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Psychedelic Room that Swallows Human Beings

Japanese artist Yosuke Goda creates living, breathing rooms that swallow human beings. Armed with black markers, Goda has no mercy for the surrounding white walls, floor, and ceiling. A pychedelic organism is born, with a body that looks similar to the roots and vines of an old, tall tree. The monster appears to constantly grow, as if it has no self-control and needs to furiously feed… Continue

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Spectacular Wildlife Photos in Dramatic Landscapes

Wildlife and landscapes shots can be great on their own. Combine the two, however, like British photographer Ben Hall has, and spectacular images emerge that make us appreciate the immense beauty of our planet.

What's most remarkable is that none of Hall's images have been digitally manipulated. Instead, by focusing almost exclusively on the British Isles, he developed an intimate… Continue

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Vivid Video of Furious Tornado

Sometimes reality is extremely terrifying. This amazing footage, captured yesterday by Crimson Tide Productions, was taken from the University of Alabama campus. A furious mile-wide tornado rips through Tuscaloosa, Alabama, tearing through trees near an office complex and parking lot. Listen and you'll clearly hear the heavy breathing of the terrified videographer.

via [The Daily… Continue

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Striking Social Housing Tower

Social housing buildings are often thought of as plain and boring because of their limited budgets and strict regulations. Someone didn't tell that to Spanish architecture firm Roldán + Berengué who designed this striking 75-unit social housing tower in Barcelona.

Conceived as part of an urban master plan, the uneven layering of the facade creates a dynamic aesthetic identity, while… Continue

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X-Ray Origami of Endangered Species

Japanese student Takayuki Hori printed skeletons of eight endangered species on translucent paper. When laid flat, all you see are scattered bones. Once the papers are folded together, however, the printed components unite as a whole, and the animals' frames spring to life!

Oritsunagumono tells a visual story that highlights the environmental threat of pollution to species… Continue

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Cinematic Celebrity Portraiture

Scarlett Johansson

London-born Jason Bell takes photographs as if he was a movie director. Each of his celebrity subjects have a look of purpose and intent. It's almost as if we're looking at a frame right before a dramtic scene in a film.

Bell studied politics, philosophy and economics at Oxford University before returning to London to work for the Sunday Times. He lives… Continue

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Eco-Friendly Building with Horizontal Fins

Amsterdam-based architects UNStudio have completed one of the most sustainable large office buildings in Europe. DUO² is the new headquarters for the Dutch national tax offices and the student loan administration in Groningen, the Netherlands. The 300 ft (92 m) building has a facade covered in horizontal fins to provide shade and reduce the need for artificial cooling. The structure includes 2,500… Continue

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Creation through Destruction


No matter how many times I see street artist Vhils' deconstructed walls, I'm still just as impressed as the first day I laid eyes on them. It's his process that I admire the most, how he uses common tools like a power drill and chisel or different types of paint, to… Continue

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Giant House of Cards Sculpture

Auckland-based designer Fletcher Vaughan believes that the second half of the 20th century was a wild party, full of gas-guzzling cars, cheap energy, and vast personal wealth from a booming economy. Fast forward to today and we are waking up to a nasty hangover, facing the consequences of last night's excess.

To represent the the precarious balancing act we are performing with our… Continue

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Photo Collages of the World's Most Magnificent Trees

Redbud, Maggie Valley, North Carolina - 369 feet high, twice the size of the Statue of Liberty.

James Balog went on a six year quest to photograph North America's largest, oldest, and strongest trees. What he found were sculpturally elegant trees that have survived by sheer hardiness or luck. For Balog, these images were the closest he could come to… Continue

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Glass House Surrounded by Nature

London-based architects firm PCKO collaborated with Poland-based MOFO Architects to create this stunning glass house that's located smack dab in the middle of nature. The fully-glazed steel frame structure, suspended above site, preserves the existing natural environment and offers beautiful panoramic views of the distant Tatra Mountains.

Located on the outskirts of Krakow, Poland, the… Continue

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Cinematic Real Life Scenes

If you thought one creative field couldn't bleed into another then you haven't met director, writer and photographer TJ Scott. Then again, maybe you have. Yesterday, Alyssa introduced us to him through his incredibly powerful silhouettes. Looking through the rest of his shots, you'll find that there's an… Continue

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Tragic Circumstances

Husband and wife photography team BJ and Richeille Formento recently took to the road on an epic cross country adventure to document how different women are living during these harsh economic times. Armed with a small budget, they gave themselves one simple plan: 5 months, 25 states and 50 women.

Circumstance is a tragic yet romantic, cinematic portrayal of how women are coping in… Continue

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Santa Barbara's Glass Pavilion

Los-Angeles-based architect Steve Hermann says this glass-walled home in Santa Barbara, California is his "greatest achievement of a 20-year career." He originally planned to keep the house for himself, but his plans changed while the six-year project was underway. Among those changes, he notes, was the birth of his daughter.

The "Glass Pavilion" features five bedrooms,… Continue

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Magic Marker Mania

German artist Heike Weber doesn't hold back with permanent felt markers. In fact, she must go through boxes of them in order to create these mind-bending installations!

Before Weber begins, she turns the whole room into a three-dimensional sheet of paper. She then goes to town and creates these psychedelic environments.

Along with using the marker's bold colors, she also manipulates… Continue

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Milky Way through a Sahara Sandstorm

I've seen a lot of time-lapse films in the last few years, and I have to say, this one by Terje Sorgjerd could be the best.

The footage was captured about a week ago from atop El Teide, Spain's highest mountain. At one point, a large sandstorm hit the Sahara Desert, making it nearly impossible for Sorgjerd to see the sky with his own eyes. Surprisingly, his camera had managed to capture the sandstorm which was backlit by Grand Canary Island making it look… Continue

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Dream-Inspired Digital Manipulations

Michael Vincent Manalo takes surreal images from his dreams and merges them into vivid digital artworks. Each image represents one fascinating frame. With so many questions left answered, he allows us to interpret what's really going on.

"Inspiration for me comes from a lot of different sources," says Manalo. "It may start from hauntingly vivid dreams, to nostalgic memories, to wild… Continue

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Jewel of Santorini

Santorini, Greece is known to be one of the most gorgeous romantic destinations in the world. Carved into one of the island’s many majestic cliffs, you'll find a luxury boutique hotel named Grace Santorini. The first thing you'll notice about the hotel is that it has the perfect vantage point to view the famed Santorini sunsets that envelop the deep blue Aegean Sea, and the Cyclades… Continue

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Lurking in the Sewer

It may take you a second to see it, but once you do, this piece by Sr. X will make you laugh out loud. The Spanish street artist plays a little practical joke on his fellow countrymen, making it appear as though a big crocodile is crawling back into the sewer. I'd love to see the reaction on people's faces as they pass by and catch a glimpse of it.…


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Revolutionary Tunisian Street Art

As the history books will state, after more than two decades of authoritarian rule, the people of Tunisia had enough and collectively revolted. Successfully overthrowing the government, they now find themselves in the process of establishing a democratic society.

Algerian French street artist ZOO Project wanted to be at the epicenter of the historic movement. To celebrate the… Continue

Added by Eugene on April 14, 2011 at 9:00am — 2 Comments

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