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Shockingly Awesome Indoor Sculptures by Mark Jenkins

Mark Jenkins doesn't like to conform. In fact, he goes one step further by altering his surrounding landscape with clever and witty installations that would make anyone do a double-take. We've covered his street art a few times before, so today we're featuring a collection of his…


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Spectacular Long Exposure Taken from Space

Expedition 31 Flight Engineer Don Pettit created this magnificent image by combining 18 long-exposure digital images taken with a camera mounted inside the International Space Station (ISS) on March 16, 2012. The streaks of psychedelic colors show the passage of cities below the ISS, airglow in Earth's atmosphere and the circling motion of stars. Even more amazing, the bright blotches lined…


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Everyday Objects Come Alive - Part 4

Terry Border is, without a doubt, one of the most creative human beings we've ever come across. It's amazing how much awesome new artwork he continues to put out. Not only are his pieces great, his titles are so witty and funny, they really add the perfect touch.

If you're not familiar with…


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Seoul's Marvelous Dancing Dragons

Chicago firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture envision a pair of magnifcent towers shooting up into the sky of Seoul, South Korea. Aptly named Dancing Dragons, the buildings feature glass scales, which are inspired by Korean mythical dragons. Gaps between its overlapping panels feature operable vents through which air can circulate, making the skin “breathable”…


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The Halted Traveler

Damien Rayuela wants us to use our imaginations when viewing his series Halted Traveler. We only see the back of his subjects as they face an interesting landscape and we are left with a looming curiosity of not only what they are specifically looking at, but also what they are feeling at that particular moment.

"The term 'halted traveller' is usually associated with German romantic…


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U.S. Olympians Stretch for London 2012

Swimmer Michael Phelps

Can you believe that the 2012 Summer Olympics in London is only two months away? To get the country pumped up about our national team, photographer Lucas Jackson took these shots of our incredible athletes stretching. No Photoshop involved. As you can see, the athletes need to be in the best shape of their lives to…


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Hyper-Realistic Leather Elephant Throne

Maximo Riera's Elephant Chair is the latest addition to the Spanish designer's Animal Chair Collection, which we've seen grow over the last couple of years. More like a piece of art than a furniture fashion statement, the mighty elephant throne is carved from compressed foam with an…


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Moss Table Converts Electricity Through Photosynthesis

Most of us are used to sticking our plugs into electrical outlets, but what if we could use household plants as an alternative power source? Biophotovoltaics believes that this idea is well within our reach and created an innovative concept called the Moss Table. Energy is created through the process of photosynthesis, where electrons are captured through conductive fibers, and…


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Humongous On/Off Switch Building Mural

As part of his contribution to Poland's Katowice Street Art Festival, which took place last week, Valencia-based street artist Escif went to town on the side of a building and created this awesome mural of a humongous on/off switch. Not only will the piece surely turn some heads, it might…


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Jeju island's Modern Cocoon House

Located on South Korea's volcanic Jeju island, architecture firm Planning Korea recently completed their unique design for a luxury condominium inspired by nature. The Cocoon House features an outdoor pool overlooking the sea, kitchen and living areas, a conference zone, small library, and rooftop garden.

The most standout feature is, however, the structure's "cocoon," which is…


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Artist's Studio Perched Atop Rocky Coastline

Are you an artist who's looking looking for inspiration? Look no further. One day at the Squish Studio will get your creative juices following. Located just outside the small town of Tilting on the eastern end of Fogo Island, Squish Studio sits atop a rocky strip of coastline that could rival Italy’s western coast. The ground beneath the studio is so rocky and uneven that the southern…


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Largest Underground High-Speed Rail Station in the World

Designed by Andrew Bromberg of architecture firm Aedas, the Express Rail Link West Kowloon Terminus will connect Hong Kong to Beijing and is slated to become the largest underground high-speed rail station in the world when it is completed in 2015. The 4,628,481 sq ft facility is equipped with 15 tracks and is located centrally in Hong Kong, acting as a gateway to the city. Trains will reach…


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