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China's Sleek Infinity Loop Bridge

With their complex understanding of China's coastline conditions, 10 DESIGN and Buro Happold have won an international design competition with the Infinity Loop Bridge. A signature gateway to south China’s new planned commercial hub in the Shizimen Business District of Zhuhai, the bridge provides incredible views of the Shizimen Canal and the Pearl River Delta. What appears to be a large…


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Superman Pixelated Sculpture Painting

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope. It's an awesome pixelated sculpture painting of our favorite superhero, Superman! It's amazing how the painting really springs to life with the three-dimensional pixels shooting out at the viewer. An artist, known only as Samuel, was the creator of this unique artwork which is…


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Revolutionary Ocean Skyscraper Designed for Research

Designed by French architect Jacques Rougerie, the 170 feet (51m) tall SeaOrbiter will be the first vertical skyscraper ship of its kind. Two-thirds of the spectacular vessel is underwater, perfect for accommodating a team of 18-22 researchers who will be able to spend 24 hours a day underwater.

Researchers will use the facilities for a variety of purposes,…


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Magnificent Large Scale Murals Brighten the World

Sao Paulo-based street artist Eduardo Kobra creates fantastic large scale murals that are filled with vibrant color and life. You may recognize his most recent piece (above), which was completed in New York City and can be seen on the High Line. Kobra puts his own unique spin on Alfred Eisenstaedt's…


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Star Wars Samurai in Feudal Japan

Darth Vader

Vail-based digital artist Clinton Felker adds an Eastern twist on some of our most beloved Star Wars characters, giving them full samurai gear as if they were transported in time to feudal Japan. Light sabers and blaster rifles are replaced with samurai swords and battle axes, and Yoda is seen with several eyes all over his…


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Giant Crouching Man Patiently Awaits Global Warming

Crouching at 85 feet tall and weighing about 60 tons, Antony Gormley's Exposure sculpture is rooted to ground in central Netherlands, reacting over time to the changing environment. Riddled with funding problems, It took nearly six years to complete.

"One of the known environmental changes that is happening is the rising of the sea level through global warming," explains Gormley.…


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Photographer Times Swimmers Perfectly Diving Into Pool

You can't time a shot much better than this. Getty Images photographer Clive Rose captured this fantastic image of synchronized…


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Mythical Dragon Loops Around Shanghai River

Symbolizing power and strength, the mythical dragon holds a sacred place in the hearts of the Chinese. To honor this ancient tradition, Bulgarian architecture firm Sonik Module conceptualized this spectacular 60-story-high structure that loops over a manmade river and new park in Shanghai.

With various intersections to enter the building, visitors could travel there using a series of…


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The Tragic Other Figure

Here at My Modern Met, we feature many works by contemporary artists, but once in awhile we get stopped in our tracks by a timeless piece that was completed decades ago. This sculpture, titled L'altra figura (The Other Figure) was created by Italian artist Guilio Paolini in 1984. It features two Roman busts raised on plinths, with two mirrored heads looking at the floor as is something…


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Amazing Surreal Artworks by Igor Morski

Polish illustrator Igor Morski creates amazingly surreal artworks that are so well-executed, they'll take you to a whole new world. Each image bursts with an incredible amount of creativity; it's as though they tell stories that could fill a book with many fantastical pages. Here are some of our favorite…


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Magnificent Sports Center in Jingzhou, China

Positioned within the city's urban center, the Jingzhou Sports Center in China will not only play host to all sorts of athletic matches, it will serve as a meeting place where visitors can shop, eat, exercise, and hang out at concerts or fairs.

Chinese practice DUO and China National…


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Magnificent Sculpture: Kiss of Death

Located at Barcelona's Poblenou Cemetery, this magnificent sculpture, titled Kiss of Death (El Petó de la Mort in Catalan and El Beso de la Muerte in Spanish), depicts death (in the form of a winged skeleton) planting a kiss on a young man's forehead. According to the story, in 1930, the Llaudet family was mourning the death of their son and created this…


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Seoul's Clustering Towers Connected by 30-Story Bridge

New York-based Asymptote Architecture just revealed this stunning proposal for the Yongsan International Business District of Seoul. Velo Towers is comprised of two skyscrapers that are composed of dynamic stacked and rotated volumes, along with a collection of open atrium spaces and roof gardens. The structure utilizes the latest advances in design, materials and digital fabrication that…


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Peru's Writhing Tower Twists and Turns Into the Skyline

Twisting and turning into the skyline, Writhing Tower by China-based architecture firm LYCS is a new residential building conceptualized for Lima, Peru. With each unit rotating 45 degrees, residents will have uninterrupted views of both the public park in front of the site, and the ocean to the rear. Additionally, each unit has blocked views to the unit above and below, creating a nice extra…


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Extraordinary Carved Out Book Landscapes - Part 2

Like a master surgeon with his scalpel, artist Guy Laramee continues to carve out amazing book sculptures. Here, we feature a few pieces from his most recent collection, Guan Yin, which Laramee dedicated to his late mother, who died in 2011, only a couple days after…


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Living Inside a Boeing 727 Located Within Oregon Forest

Bruce Campbell doesn't just love planes, he lives inside of one. After purchasing a a Boeing 727-200 for $100,000, he placed it in his backyard, otherwise known as the middle of the woods in Oregon.

Campbell's startup costs were actually quite considerable. He paid $17,000 to move the plane from an airport to a staging site, $20,000 to rent the staging site for four months, $21,600 to…


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Germany's Green Climate Fund Headquarters

In their quest to win the rights to host the United Nations’ Green Climate Fund, Germany picked Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (LAVA) to represent their county and to design a proposal for a sustainable headquarters in Bonn.

With a design inspired by the beautiful setting in the Rhine valley, the three level structure will comply with the latest energy and building ecology standards,…


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Top 10 Pieces by the Infamous Hanksy

One has to wonder what world-renowned street artist Banksy thinks of his imposter, Hanksy. Does Banksy despise Hanksy for riding on his coattails or does he admire him for being clever and creative? Perhaps, we'll never know.

Either way, Hansky has been putting up a flurry of awesome new works over the last couple years. Whether you love him or hate him, you have to admit, some of these…


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Humorous Pets of Thrones Series

As season two of the epic series Game of Thrones has just concluded, we thought it would be a perfect time to feature this series by Mexico-based art director and illustrator Mario Flores. Humorously titled Pets of Thrones, each character is transformed into the animal they are represented by in their family line. Who's your favorite character in Flores' Pets…


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Eric Clapton's One-of-a-Kind Ferrari SP12 EC

Being a world-class musician has its perks. If you're legendary classic rocker Eric Clapton, this includes getting your own one-of-a-kind custom Ferrari.

Designed by the Ferrari Style Centre in collaboration with Pininfarina and Maranello’s own engineers, the SP12 EC (EC for Eric Clapton) is part of Ferrari’s One-Off Programme. This particular model was created as an homage to…


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