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Radical Animal Haircuts

Many of us give haircuts to our pet dogs or cats, but what would the world look like if the whole animal kingdom had radical haircuts like us? Perhaps ducklings would show off mohawks and squirrels would sport a Fu Manchu mustache. Photographer Andreas Franke of staudinger+franke apparently didn't think that this idea was too far-fetched as he's created his own series of animals with interesting…


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Tree Trunks Burst Through Gallery Walls

Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira shows absolutely no respect to art galleries' walls! It's as if he has the supernatural ability to control trees, making them burst through the walls at his own whim.

When Oliveira was a student in São Paulo, there was a plywood fence outside his window that began to peel and fade into different layers and colors. The wood,…


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Holiday Wishes from Strangers on NYC Streets

Eddie: “I need money; I’m broke.”

When was the last time you shared a wish? Jon Cotner and Claire Hamilton of The Hairpin, walked around the streets of New York City, asking random strangers a single question: “What’s your holiday wish?” What's most interesting…


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The Human Flamingo

You may have to do a double-take to fully comprehend what's going on in this picture. When I first saw this photo taken by Thomas van de Wall, it immediately reminded me of the amazing body art of Guido Daniele. Really admire the creativity and perfect execution of artist Gesine Marwedel's take on the…


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Los Angeles Viewed Through a Water-Filled Light Bulb

I've had the pleasure of calling Southern California my home for almost my entire life, so Los Angeles has a very special place in my heart. After seeing countless time-lapse videos featuring L.A, I thought I saw every possible way to view the city. I was wrong. Colin Mika and Brandon Vedder of All Cut Up Films created this unique time-lapse video that…


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Banksy's Fallen Soldier

The holiday season must have stirred up something in Bansky. The street artist has been on a tear lately! His most recent addition is this indoor piece entitled "Fallen Soldier." A marble sculpture of a Roman soldier is seen shattered in pieces on the floor alongside a yellow sign…


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Giant Life-Like Statue of Confucius

Confucius is known as one of the greatest thinkers of all time. So, it's no big surprise that Chinese artist Zhang Huan turned to him when he started pondering a series of questions: "Faced with rapid economic and societal changes and energy and climate challenges, how can we achieve sustainable development? What responsibilities come along with China’s rise in…


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Hanksy's Apollo 13 Space Shuttle Spoof

Spoofing one of Banksy's most recent pieces, Hanksy hilariously transforms Banky's Biplane (below) into the legendary Apollo 13 Space Shuttle. Spotted on the streets of Chicago, Tom Hanks looks like he's having the time of his life. Just take one look at his hilarious facial…


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Geometric Mosaics of the World's Best Athletes

Our friend and frequently featured artist Charis Tsevis was recently commissioned by TBWA\Chiat\Day to create his trademark mosaic illustrations for a campaign with, arguably, the most famous sports drink company in the world Gatorade. (Quick fact: In the U.S., Gatorade dominates with about 75% market share of the sports drink category.)

Some of the best athletes in the…


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Daytime Firework Art Show

At the Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha, Qatar this week, Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang turned daytime fireworks into an expression of art by utilizing microchip-controlled explosives to form incredible designs and patterns. Each set of explosions was calculated to…


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Terrifying Lord of the Rings Origami

We've seen lots of origami over the years, mostly of cute, girly animals. That's why this starkly different piece by Jason Ku really caught our eye. Named after the terrifying dark riders in J. R. R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series, the Nazgûl were "nine men who succumbed to Sauron's power and attained near-immortality as wraiths, servants bound to the power of…


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Banksy Attacks London!

Just a couple days ago, we featured some new work by the world's most famous street artist, Banksy. Turns out, he actually went on a tear and put up a few more pieces in London. It's astounding that we still don't know Banksy's true identity considering the fact that he's using the walls of a major…


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It's a Small (Zombie) World

We're big fans of Adam Martinakis' work but we're especially blown away by this digital artwork that he recently completed. Entiteld "The Insiders," what look to be zombies appear trapped inside the Earth's globe, just dying to escape.…


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Banksy's Biplane Heart Trail

We haven't seen much of Banksy in 2011, so it's nice to see a new, quality piece coming from him. Spotted recently in Liverpool, a little, puttering biplane is seen leaving a large, heart-shaped smoke trail. Also worth noting is this dark yet…


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Stylish Ace Hotel Room Mural

New York's Ace Hotel asked artist Dan Cassaro to create a fun mural for one of its rooms. Cassaro, a freelance designer, animator and print-maker living and working in Brooklyn, happily obliged and used his typography skills to create this quality piece that's a perfect fit with the hotel's…


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Stunning Human Anatomy Self Portrait

Taking this self-portrait as part of her ongoing 365 Days series, Diana E. Eastman gives us a lesson on human anatomy by using her own body as a guide. The magnificent shot is enittled Dissection of it All.

As for how she applied the anatomy sketch on her back, Diana states on her blog, "I’ve seen quite a few people discussing whether or not this tattoo is…


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Illuminated Map Displays UK Traffic Casualties

You may think this illuminated map created by BBC is stunning at first, but once you realize that this tragic image displays the location of 2,396,750 road crashes in Great Britain from 1999 to 2010, your delight will quickly fade away. Each light point is an individual collision which resulted in a casualty. The intensity of brightness shows where collisions are more…


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Contemplative Angel Bursts with Color and Life

South Korean artist Minjae Lee just sent over this really impressive new piece he just finished, entitled Circulation. Just like his previous work, at first glance, it appears that the piece was made using digital editing tools. You'd probably be surpised to find out…


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The Real Social and Economical Threat to Art

To promote their school and recruit new students, Detroit’s College for Creative Studies came up with these funny ads that resemble anti-drug PSA ads. Although there are far worse things than being an art student, the campaign reminded me of a…


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Desertification Disintegrates Animals

In an effort to educate the mass public about desertification, the degradation of land in drylands, Mardid-based agency Contrapunto BBDO created this series of eye-catching ads for the World Wildlife Fund. An elephant, leopard and parrot are seen deteriorating into clouds of dust, reminiscent of the dried up floors in the eroded landscapes.

According to WWF and Wikipedia,…


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