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Creative Ads: Words Create Worlds (3 pics)

There's nothing like reading a great book and getting lost in the story. It's almost as if stories jump out of books, just like these ads illustrate. Great execution by advertising agency Kaspan, who created these ads for Anagram bookshop, located in the city of Prague. “Words create Worlds,” the ad states.…


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Intricate Scenes Inside Toilet Rolls (5 pieces)

When most people see a bare toilet roll, instincts tell them to throw it away. But as they say, one person's trash is another person's treasure. French artist Anastassia Elias saw the artistic potential in toilet rolls, and proceeded to create intricate scenes inside of them.

Elias spends hours painstakingly cutting out tiny shapes to make detailed…


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Incredible Bodypainting - The Last South China Tiger

Craig Tracy is hands-down one of the best body painters in the world. At first glance, this piece looks like a simple painting of a tiger. Look a little closer, and you'll notice that the tiger's face is actually painted on the back of three separate women.

Entitled “The Last South China Tiger” this particular project is part of Save China’s Tigers‘ efforts…


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Haitian Girl - David Choe

Artist David Choe recently released this piece to raise money for Yéle Haiti, a foundation founded by Wyclef Jean. Admirably, Choe personally paid for the cost of the 18″ x 24″ giclée prints, titled “Haitian Girl." I just checked, and it looks like all 50 of the $300 limited edition hand-signed prints have already… Continue

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Modern Architecture - The Ecorium Project (4 pics)

The National Ecological Institute of South Korea recently released plans for a large-scale nature reserve. Designed by architectural firm SAMOO, the "Ecorium Project" will be a striking environmental center spread out over a 33,000 square meter area of natural environment.

Featuring eco domes, greenhouses, a water reserve, and an education center, the Ecorium…


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Fight Science - National Geographic

In our ongoing partnership with National Geographic, we present Fight Science - A fascinating look at the science and physiology behind the world's most powerful fighting techniques.


Monday, February 1 at 10PM ET/PT

Special operations forces are an elite breed of soldiers… Continue

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Urban Street Art: Cut Out + Fade Out (5 pieces)

“Cut Out & Fade Out” is the newest project from street artist Miss Bugs. She poses the question of visibility of women in society by creating silhouettes of females that are site specific and blend into the background. Working in a male dominated scene, Miss Bugs brings a feminine touch to street art, which can be seen through her sexuality explicit…


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Creative Piece: Marie Antoinette's Secret

This digital piece by Yuling Deng caught my attention right when I first laid eyes on it. Deng describes the work as a conceptual portrait of Marie Antoinette, describing her extravagant character. Her chosen medium was Corel Painter and Photoshop.

Deng is a digital illustrator who at the age of thirteen moved from China to New York City. Her growth in this culturally and artistically diverse environment enabled her to become a strongly… Continue

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Lady Gaga A Capella Medley Multitrack

Naya Marie's Lady Gaga a capella medley is super impressive. The medley includes Just Dance, Poker Face, Chillin, & Paparazzi. Interesting how technology allows musicians to to collaborate and synchronize with… Continue

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Giant Origami Tigers Pounce Sydney (4 pics)

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2010 is the "Year of the Tiger" and begins on February 14, 2010. A sign of courage, the Tiger is a fearless and fiery fighter that is revered by the ancient Chinese. The beast wards off the three main disasters of a household: fire, thieves and ghosts.

Designed by Australian firm LAVA, these gigantic origami tigers were made…


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Modern Design: NYC's Urban Umbrellas Replace Sidewalk Sheds (4 pics)

In an effort to beautify New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently unveiled a new design for sidewalk sheds - the wood and steel structures built to protect pedestrians walking alongside buildings under construction. There are approximately 6,000 sidewalk sheds in New York City, representing more than one million linear feet.

The competition winner,… Continue

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Modern Architecture - Infinite Perspectives (9 photos)

It's the vast amount of different perspectives this building offers that really intrigues me. It's almost like there is an infinite amount of different ways to view the structure.

Portuguese architecture firm Barbosa e Guimaraes Arquitectos aimed to create a sense of movement and irregularity for Vodafone's new headquarters in Porto, Portugal. The cross-section reveals an uneven…


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Intimate Portraits of A-List Actors (23 photos)

Photographer Vincent Peters has the privilege of taking intimate portraits of some of Hollywood's most respected actors. An artist with a camera, Peters evokes a heightened sense of drama within his actors. The results are magnificent.…


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Massive Bouncy Ball Installation (9 pics)

This massive bouncy ball installation has to be one of the coolest exhibits ever! Designed by Australian Nike Savvas, "Full of Love and Full of Wonder" represents the very atoms that are the fundamental structural units of all things.

The mesmerizing piece produces an extraordinary optical effect as brightly-colored miniature balls swing within the gallery space. When…


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Everyday Objects Come Alive - Part 2 (20 pics)

Terry Border is a creative genius. Taking everyday objects, he adds bended wires to create satirical masterpieces.

When we asked where gets his ideas, he replied, "Basically, I get ideas for photographs when everyday objects remind me of something else. Then I try to think about how I can show others the connection I made. The next step - I try really hard…


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Modern Architecture - Ski Slope Luxury Hotel (7 pics)

Designed by Michael Jantzen, the North Slope Ski Hotel gives the term "ski resort" a whole new meaning. The main feature of this eco-friendly luxury hotel is the 400 foot built-in ski slope, which is powered by the wind and sun. Eight large wind turbines are mounted on the top of the hotel, and a large array of flexible photovoltaic solar cells cover the lower portion of the structure.

Aside from the awesome ski slope, the 95-room…


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Forgive Us Our Tresspassing - Banksy (2 pics)

Of all the pieces that Banksy recently put up in Utah, I especially love this one spotted outside downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. The clever stencil features a graffiti boy praying for forgiveness. "Forgive Us Our Trespassing," it states. As always, the whimsical way he plays with words and images is brilliant!…


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NASA's One-Man Electric Aircraft (video inside)

Is it possible for a one-person electric plane to take off vertically and fly 300 mph? NASA says yes, and shows us how it's done with Puffin, a single-passenger aircraft that's 10 times quieter than the most hushed helicopters.

The design, accomplishing the same goal as a jetpack with a cockpit, could be the closest man has ever come to flying like a…


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Amazing Piece: Monument Yard by Andrew Schoultz

I'm really diggin' this large scale painting by Andrew Schoultz. Measuring 11′ x 24′, "Monument Yard" took about one and a half years to finish, and is a monument to turbulent times. It was originally on view at the Torrance Art Museum, and will now make it’s way to Milan, where it will be shown at the Jerome Zodo Contemporary on March 11th.…


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Modern Architecture - Jeju Provincial Art Museum (8 pics)

The natural beauty of Jeju Island in South Korea serves as a backdrop for this museum designed by Seoul-based architects Gansam Partners. Situated within the Halla Mountains, the recently completed Jeju Provincial Art Museum accentuates the surrounding natural environment through material selection and carefully designed views of the exterior.

Made of local… Continue

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