5 Stars on Yelp?!: Let's Try it Out - Hogan's Heroes in Playa del Rey

So after a morning run with Theresa (where she literally ran laps around me), we decided to try out Hogan's Heroes for some sandwiches. Now, let me just say that I love Yelp. That site has helped not only find some of the best hole-in-the-walls in town (Tokyo 7-7), it's also provided great comfort and confirmation that some restaurants are either spectacular (La Cachette) or very disappointing (Terroni). These days I don't even want to go to a restaurant until I check out the Yelp reviews.

So, using my handy dandy GPS we headed up and down a few hills and got to this unassuming little restaurant, Hogan's Heroes. Reviews were great, besides one guy who gave it 4 stars all 11 reviews gave it 5 stars. Now we're talking big expectations.

As we walk up we see this funny lookin hot dog in front:

Then we walk in and I notice on the walls they have these really cool pics of people who have taken a pic in front of the hot dog! Sadly, what Theresa and I think is clever (finger up his nose) has been played out. So much for being original.

Lucy, the mom to the owner and his wife is really blunt and funny. Her humor is sarcastic and a little biting, but I like that. I tell her I came bc of Yelp and she tells me that she's really touched by all the nice reviews. I can see that she is genuinely touched by all the good things she is reading.

Here's the menu up top. It's a classic burger, fries, sandwich, hot dog place..

I look to the right and see this sign...can chili be that hot?

We order a hot pastrami sandwich and an italian (with oil and vinegar on the side to dip - see top pic for the italian):

We also tried the chili but I don't care what kind of camera you have, not even the best chili can come out well in pictures. Lucy gave us a sample of her son's famous hot chili - it is so hot you have to sample it on a toothpick.

Theresa was smart and had a dab, I, on the other hand, thought - "You know, I can handle this. I'm Korean damnit! We're the ones we created kimchi!" Every time I think I'm hot shit this is what God does to me. He punishes the crap out of me. I took a big toothpick scoop of this stuff and before Theresa could even say - "that might be too much" I swallowed it down. My tongue burned like the devil had stabbed it with his pitchfork. WATER! MILK!? Milk? What was I thinking this was a sandwich joint.

So my tongue burned for about 15 minutes, Theresa probably got a good laugh out of it. If you can't laugh at your friends who can you laugh at? :)

Overall? Pastrami was really tasty, regular chili was like Hormels but better, italian sandwich was made with fresh ingredients but the bread was a little too thick. It wasn't Bay Cities, but it was good.

Who Should Go? People who want to seek revenge on their ex and give them some kick-ass chili. People who want to go to a good sandwich shop that's not Togos or Subway.

Tips: Parking is plentiful in this strip mall. Look for the hot dog in front. Oh and say "hi" to Lucy for me!

Hogan's Heroes (Yelp)
8501 Pershing Dr
Playa Del Rey, CA 90293

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Comment by Theresa on July 27, 2008 at 11:02pm
I was secretly laughing at you running around the sub shop trying to refill your beverage to eliminate the burning sensation ... LOL. Big T tasted it and confirmed what we already knew but he took it by the spoonfull not like me whimping out with a dip of the toothpick.

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