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T-Mobile Flashmob at Heathrow Airport

After choreographing a massive dance routine at London's Liverpool Street station and a singalong at Trafalgar Square, T-Mobile just shot their latest flashmob commercial at Heathrow Airport in London.

The most impressive thing about this particular flashmob? No instruments were used. The… Continue

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Typomaps (4 pics)

We've been seeing some incredibly creative maps lately, and this one by Dirk Schächter is no exception.

Combining geography with typography, the German designer handcrafted each country's name to correspond with its respective land mass. The double-sided poster is dark blue on one side… Continue

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Rays of Light (16 photos)

As the sun's rays pour through brightly colored trees, the forest turns into a magical place. Only nature could create scenes as beautiful as this...

It's almost unbelievable that self-taught photographer Lars van de Goor didn't use Photoshop to digitally enhance these images. "All the sun-rays in my images are real," he says. "My composition are 99% genuine,… Continue

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Bed Jumpers 2010 (11 photos)

There's no better way to summon your inner child than with some good ole' fashion bed jumping. Carefree people let go of all their inhibitions and jump to their hearts' delight. Some of these shots make us laugh out loud, others make us wonder how they pulled it off, but all of them share one common quality - they are all outrageously fun!…


Added by Eugene on October 29, 2010 at 3:30pm — 4 Comments

President Obama on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart

President Obama took the opportunity to answer a few questions from "America's most trusted newscaster." Among my favorite questions: "Are we the people we were waiting for?"

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Beautiful Watercolor Landscapes (12 pieces)

Z.L. Feng grew up in Shanghai and began painting at the young age of seven. After experimenting with all kinds of different mediums, he finally settled on a favorite - watercolor. The artist always revered the medium because of its level of difficulty. “With watercolor you cannot cover your mistakes, so you must know what you are doing,” he says.

One of Feng's favorite places to find inspiration is in the countryside of Virginia's New River… Continue

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Modern Architecture: The Upside Dome (12 photos)

If buildings had feelings, the St. Michiel Church in Belgian would be depressed because all its neighbors have big, elaborate domes. Luckily for this church, two artists have come to its rescue...

Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh created the "Upside Dome," a real-size scale model comprised of hundreds of meters of chain. The installation is… Continue

Added by Eugene on October 27, 2010 at 6:00pm — 2 Comments

Get to Know JR - 2011 TED Prize Winner

About a week ago, it was announced that JR was awarded the 2011 TED Prize. The French artist travels to neighborhoods, favelas, and villages all around the world, photographing the people who live there, learning their stories, and then pasting the striking images onto massive local canvases: buildings, buses, roads, and bridges. Here's a great video that gives us a look at what inspires… Continue

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Serbian Heat (8 photos)

Serbian supermodel Olya Ivanisevic and fashion photographer Dusan Reljin sure know how to turn up the heat. Ivanisevic reminds me of the femme fatales in those James Bond movies, when 007 finds himself in Eastern Europe. I don't know about you, but I'm suddenly in the mood for some vodka, shaken not....…


Added by Eugene on October 27, 2010 at 11:00am — 2 Comments

Tape Art Absurdity (12 pieces)

I think it's safe to say that nobody has more fun with tape than New York-based artist Aakash Nihalani. Using our lack of depth perception to his advantage, the care-free artist tricks our eyes with his colorful, playful works.

"We all need the opportunity to see the city more playfully, as a world dominated by the interplay of very basic color and shape,"… Continue

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Modern Japan (15 photos)

Japan has changed a lot since its old Imperial days. The country has become a modern powerhouse in the global economy. But throughout time, one thing has always remained the same - Japan has one extremely rich culture.

Photographer Navid Baraty takes us on a wonderful journey to the Far East, giving us a look at the landscape and people who make up this beautiful… Continue

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Animal Constellation Chalk Art (11 total)

Paris-based Philippe Baudelocque takes chalk art to a whole new level. Drawing on a black background, his incredibly intricate animals look like constellations on a dark night. Each drawing is composed of cells, and each cell has its own pattern. With beautiful layers, these three-dimensional animals look like they're ready to jump off the city walls.…


Added by Eugene on October 25, 2010 at 7:00pm — 7 Comments

Amazing 3D Wall Murals (15 pics)

I wonder how many people have hurt themselves by walking into Eric Alan Grohe's painted walls. The large public mural projects are painted on site and typically take several months, giving the local community a unique opportunity to witness the day-to-day creation of a work of art.

Grohe was born in New York City in 1944. He moved to the West Coast when… Continue

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Modern Architecture: Vietnam's Stunning New Skyscraper (3 pics)

A ground-breaking ceremony has been held for Foster + Partners' first project in Vietnam. The VietinBank Business Centre sends a strong message to the rest of the world: Vietnam is an up-and-coming nation.

Located strategically between central Hanoi and the airport, the project consists of two angular towers that will serve as a gateway to the city. The… Continue

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Audrey Kawasaki Hits Melbourne (10 pics)

One of our favorite artists, Audrey Kawasaki, just finished the first leg of her tour though Australia. Her first stop was at Outre Gallery in Melbourne. The artist presented five new paintings, two of which fit in nicely in her “Tangled” series. She then moves on to the Sydney branch of the gallery for an opening this coming Friday.

With such beautiful… Continue

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Isabeli Fontana by Vincent Peters (14 photos)

Supermodel Isabeli Fontana and fashion photographer Vincent Peters have amazing chemistry. in this spread for Vogue Germany, which came out early last year, Peters captures every ounce of beauty from the 27-year-old Brazilian bombshell. Isabeli looks especially comfortable in the outdoor setting, which makes her appear even more gorgeous.…


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Little Red Riding Hood's Demise (5 photos)

On this wretched day, Little Red Riding Hood should have just stayed inside grandma's house. Even though she seemed to be getting along with the wolf in the photo, below, it looks like it was all set up by the furry beast. By the looks of the black and white shots, the wolf premeditated the whole ordeal...

These photos by Israeli Shlomi Nissim are… Continue

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Hanging Tree Installation (3 pics + video)

This installation, by Japanese artist Shinji Turner-Yamamoto, is incredibly powerful. A hanging tree, with its roots sprawled out, is seen hanging in mid-air inside an abandoned church in Cincinnati. Turner-Yamamoto chose the decrepit church because he liked the marks of decay carved into the architecture by time and nature.

"Hanging Garden" is part of… Continue

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Funny Street Signs Promote Education (7 pics)

TrustoCorp is at it again, and this time their focus is in on America's failing education system. The New York-based collective highlights the hypocrisy and hilarity of human behavior through sarcasm and satire.

The street art conglomerate is making their debut appearance at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles this Saturday night, October 23. Their show, “New… Continue

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Apple's New Macbook Air (7 pics)

The new MacBook Air is the perfect laptop for the modern professional who's always on the road. Featuring an all-aluminum unibody design, it has become Apple's lightest laptop ever. The laptop measures 0.11-inches at its thinnest point and 0.68-inches at its thickest, and weighs just 2.3 pounds for the 11-inch model and 2.9 pounds for the 13-inch. It also features a… Continue

Added by Eugene on October 21, 2010 at 12:00pm — 1 Comment

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