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Upcycled Bears Created With Old Fur Coats

A couple of masked German artists, who refer to themselves as Neozoon, upcycle old animal fur coats into urban street art. According to Wiki, "upcycling involves processing used materials into new products, or the re-use of a product with crippled functionality for alternative purposes, to prevent waste of potentially useful materials."

In Greek, neozoon…


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Modern Architecture - Great Blue Whale: South Korea

I'm kind of bummed that Studio Nicoletti Associati's Great Blue Whale placed third in an international competition to design the Thematic Pavilion at the 2012 Yeosu Expo in South Korea. The magnificent structure emerges from Yeosu’s waters as a great blue whale hurling itself out of the port to represent the Expo's theme: The Living Ocean and Coast.



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Show runs until January 24, 2010 @ Japanese American National Museum

Curated by Giant Robot co-founder and co-editor Eric Nakamura, Giant Robot Biennale 2 will highlight artists associated with the pop-culture magazine over the past 15 years.

In celebration of its 50th issue and in collaboration with the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles, the magazine…


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Sweet Ad: Porsche's Family Tree

I think we can all agree that Porsche makes some unbelievably awesome cars. In this clip, Porsche unveil their first four-seat sports car - the Panamera. To distinguish the Panamera from the competition and appeal to Porsche enthusiasts as well as potential newcomers, Chicago-based ad agency Cramer-Krasselt and Porsche leveraged one of the brand’s most valuable assets—its heritage and history—to welcome the Panamera to the family and reinforce the Porsche… Continue

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Stunning Whale-like Structure Can Float Away

Designed by Melbourne-based Peddle Thorpe Architects, Fluid is a whale-inspired pavilion that is sure to be a showstopper at the much-anticipated 2012 World Expo in Yeosu, South Korea.

The floating exhibition space is designed around the concept of adaptability, making the structure useful for many different scenarios. The interior of the pavilion is open,…


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Internet Speeds and Costs Around the World

A very interesting graph that illustrates internet speeds and costs around the world. The most astonishing fact? Japan and South Korea's super fast internet speed, and America's abysmal lag.

source: internet world stats broadband… Continue

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Miss Italia - Official 2010 Calendar (14 pics)

Italy is know for its art, culture, delicious foods, and beautiful women. In this set, we take a look at the beautiful angels of Rome, found in Miss Italia's official 2010 calendar.…


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Creative Ad: Evolution

Wow! For French Insurance company AXA, Tronic conceived, directed and animated this spot to address the desire to remain relevant in a constantly advancing world. The spot highlights the rapid evolution of mankind by showcasing an origami man transforming himself into some of the most important inventions throughout history. Ending with a question mark and a resolve on the AXA logo, the spot informs the public that the future is uncertain. Bravo! Very well…

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Urban Street Art: Bumblebee Plants Hives in Phone Booths

Now that we all have cell phones, public phone booths seem like a part of ancient history. After realizing that so many telephone kiosks were being abandoned around the city, Los Angeles-based street artist, Bumblebee, decided to turn these old booths into beautiful art installations.

“Telephone companies have been abandoning their public telephone booths by…


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Countdown to Armageddon - National Geographic

Maya Doomsday Prophecy

In our ongoing partnership with National Geographic, we present Countdown to Armageddon, an examination of the Maya calendar prophecies in 2012.

Follow Princeton University scientist Adam Maloof to three continents on a detective story that spans eons — with clues embedded in the oldest rocks on the planet. Is there evidence of global upheaval on a massive scale? What can be gleaned from the technically… Continue

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Force of Nature - Michael Najjar (8 photos)

The expressive power of mountains and stock markets share certain aspects in common. Both have an emotional force; they can awaken feelings of happiness, yet they also carry components of risk within them. Both have the power to destroy lives.

Michael Najjar's photographs draw a visual comparison between the forces of nature and those in the modern economy.…


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Tallest Building in Asia: Seoul, South Korea

Designed by international architecture firm Kohn Pedersen Fox, Lotte Super Tower 123 will be the tallest building in Asia, and the world’s second tallest after the Burj Dubai. The super skyscraper will serve as Lotte’s new corporate headquarters and will be built by Lotte Construction, a subsidiary of the group.

Lotte Super Tower 123 will be located…


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Urban Street Art - Herakut: Germany (2 pics)

This huge street mural comes to us from collaborative street artists, Herakut. A young girl with a peculiar headpiece is seen writing on the wall, "Art doesn't help people, people help people."

Herakut is made up of two two graffiti artists, Hera and Akut. The male and female duo have been working together since 2004. Herakut combine deeply contrasting styles…


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U2 Concert Goes Live on YouTube Tonight!

U2 have teamed up with YouTube to stream a live broadcast of their show tonight at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. The gig will be available free to anyone who wants to watch it in the 16 countries where YouTube is available.

The concert is slated to start at 8:30 p.m. PDT (11:30 p.m. EDT) and will be available in the U.S., England, France, Canada, Italy, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Mexico, India, Israel, South Korea and the… Continue

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Little People Livin' the High Life - Slinkachu (3 photos)

Apparently life is good in the miniature world. "The High Life" is the latest creation by one of our favorite artists, Slinkachu. The piece was shot on the streets of Italy, "near the local fly-tipping area and dog pound - the high life indeed!" The image is available in a…


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Grocery Store Musical - Improv Everywhere

For their latest mission, six undercover actors burst into song in a grocery store in Queens. Three minutes and lots of silly choreography later, they returned to their roles as shoppers and stock boys. The mission was filmed with hidden robotic, lipstick, and wearable cameras. The song was played over the store's PA system… Continue

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Stunningly Transparent Lexus LFA Supercar (6 photos)

This amazing transparent sculpture of the new $375,000 Lexus LFA supercar is absolutely mind-blowing! The full-size sculpture, which was constructed by Japanese architect Scu Fujimoto, was first displayed at Milan Design Week earlier this year.

What's most impressive is that details like the seats, instrument panel, engine, suspension, and transaxle can…


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What's Wrong With Our Economy? - Calvin & Hobbes

In this hilarious piece, Calvin perfectly illustrates the dysfunction of large corporations in America. [via]

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Master of Miniatures - Nikolai Aldunin (9 pics)

Seven camels in the eye of a needle.

Can you imagine how steady your hand must be to create one of these miniature masterpieces? One breath could literally destroy an entire collection...

Coined the master of miniatures, Russian artist Nikolai Aldunin works between the beats of his heart, in order to keep his hands perfectly still. Using superglue, syringes and…


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Modern Architecture - The House of Music: Denmark

Austrian architects Coop Himmelb(l)au have unveiled their final design for a performing arts center in Aalborg, Denmark. The House of Music consists of a 1,300-seat concert hall set in a world-class acoustic environment. The concert hall is surrounded on three sides by music, education and performance spaces.

Cultural and educational functions are…


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