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Glitter and Glamour - Elias Wessel

Although Elias Wessel is a fashion photographer, his shots are more like works of art. Like any great photographer, he is masterful in his use of light, color, and movement.

Wessel was born and raised in Germany, and moved to New York in 2005 to make it as a photographer. Since then, he's been busy working in the fashion and advertising industries, as well as…


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Beer Can Art (11 sculptures)

Now you can justify drinking all those beers! These creative beer can sculptures were created as a tribute to the Turkish beer Efes Pilsen. The artists spared no detail on the project, creating impressive works featuring miniature people playing instruments, armed soldiers, elaborate buildings, and an awesome airplane and motorcycle. Who said nothing good ever comes…


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Nigerian Circus - Pieter Hugo (12 photos)

These photos by Pieter Hugo are quite possibly unlike anything you've ever seen. The jaw-dropping images feature performers in Nigeria, made up of a group of men, a little girl, three hyenas, four monkeys, and a few rock pythons. The animal handlers are all related to each other and use the animals to entertain crowds and sell traditional medicines, a tradition passed…


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The Obamas: After Dark - SuperNews!

President Obama finds out who the most powerful person in the world really… Continue

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Modern Architecture - Astronomical Observatory Pool (8 pics)

Could you imagine looking up at the stars while chillin' in this pool? Located in Roca Blanca, Mexico, the Universe House was designed by Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco, and built by architect Tatiana Bilbao.

The house, which nestles in a rocky promontory overlooking the Pacific Ocean, is an actual-size replica of one of the structures that make up the…


Added by Eugene on November 29, 2009 at 11:00am — 6 Comments

Sex in the City - Pamela Hanson

It's very fitting that Pamela Hanson lives in New York City. Her fun, sexy photos have us fantasizing what life is like for beautiful women living in the big city. Apparently, they do lots of housework in lingerie...

Hanson was born in London, grew up in Geneva, and educated at the American school in Lugano, Switzerland. She later attended the University of Colorado where she pursued her studies in fine arts.…


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Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (10 photos)

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2009 rocked New York city, keeping spectators gathered on various streets and spots. Thousands of tourists and holiday revelers gathered to watch giant inflatable versions of their favorite characters, including Dora the Explorer, Spiderman and Father Christmas, sail along between the skyscrapers.

Each year, in a…


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Punk Rock Animals (11 pics)


Not ones to conform to their natural habitat, these punk rock animals love to live life in the fast lane. From monkeys with mohawks to hamsters with nose-rings, there's nothing that these rebels like to do than breaking rules and causing havoc.

These punk rock animals come to us from…


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The Lego Matrix

The Lego Matrix took around 440 hours to make and comes to us on 10th anniversary of the original movie… Continue

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Pic of the Day - Beautiful Mermaid

via vetton

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Hot Mess - Kelsey Brookes (5 pics)

These paintings by San Diego-based artist Kelsey Brookes are not only amazing, but also very original. Representing personal meditations on spirituality and humanity, Brookes states that his "work draws influence from Hindu and Buddhist deities, exotic animals and sex, as well as rustic American quilts." He also draws reference from the British painter Francis Bacon…


Added by Eugene on November 25, 2009 at 1:00pm — 4 Comments

Bed Jumpers (15 photos)

There's no better way to summon your inner child than checking into a hotel room and doing some good ole' fashion bed jumping. In this set, everyday ordinary people transform into a poor man's version of high flying acrobats. Hilarity ensues.…


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Obama's First State Dinner - New York Times

The First Family hosts India's PM Manmohan Singh and his wife, Gursharan Kaur, as the administration's first official state visitors. The New York Times is on the scene.…


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The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody

By far the best performance of Bohemian Rhapsody I've ever… Continue

Added by Eugene on November 24, 2009 at 6:30pm — 4 Comments

Passionate Oil Painter - Simon Birch

Simon Birch paints like everything else he does in life - with passion. The faces on his subjects are intense, yet non-specific in their expression, leaving viewers to their own subjective interpretation.

Born in Brighton, England, Simon left the UK to spend time traveling through Australia before relocating to Hong Kong in the…


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Modern Design: New Pool Suites at the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas

Gorilla Suite

Las Vegas design firm Chemical Spaces was recently commissioned to remodel several one-of-a-kind pool suites intended to accommodate VIP guests at Hard Rock Las Vegas. The suites were designed to cater to Hard Rock’s hip, young, and music-loving guests. Each suite features its own unique theme, and all of the suites walk out to the…


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Hi-Def Pics: Polar Obsession - Paul Nicklen (15 photos + video)

National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen must have an incredibly high threshold for freezing temperatures. His award-winning photographs of Arctic and Antarctic wildlife tell powerful stories about the intricate web of life supported by sea ice, and the ongoing threat of climate change to these fragile ecosystems.

"Paul shares incredible experiences: an…


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National Geographic's International Photography Contest 2009

National Geographic's International Photography Contest attracts thousands of entries from photographers of all skill levels around the world every year. The Big Picture features 25 magnificent entries from three categories: People, Places and Nature.…


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Hilarious Divorce Cakes (15 pics)

Divorce is not traditionally a reason to party, but these hilarious cakes provide a fun and humorous way to celebrate new beginnings. London-based baker Fay Millar started creating and selling the fun confections to meet the growing trend for break-up parties. She says that inquiries about her cakes come mainly from ex-wives who want to celebrate the divorce with their…


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Awesome Collaborative Piece - Baby Tattooville Art Jam 2009

A spectacular event called Baby Tattooville took place last month. At this year's event, some of today's best modern pop artists participated in "Art Jam", a collaborative piece on a 4x5 foot canvas. Artists used different mediums like brushes and acrylics, and had 24 hours of to… Continue

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