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Peace vs. Love by Banksy

Banksy recently put up this piece, and it really struck a chord with me. It reminds me of how much unnecessary hate and violence there is in this world. A poignant reminder of just how polarized our world is, even when it appears that, on the surface, we have similar interests.…


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Modern Houseboat (7 pics)

If you've ever dreamed about living on water, this modern houseboat designed by Rost Niderehe Architects is for you. When the architects first started planning, they wanted to create a residence that had the character of a boat and the comfort of a traditional family home. The result is this stunning houseboat located in Hamburg, Germany.

Made of mainly wood and… Continue

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Women Who Hit Hard (10 photos)

Serena Williams

Female tennis players are strong, athletic, and amazingly graceful. Using a special slow-motion camera, photographer Dewey Nick captured these stunning shots of the athletes while they stroked the tennis balls with all their might.

"It was thrilling to get the phone call from Kathy Ryan to photograph nine of the world's…


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The Sickest Mobile Office in Town (10 pics)

Integrating the latest products from Apple into a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, I present to you the Brabus iBusiness, the sickest mobile office in town.

With a twin-turbocharged 6.3-liter V12 that produces 750 horsepower and 995 pound-feet of torque, the car itself is a beast. But the most unique thing about this car is its interior, mainly the rear… Continue

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Musical Six-Pack (4 pics)

Buy a six-pack of Tuned Pale Ale and it's very likely that you and your drunk friends will form a rock band. Every beer bottle contains a musical scale on its label which tells a user what notes can be played at certain levels by blowing across the top. Even the pack itself, when turned upside down, turns into a tongue drum that produces six different… Continue

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Infographic: Life Hacks

Here are a few tips that will make your life easier, more convenient, more fun, or just better. They require little effort, and can cumulatively make a big difference...

via… Continue

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Inception's Inverted City Streets

"What happens when you mess with the physics of it all?"

A couple weeks ago, we looked at a few Inception-inspired LEGO scenes. Well, this latest recreation by flickr user -infomaniac- blows them all out of the water. Not only is it perfectly executed, it recreates the most… Continue

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Real Life Superheroes (11 pics)

In real life, do superheroes exist? Apparently so, and photographer Peter Tangen has the proof.

At first, The Real Life Superhero Project was conceived as an avenue to shine light on a new breed of activism and altruism, through a photographic installation to benefit the established organizations the superheroes believe in. But as more people were brought… Continue

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theMET Book Review: Green Architecture

Here are theMET, we're big fans of green architecture. We recently partnered up with the people at the Princeton Architectural Press and they were gracious enough to send over a few books regarding the topic.

I just finished reading all three books, and my favorite was LEED… Continue

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Urban Street Art: Dark Funk

Street artist Probs created this neon wall mural as a tribute to Daft Punk and their involvement in the upcoming Tron2 movie. The piece was completed in London at the International Meeting of Styles event, which featured over 50 aerosol artists from across the world for a day of color and creativity.

image via:… Continue

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Living Walls: The City Speaks (5 pics)

Peruvian street artist M. Sueño created this incredible wheat paste mural on the streets of Atlanta, Georgia. It appears as though Sueño really poured his heart and soul into the piece, as the central theme is his rich Peruvian culture.

Earlier this month, the city was transformed into an all-out open air gallery for more than 50 graffiti artists, hailing… Continue

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15 Awesome Daft Punk Digital Artworks

Anyone who has been to a Daft Punk concert will tell you that it is a life changing event. The French duo put on a spectacular show featuring insane beats and visual components associated with their musical productions. Their music breaks language barriers and speaks to the entire world. As a tribute to the… Continue

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Fake Product of the Day: SlipQuit

My gut is telling me that this is going to be the hottest Halloween costume this year... Introducing the SlipQuit - an inflatable slide that mimics the one JetBlue attendant Steven Slater used to jump out of. Now you have the perfect way to get out of any awkward conversation. Two beers also included.

Made by the geniuses at… Continue

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Powerful Photographs of Rainy Days (10 pics)

The element of rain adds so much character to a city. As we look through the lens of Brooklyn-based photographer Navid Baraty, we see how rain takes on a classic and romantic feel when shot in black and white, while color transforms the setting completely, making the scenes appear more vibrant and lively.…


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Investigating Catastrophic Events (7 oil paintings)

The Architect's House

In this thought-provoking series, Jonathan Wateridge gives us clues, but expects us to solve the mystery. Another Place consists of seven, large oil paintings depicting scenes from the production and narrative of a fictional American film that is centered around an unseen catastrophic event.

The production… Continue

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The Pros and Cons of Working from Home

The Oatmeal has been on fire in 2010, and for good reason. The one man team creates comic strips that are not only hilarious, they're right on point.

Anyone who has ever worked from home can relate to this hilarious piece. There are pros and cons of working from home, and the Oatmeal illustrates it beautifully in this perfectly-executed comic.…


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Incredible 3D Photo Sculptures (14 pics)

Susy Oliveira calls her process "a compromise between sculpture and photography." Using a foam frame, the Toronto-based artist creates three-dimensional pieces that simulate reality in a very distorted, yet intriguing way.

Oliveira examines “our preoccupation with replacing nature with fabricated versions of itself.” She adds that these sculptures express… Continue

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Visualizing Speed (2 pics)

How exactly does one visualize speed? Ad agency Ogilvy & Mather Jakarta placed these "speedy" installations around town, which give the illusion that the UPS delivery man is traveling so fast, you can barely see his blurry figure. The campaign is not only creative, it's extremely effective.…


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Pic of the Day: Presidential Prank

President Barack Obama jokingly puts his toe on the scale as Trip Director Marvin Nicholson, unaware to the President’s action, weighs himself as the presidential entourage passed through the volleyball locker room at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas, Aug. 9, 2010.

via… Continue

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Bullet Photography (12 pics)

Water Drop I

How exactly do you photograph a bullet in mid-air? Just ask Dutch photographer Lex Augusteijn, who specializes in this exact craft, and captures the moment a flying bullet hits objects such as eggs, light bulbs, and drops of water.

"The images are frozen by the flash speed," says Augusteijn, who works a scientist in the…


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