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Melbourne's Stunning Feathered Girl Mural

Street artists Adnate and Shida recently collaborated on this stunning, large scale mural in Melbourne. According to Gage, "Adnate’s flawless photorealism melds right…


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Modern Tiananmen Square Street Mural

Using iconic imagery from the Tiananmen Square incident in 1989, A.SignL from the Captain Borderline crew recently completed this mural in Cologne, Germany to protest human rights violations in modern China. The tank is made up of all types of cheap consumer goods "Made in China" and the man standing in its way is holding a bag that says "Fair Trade." The piece was a collaboration…


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I Believe I Can Fly by Slinkachu

Have you ever felt like a little person who was about to take flight in a big world? Miniature mastermind artist Slinkachu created a piece at New York's Brooklyn Bridge Park that symbolizes just that. Holding a bird feather with each hand, the miniature man braces himself for what's sure to be an…


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Awesome Life of Light Graffiti Skeletons

We've seen light graffiti before, but none as lively as these skeletons by Los Angeles-based Darius Twin (aka Darren Pearson). Twin began light painting since 2008, after seeing an image from Gjon Mili that captured Pablo Picasso creating a light drawing called Picasso Draws A Centaur.

Often times, people assume that Twin's images are photoshopped, but they are not.…


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Artist Red Recreates Adele's Song "Set Fire to the Rain"

Shanghai-based artist Red (aka Hong Yi ) is back and this time she's come up with yet another creative way to pay tribute to one of this generation's greatest artists, Adele. By looking at the choices of her previous subjects, including Mark Zuckerberg,…


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Evolution of New York City's Skyline Over a Century

New York City is widely recognized as one of the greatest metropolitan areas in the world. It's fascinating to see the rapid evolution of its skyline from 1879 to 2013, when One World Trade Center will be complete. Within that long time frame, the city has lived through many transformative events, including the Great Depression in the 30's and September 11th in 2001. One can only wonder what it…


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Skull Formed Using 375 Real Brain Slices

After visiting Philadelphia's Mütter Museum, Noah Scalin of Skull-A-Day created this skull using 375 real brain slices encased in acrylic. Over the course of two days, he arranged the slices on two large old library tables and climbed a ladder over and over making sure the image looked right from a single vantage point. He…


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Revolutionary Tornado Proof Home Hides Below Surface

In a quest to invent new ways to provide safe options for shelter in climatically unsafe environments, Ted Givens of Hong Kong-based 10 Design developed this revolutionary tornado proof home. ”Erupting Stability” assesses the forces of tornadoes and high velocity winds, and provides a protective shuttle that submerges underground when extreme weather conditions threaten the safety of the…


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Glow-in-the Dark Aurora Borealis Cocktail

Throwing a meteor shower party? This glow-in-the-dark cocktail created by Campus Companion Party Lab would add the perfect touch! Aptly named Aurora, the drink glows under a black light and looks similar to the Northern Lights, only in your very own glass!

Here are the ingredients:

2 liters Gin or Vodka

9 Liters…


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Amazing Reinterpretation of Michelangelo's Pietà

Belgium-based artist Jan Fabre created five magnificent white marble sculptures based on variations of Michelangelo’s Pietà, the iconic image of Mary cradling the dead body of her son Jesus in her arms. Adding his own unique twist, Fabre puts himself in the place of the Christ figure and replaces Mary’s face with a skull.

Fabre’s interpretation presents concepts such as grief and acceptance, death…


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Phlegm's Latest Mural Works Hand in Hand

Standing four stories high, this new large-scale mural by UK-based street artist Phlegm was recently completed for the Bloop Festival in Ibiza, Spain. Two mechanical arms are seen operating each other, with a little help from the…


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Spectacular Out of this World Wedding Photo

We've all seen beautiful wedding photos before, but this one by Lakshal Perera is simply out of this world. Using a 71-second exposure, Perera not only gives us a wonderful snapshot of the newlyweds, he shows us an incredible sky filled with millions of stars, along with our Milky Way galaxy.

"As a young child, all I dreamed about was being an astronaut," says Perera.…


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Contemplative Man Stands Over Massive Waterfall

This powerful image by Dimitar Variysky immediately stirs up all kinds of emotions. As a tiny speck of a man stands on the edge of a massive, raging waterfall, the first feeling felt by many viewers is a sense of fear, perhaps of falling or dying. The second emotion would probably be curiosity. After all, why is this man standing on the edge of a seriously dangerous-looking…


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Children Collaborate to Build 1.8 million LEGO Map of Japan

The reason that LEGOs are such awesome toys for kids is because they are not only fun, they inspire kids to build whatever their hearts desire by using their problem solving skills and ingenuity.

To celebrate their 50th anniversary of being introduced into Japan, LEGO sponsored a cross-country workshop where over 5000 people in 6 different regions collaborated to create a gigantic map of their…


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Magical Photo of Yosemite's Horsetail Fall

We've seen photos of Horsetail Fall before, but this one by Stan Rapada really stands out from the rest. There's something so magical, or even spiritual, about this image, as gold…


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Beautiful Motherhood Mural Carved Out in Layers

Street artist Vhils has one of the most amazing styles I've ever seen. Chipping away at walls with a power drill, the Portuguese artist tore up three separate layers of a building to create one magnificent piece, which looks like a mother holding her (unseen) infant child. It was created…


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Looking at History Through Batmobiles

Forget using a calendar. This photograph of all the historic Batmobiles lined up not only stirs up nostalgic feelings, it gives us a sense of how much time has passed by. The first Batman story was produced in 1939. Ever since then, the Batmobile has been an integral part of Batman's arsenal of weapons. It's hard to think of any vehicle that has been more fantasized about by children from…


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Plastic Surgeon's Hilarious Elevator Ad

We've seen a similar kind of juxtaposition done with Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam mural on the celing of the Sistine Chapel, but this site-specific ad by Dr. Kim's plastic surgery office takes it to another level. The interactive advertisement becomes hilarious every time…


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Radical Glow-in-the-Dark Skatepark

Korean artist Koo Jeong-A has given skateboarders a seriously impressive reason to stay out late. Using green phosphorescent concrete, she created a glow-in-the-dark skatepark decked out with multiple bowls, a cradle, and three separate tunnels to skate through. Koo was inspired by a previous trip to the skatepark's location, Vassivière Island in France, and its "mysterious winter…


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Arctic Surfer Stands in Awe of Northern Lights

Swapping the golden beaches of Southern California for arctic waves that reach as low as 35°F (2°C), surfer Alek Parker stands in awe as he watches the magficent northern lights above Hofn in Iceland.

Photo credit: Chris Burkhard / Caters News

via […


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