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Cool Concept: Maptor Shows You the Way (6 pics)

Shaped like a small flashlight, Maptor is a tiny GPS device which displays a map using a small built-in projector. Instead of using a backlit LCD, you can just flash the map on any flat surface and a big red arrow will tell you exactly where you are.

The controls on the…


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Heavenly Innocence - Amy Sol (13 paintings)

Amy Sol's wood panel paintings are incredibly soft and innocent. Through her pieces, she takes us to a heavenly place surrounded by the beauty of nature and kind animals.

Sol is an American artist of Korean, English/Irish, and Native American ancestry who spent her childhood years in Korea, then moved to Las Vegas where she currently lives and works.…


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The Life of Senator Ted Kennedy - The Big Picture

The Big Picture gives us an intimate look at the entire life of Senator Ted Kennedy.

The Life of Senator Ted Kennedy - The Big… Continue

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iPhone Stalker App

I guess there's an app for… Continue

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BMW's New Hybrid Concept is From the Future

BMW just released these images of the Vision EfficientDynamics Concept, which will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in a couple of weeks. Conceived with the idea of melding the performance of an M3 with exceptionally low fuel consumption, BMW claims a 0-62 mph time of 4.8 seconds while scoring 62.6 mpg (U.S.) on the E.U. combined test cycle.

At the…


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President Obama's Eulogy of Senator Edward Kennedy

Part 1

President Obama delivered the eulogy of Senator Edward Kennedy at his funeral mass at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Basilica church in Boston. Obama recalled how Kennedy "became the greatest legislator of our time." "I knew him as a colleague, as a mentor, and above all, as a friend," he said.

Part… Continue

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Really Cute, Disturbing Art - Luke Chueh

The Soundtrack

Luke Chueh's pieces are really cute in an eerily disturbing way - and that's exactly why they're so great. Featuring sad and/or tortured characters, Chueh's work stems from the intolerance he suffered as child growing up as a Chinese-American.

Luke was born in Philadelphia, but raised in Fresno. In 2003, Chueh moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in…


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Louis Vuitton Calabash Bowl: Africa (4 pics)

When looking at the photo above, what is your initial reaction? French artist Sébastien Bouchard hand-painted a Louis Vuitton monogram on a African calabash bowl for a group exhibition in Dakar, Senegal. Made from a calabash tree, the $1 bowl is commonly used in Africa for cooking, and to carry things around.

"C'est la crise" or "Crisis time" is an artistic…


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Silver Surfer's Girlfriend - Guido Argentini (6 photos)

Check out Silver Surfer's hot girlfriend! These gorgeous metallic shots come to us from Guido Argentini's SILVEREYE, a set that reflects his "great personal passion for sculpture and dance".

Born in Florence, Italy, Argentini studied medicine for three years at the university of Florence. At age 23, he decided to turn his passion for photography into a profession and started to…


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Super Mario Poker Chip Art (5 pics)

I've been playing with my poker chips all wrong! Cody van Tol of Canada must have come up with this idea when he had a large chip-stack playing Texas Hold 'Em. Recreating scenes from our favorite old school video game, he uses different colored poker chips to create Mario and his fiendish enemies. Totally inspires me to create something better than my boring ole'…


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The Final Destination

We're super excited and proud to see one our very own Met members star in the latest Final Destination movie. The beautiful and sweet Haley Webb (above) contacted us a few months to let us know that she was a big fan of theMET. Naturally, we were very honored, and have been super anxious… Continue

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Modern Architecture - The Spiraling Library: Kazakhstan

Forming a spiraling circle around a strong vertical core, Kazakhstan’s new National Library in Astana is a sight for sore eyes. Designed by BIG Architects, who were recently awarded first prize in an open international design competition, the library's naturally lit interior corridors provide a perfect place to read your favorite book.

The new 355,000 sqaure…


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Opening Reception: Saturday, August 29, 7pm-11pm @ Exhibit A Gallery: Los Angeles

Bipolar, a group show with a twist, opens this Saturday, August 29th, 2009 at Exhibit A Gallery in LA. Presented by Tony Alva and Richard Villa III, the show will offer a change of pace by having artists create works of art using a new or unfamiliar… Continue

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The Haunted Mansion - Nathan Schroder

With dark, elaborate schemes lit up by antique chandeliers and candlelight, Nathan Schroder whisks us away to a far and distant land. It's natural to feel a bit disturbed in his haunted mansion; a place that is home to wild animals that we cannot tell are real or fake, and mischievous characters that look to be straight out of murder mystery novels.



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Modern Architecture - Party House on the Water

Could you imagine the type of parties you could throw at this house? You certainly wouldn't have to worry about being too loud or disturbing the neighbors.

Only accessible by boat or yacht, 'House on the Water' was designed by Polish architecture firm formodesign. The rental property, located by Navagio beach, Greece, is made of concrete, and supported by…


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Magnolia Tree is Soccer Field's Centerpiece! (6 pics)

Now here's a cool concept. Why not add a new "green" element to soccer matches by putting a 10-meter high magnolia tree in the center? It would add a new element to the game as players could hide behind the tree for sneak attacks.

Chilean artist Sebastian Errazuriz planted the tree in the center of Chile’s National Stadium where dictator Pinochet…


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Your Poodle Looks Like a... (10 photos)

Pittsburgh Steeler

It should be against the law to embarrass your pets like this, but you certainly can't say these poodle owners don't have wild imaginations. Going above and beyond the normal grooming these dogs should usually get, crazy owners transform their poodles into whole different animals and even into sport and movie stars. Here are our top ten pics courtesy of animal…


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One Pixel at a Time - Chris Dorosz (13 sculptures)

San Francisco-based artist Chris Dorosz must have a mad amount of patience. You can only imagine how many tedious hours it must take to create these intricate sculptures that are made up of tiny paint drops on a grid of acrylic rods. Using this style, his installations create a wicked 3D effect.

"Out of material discovery I began to regard the primacy of the…


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Psychedelic Dreamscapes - Allison Torneros (10 paintings)

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Allison Torneros' paintings is the thought process behind her pieces. Letting the paint do the 'talking', she throws around paint and other materials onto the canvas in an unpredictable manner and leaves it to dry overnight. Later, she begins drawing…


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The Classiest Motorcycle Ever - 1937 BMW R7 (5 photos)

Is this not the most visually stunning motorcycles you’ve ever seen? What's even more amazing is that it was manufactured over 70 years ago.

When created, the 1937 BMW R7 was a concept motorcycle built for speed, but never went into mass production

because it was deemed too heavy and expensive at the time.

It was locked away in a crate for…


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