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The Scariest Bathroom in the World

Typically, when people go to the bathroom, they seek a quiet place. Designer Hernandez Silva had other ideas. Located inside a penthouse in Guadalajara, Mexico, the scariest bathroom in the world sits atop a 15 story elevator shaft and features a glass floor to ensure your constant terror!

Those who are afraid of heights should probably avoid using this space. But, on the bright…


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Galaga Shaped Contemporary House

When I first saw this unique shaped home in Bethesda, Maryland by David Jameson Architect, it reminded me of an alien enemy spaceship in the 8-bit video game Galaga. From there, I was pretty much sold.

Although the two-story 860 sq ft residence, named the NaCl House, is a bit too stark white for my taste, I…


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Documenting China's Exotic Fast Food Culture

Ask anyone who's been to Asia and they'll tell you that the food is vastly different than that of the West. Take for instance Anja Hitzenberger. During a two month residency in the fall of 2011, Anja documented a temporary food court set up inside Beijing’s Olympic Park. The photos culminated into a solo…


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Street Art Symbolizing Mexico's Strong Family Bonds

Street artist Liqen was invited by the “Collectivo Tomate” to paint a mural in Xanenetla, a neighborhood with lots of rich history in the Mexican city of Puebla. As corn is a staple food in this country, he wanted to express the idea of how strong the family is there, making each…


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Brilliant Pencil Vs Camera Series (Part 3)

Here at My Modern Met, we're big fans of Ben Heine's work. The Belgian artist busted out into the art scene back in April 2010 when his incredibly creative series, Pencil Vs Camera, captured the hearts and minds of people from all around the world. Heine melds his love and…


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Incredible Five Star Resort Submerged Underground

Below the surface, in a former rock quarry, a five-star resort is currently being built with almost all floors below ground level. Located in the Songjiang district (close to Shanghai) in China, the InterContinental Shimao Wonderland will stand 19-stories tall, with 16 of them below ground!

Along with 380 hotel rooms, the unique building will incorporate conference facilities for up…


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Twisting Skyscraper Reshapes Downtown Vancouver

Taking inspiration from the Flatiron Building in New York City, Danish Architecture fim BIG have unveiled their proposal for a 490 ft high skyscraper in downtown Vancouver. Twisting and turning into the air, the 49 story Beach and Howe tower is not only a unique addition to the Vancouver skyline, it aims to be a dramatic gateway that speaks to the emerging creative economy in the…


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Celebrating with Bursts of Color

Love the energy, passion, and bursts of color in this gif, which was cut from an amazing video shot by filmmaker Devin Graham and his friends. Using hi-tech Canons, they documented this year's Holi Festival in front of the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, Utah. This is certainly one celebration these…


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Incredible Phoenix Mural in Hong Kong

Australian street artist Meggs, in collaboration with Hong Kong locals Xeme & Sinic, created this amazing mural of a brightly colored phoenix. According to wiki, "a phoenix is a mythical bird with a colorful plumage and a tail of gold and scarlet. It has a 500 to 1000 year life-cycle, near the end of which it builds itself a nest of twigs that then ignites; both nest and bird burn…


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MMM Exclusive: Discovering South Carolina's Iconic Palmetto Bluff in Cadillac's New Escalade

There's something very iconic about Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina. Set amongst a gorgeous backdrop of moss covered Oak trees, the Montage resort is the epitome of Southern comfort. When Cadillac graciously invited My Modern Met for a visit, I knew that I couldn't pass up the opportunity.

Born and raised in Southern California, I've never visited the South. There is a much more relaxed tempo in this part of America, and Palmetto Bluff is the essence of the South… Continue

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Boat Magically Floats Above Water

When I first saw this image, I had a hard time figuring out what was really going on. Was the boat floating above water? Was it Photoshopped? Is this some kind of sorcery? After analyzing the image more, I've come to the conclusion that the water is just so clear that it makes the boat appear to be floating! We're not 100% sure where this magical place is, but according to one commenter on…


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Tree Decorated with 10,000 Easter Eggs

Volker Kraft of Eastern Germany has his limits. After putting 10,000 real eggs on the tree this year, he says he's stopping there.

"There will be no increase because I do not have storage capacity anymore," the 76-year-old retiree says. "I would have to sleep with the eggs otherwise."

Kraft started the tradition back on the Easter of 1965, when he used only 18 eggs. In…


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Fragile Geisha Girl Street Mural

Street artist Fin Dac recently created this stunning "legal" piece entitled "The Fragile" on Paint Day in West London. The street mural really stand out because of its beautiful colors and emotive image of a beautiful yet solemn geisha girl. By the looks of the photos, it appears that Fin Dac used spray paint…


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Incredibly Breathtaking Global Nightscapes

Seoul, South Korea, 2011

It's not often that we come across a well-traveled photographer that has taken so many spectacular shots of different cityscapes. What's even more impressive is that Polish-born Martin Stavars was born in 1981. Each of his shots are remarkably breathtaking, as he makes each city shine and puts all the…


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Creative Book Ends to Brighten Your Day

The good people over at Knob Creek Metal Arts believe that book ends shouldn't be a boring addition to any household. From centaurs and zombies to dinosaurs and robots, these book ends will surely put a smile on your guests' faces, but more importantly, they will put a smile on yours every single…


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Matchstick Installation Literally Ignites Ideas

Although it's certainly a huge fire hazard, designers Tannah Stroebel and Rae Alexander took the inspiration phrase "Igniting Ideas" and turned it into an actual literal installation. Thousands of matches were used to complete the piece, which was completed during Stroebel's internship at BOOMTOWN. I could totally see this piece placed outdoors and and used as an excellent…


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Thailand's High-Wire Treetop Restaurant

Set high amongst the tree tops at Soneva Kiri resort in Thailand, guests have the chance to dine in their very own nest. Adventurous diners fasten a leather seatbelt and get hoisted 16 feet into the native massang trees, where there are spectacular aerial views of the surrounding beaches. "Flying servers" get around around taking a much more acrobatic approach, as they zipline down to…


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Tearing Open the Night Sky

We've seen cross-dimensional portals open up in movies, but how would an ordinary person recreate this exact same scene in real-life? Israeli artist Yochai Matos used hundreds of fluorescent bulbs to tear open the night sky. I can only imagine the sense of wonderment I…


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Tranquil Human Backscapes

22-year old photographer Johanna Wallin of Sweden created these landscapes in a place we normally wouldn't see them - the human back. Although the artwork isn't complex or overly impressive, it does provide a different way to look at the relationship between humans and nature. The series was exhibited at…


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Simpsons Nuclear Street Art in Chernobyl

French Street artist Combo recently ventured to Chernobyl, a place where not many people have visited in the past decade, to put up this mural of America's beloved animated family. The Simpsons seem to be having a great time in the mural, picnicking on a grassy mound, all while the Homer's nuclear power plant is seen menacingly in the background.

The photo of the mural is striking,…


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