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Beautiful Blue World

Romanian photographer Caras Ionut imagines what our world would look like in beautiful shades of blue. Using digital editing techniques, he shows us magnificent landscapes, as well as dreamy long-exposure shots of the night sky. A seaman for over 24 years, his love for photography began only about seven years ago, a…


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Revolutionary Long Distance Router

Remember those gloomy days when you've been stuck helplessly with a really weak Wi-Fi signal. It's one of the most frustrating first world problems ever, especially if there's somthing really important you need to do on the internet.

Thanks to Amped Wireless, this will never be an issue again! The…


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Massive WWI Human Sculptures

Human Statue of Liberty, 1918

It's almost impossible to comprehend the scale of these historic photographs by Englishman Arthur S Mole and his American colleague John D Thomas, who were commissioned by the US government to take the pictures as a way to raise morale among the troops and raise money by selling the shots to the public during WWI.



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Brain-Melting Amalgamations

Be sure not to stare at these gifs too long or your brain will start to melt away. Motion designer Micaël Reynaud pushes us into a psychedelic haze with these "living" images. The photos from the piece above were taken by Michael Jang.…


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Although basketball and astronomy may seem like polar opposite hobbies, one photographer combined the two and created this perfectly-timed picture. The juxtaposition between the basketball hoop and full moon appear to be a natural fit.

Photo credit: Caras Ionut

via […


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Street Artist JR Opens in Paris

Street artist JR is currently showcasing his extraordinary work at Galerie Perrotin in Paris. Bringing miniaturized samples of his outdoor pieces into the gallery, the exhibition features many of the TED prize winner's previous projects including Women are Heroes and Wrinkles in the City, along with works from…


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Radical Vertical Chessboard

Here's a new twist on one of the oldest classic games ever. The wall-mounted Vertical Chessboard ($300) saves precious space in tight quarters, allowing games of indefinite length. My only question is, where do you put the pieces after they die?

According to Hammacher Schlemmer, the board is made from…


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19-Year-Old's Magically Surreal World

Earlier today, Pinar showed us the wonderful 365 project by 19-year-old prodigy Rebeca Cygnus. After looking deeper into her portfolio, we just had to feature some of her magically surreal photographs. "In my photography I look for the surreal world and to be a storyteller," says…


Added by Eugene on November 22, 2011 at 10:00pm — 3 Comments

Sprouting Back Forest

Inspired by Levi of Veluw, Dutch design collective Autobahn created this fantastic book cover concept of a forest created on the back of a human body. Photographer Marieke Wijntjes gives us a peak at how the entire process came…


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Avoid Conversation Dining Table

Ever wish you didn't have to see or talk to the people you were dining with? Look no further. Michael Beitz has built the perfect dining table for you.

"My current work is concerned with parallels between human emotional states and the mass produced design objects we live with and within," explains Beitz. "I explore ideas through drawing, printmaking, and sculpture. My experience as…


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Incredibly Elaborate Non-Photoshopped Scenes

FOX GAMES © 1989 Sandy Skoglund

Decades before Photoshop was available, American artist Sandy Skoglund started creating surrealist images by building incredibly elaborate sets, a process which took months to complete. Her works are characterized by an overwhelming amount of one object and either bright, contrasting…


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National Geographic Photo Contest 2011

Every year, National Geographic holds a contest to celebrate the best photos of 2011. Although the deadline for submissions is coming up on November 30, Nat Geo allowed Alan Taylor to put the spotlight on some of the marvelous entries.…


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Ukraine's Stunning Green Mile Tunnel

These stunning photos by Oleg Gordienko feature one of the most beautiful train tunnels in the world. (It is located in an enchanting forest at Ukraine.) Gordienko does a great job at capturing distance and space with these shots, as lush green vegetation forms the most…


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The Future of Kinect

Out of all the technology advancements over the past few years, Microsofect Kinect has been one of the most exciting to watch. Since its launch a year ago, Microsoft has been seeking a larger role for Kinect, wanting to move it beyond entertainment. The company has encouraged programmers to find new applications in areas like medicine and education. This inspiring ad shows us that we're still only in the very early phases of this kind of technology and it's certainly… Continue

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Autumn Leaves Change Color in Switzerland

Although most of us won't be able to experience the leaves change in person this autumn, we can still be mesmerized by Laurent Gillieron's beautiful photo taken at Sauvabelin Forest in Lausanne, Switzerland on Oct. 31, 2011.

Photo credit: Laurent Gillieron/EPA

via [… Continue

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