textured and Colored Oil Paintings of Old Films

Turkish artist Murat Pulat creates incredibly textured paintings of iconic scenes from old Hollywood movies, New Wave French films and 1960s television shows. His thick layers of oil paint and small brush strokes create a rich stippling that gives his paintings a unique, dotted pattern and makes the figures and faces look slightly pixelated.

As a reference to the original black…


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Ceramic Cups Melt Into Puddles of Patterned Porcelain

For her sculpture series Nomad Patterns, artist Livia Marin's ceramic cups and kettles melt into puddles of porcelain while surprisingly retaining their original printed designs. The elaborate faux Chinese motifs of willows, birds and pagodas float out into a glossy ceramic pool still in perfect detail.

Interested in the issues of brokenness and recuperation, Marin's contrived…


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Powerful Drawings on Black Paper by Kyung Hwan Kwon

Using acrylic and color pencils on black paper, Korean artist Kyung Hwan Kwon creates dynamic drawings of bright explosions and threatening figures in the night. Against black paper, the use of shadows is a key element. Kwon only partially outlines his subjects and excludes some details, allowing them to be interpreted by the black of night. This style of drawing…


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Glass Pavilions Celebrate Korea’s Traditional Tea Culture

South Korean studio Mass Studies designed a series of spectacular new buildings for the O'Sulloc Tea Museum, an exhibition center dedicated to the history of Korea’s traditional tea culture. Located at the Seogwang Dawon tea plantation on Jeju Island, the pavilions have large floor-to-ceiling windows that provide an incredible view of the surrounding green tea fields.



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Voyeuristic Oil Paintings Look Like Multiple Exposure Photographs

Korean artist Horyon Lee utilizes the photography technique of multiple exposures to produce a sensual style of movement in his slightly scandalous oil paintings. The overlapping images created by layers of opaque paint show several moments at once.



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Splendid Botanical Gardens Full of Stained Glass Murals

When the city market of Toluca, Mexico was closed in 1975, local artist Leopoldo Flores stepped forward with a plan to save the historic site. He convinced the city government to invest in a creative reuse of the building as a botanical garden with stained glass art showing the relationship between man and the universe. Flores gave the space the name Cosmovitral, a…


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Rock Climbing Building Blends in Naturally with Environment

Sensing the potential for a climbing community in Polur, Iran, New Wave Architecture designed this new rock climbing hall that mimics the surrounding, rocky landscape of Mazadaran. Equipped with a dynamic climbing hall, temporary accommodation zone, fitness gym and maintenance areas, the building's design is meant to invite nature and landscape into the building. The large windows allow…


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Digital Paintings of Spectacular Skies and Fantastic Storms

Breathtaking skies full of intense light and billowing clouds dominate the digital artwork of Alexander Rommel known artistically as Evergreenarts. The German artist's digital paintings of glowing skies showcase the imagined glory of nature focusing on the play of sun, sky, water and wind.

Certain sc-fi and fantasy aspects give his glorious skyscapes a magical setting. Beams…


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