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Fiercest Super Yacht in the World

What a sleek-looking yacht! Adastra was born after five years of design and discussion between a Hong Kong couple and West Sussex-based John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs. Very experienced at voyaging the ocean, the couple wanted to create a trimaran that was designed for efficient long range cruising. The super yacht boasts a maximum speed of 22.5 knots and can cover 4000 miles at a range of 17… Continue

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White Concrete House

Over the last few years, A-cero has built up quite the reputation with their bold and modern designs. Sotogrande House, located in Cadiz, Spain, is yet another shining example of this by the Spanish architectural firm.

The 4,300 sq ft house is made of concrete and is decked out in all white. The… Continue

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Street Art Only Appears at the Perfect Angle

As we all know, street art comes in a myriad of different ways. One of my favorite places to find it is in unexpected places like on the side bars of a metal fence. Similar to the work of Mentalgassi, you have to stand at the perfect angle to see these pieces.

These fascinating… Continue

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Virtual Grocery Shopping

Astoundingly, in a population of less than 50 million, South Korea has more than 10 million smartphone users. That's one in every five! To cater to this constantly moving, tech-savvy demographic, Tesco Homeplus created a virtual store in Seoul subway stations. It's there where you'll find both virtual displays and merchandise that look exactly as the same as if they… Continue

Added by Eugene on June 28, 2011 at 4:30pm — 1 Comment

Under a Golden Sun

Street artists Ben Slow and Fin Dac collaborated on this gorgeous mural for the Cannt Festival in London. To create the piece, the artists used stencils, spray paint, charcoal, ink, and acrylic to beautify… Continue

Added by Eugene on June 28, 2011 at 1:00pm — 2 Comments

Only Authenticated Portrait of Billy the Kid

The only known authenticated portrait of the infamous outlaw Billy the Kid recently sold for $2.3 million at an auction in Denver, Colorado. It depicts the gunfighter in rumpled clothes and a hat, gazing at the camera, while holding a 1873 Winchester rifle in one hand and a Colt revolver at his hip.

The tintype, an early form of photo using metal plates, is believed to have been… Continue

Added by Eugene on June 28, 2011 at 12:00pm — 4 Comments

Street Art from Another Dimension

Street artist Iemza and photographer Thierry Gaude might just be from another world. If they are, they would most definitely be from the same planet. In actuality, the two artists are based in France and are both exceptionally skilled at what they do.

Iemza creates alien-like street art that… Continue

Added by Eugene on June 27, 2011 at 4:30pm — 4 Comments

Luxury Retreat Hidden Within Australian Outback

It's hard to imagine a place that could offer more peace and tranquility than Pretty Beach House in Australia. Located just north of Sydney, the seven-acre property is nestled amongst the trees at the edge of a beautiful beach.

With only three one-bedroom pavilions that surround the main home, the all-inclusive rooms are rented out to guests who are lavished with an in-house… Continue

Added by Eugene on June 27, 2011 at 2:30pm — 3 Comments

Game of Thrones x Muppets Mashup

If you haven't been watching Game of Thrones, you're missing out on one of the greatest fantasy series of all time. Every episode is packed with so much action and drama, you can't help but want to either watch them all over again in one sitting or voraciously devour all the details in the books.

To celebrate the epic show, artist Yehudi Mercado created this awesome Game of… Continue

Added by Eugene on June 27, 2011 at 11:30am — 3 Comments

My Photo Booth Marriage Proposal

Being that I consider everyone here at My Modern Met like part of my family, I wanted to share with you all a very special moment of my life. Last Thursday, I proposed to my girlfriend of three years inside a photo booth at Ace Hotel, Palm Springs.

After racking my brain for months, I finally decided to propose this way because I could A) Surprise my girlfriend B) Capture her real…

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Contemporary Russian Home with Sleek Angles

Russian architecture firm Atrium designed this beautiful contemporary house near Moscow. Surrounded by palm trees, the site provides magnificent views, with windows purposely placed throughout.

The residents can really see and feel the structure fold inside the home, especially because of the open floor plan. There is no difference in cladding on the outside and on the inside, so… Continue

Added by Eugene on June 26, 2011 at 9:16am — No Comments

Incredible Inception-esque Illustrations

Could these illustrations have been inspired by Christopher Nolan's psychological sci-fi action film Inception? How else could you explain how they look like they're based upon dreams within a dream? Regardless, full-time freelance illustrator Miguel Mansur has made one mesmerizing collection of work that's filled with strange and shocking stories.

"I am a fellow who feels that… Continue

Added by Eugene on June 24, 2011 at 3:30pm — 1 Comment

Smart Ad Campaign Gets Parents Involved

Don't we just love creative advertising like this? Congrats to Cramer-Krasselt for working with COA Youth and Family Centers in coming up with this awesome campaign. To help promote parent-child interaction, they set up large puzzles, word searches, mazes, books, rulers and more… Continue

Added by Eugene on June 24, 2011 at 3:00pm — 1 Comment

Striking Sculpture Reflects Inner Struggle

Paige Bradley created one of the most striking sculptures I've seen in recent times. Her masterpiece, entitled Expansion, is a beautiful woman seeking inner piece but fractured and bleeding with light.

"From the moment we are born, the world tends to have a container already built for us to fit inside: a social security number, a gender, a race, a profession," says Bradley. "I ponder if we are more defined by the container we are in than what we are inside. Would we…


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Manhattan Townhouse with Living Room Pool

Having a pool (with a swing no less) in the living room is one fantasy many of us could only daydream about. But for Evelyn McMurray Van-Zeller, this fantasy has turned into a reality.

In 1995, Ms. McMurray Van-Zeller was living in Europe when she inherited the Manhattan home from her brother. "You feel like you're on a permanent holiday," she says. "There's almost no reason to leave the… Continue

Added by Eugene on June 22, 2011 at 11:30am — 3 Comments

Soviet Army Monument Transformed into Superheroes

It's unclear who transformed this Soviet army monument in Sofia, Bulgaria, but how interesting is this? The artists changed the Russian Red Army soldiers, who led an advance on Nazi-allied Bulgaria during World War II, into superheroes and comic book characters!

The pop art creation with the caption "Abreast with the Times" drew crowds of people over the weekend, posing to have their picture… Continue

Added by Eugene on June 21, 2011 at 5:00pm — 2 Comments

Indigenous Tribal Chief Facade

Slated for completion in 2014, Melbourne-based ARM architects designed a building that dons the face of Australian indigenous leader William Barak. An architectural first, the portrait of the tribal chief will be sculpted across a 330 ft (100 meter) high facade using the building's white concrete balconies.

William Barak was an elder of Melbourne's Wurundjeri tribe and was… Continue

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Medusa with Gasoline Pump Dreadlocks

One of the most controversial and politically opinionated street artists, BLU gives us a piece of his mind about the oil industry. The huge mural, created for the Cityleaks Urban Art Festival in Cologne, Germany, features a hand reaching down and grabbing Medusa by her wretched gasoline pump… Continue

Added by Eugene on June 19, 2011 at 10:00am — 1 Comment

Cabin of the Future: Airbus 2050

Unveiled at the Paris Airshow in London last week, the Airbus 2050 Concept Cabin offers a whole new flying experience inspired by nature. The aircraft’s bionic structure mimics the efficiency of bird bones, which are optimized to provide strength where needed. An intelligent cabin wall membrane controls air temperature and can become transparent to give passengers open panoramic… Continue

Added by Eugene on June 17, 2011 at 1:30pm — 3 Comments

Tree Trunk-Inspired Buildings Connect Underground

The best architectural designs don't need to look overcomplicated, they just need to be effective. This sleek pair of 17-story office buildings in Seoul by South Korean firm BCHO architects is a perfect example.

The architects took inspiration from an old Korean birch tree trunk, organic and sculpted as if molded by flowing water. The design allows the structures to efficiently… Continue

Added by Eugene on June 17, 2011 at 12:00pm — 2 Comments

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