The Little Italian Restaurant That Couldn't: Terroni in West Hollywood


I went in with an open mind and a hungry stomach.

Tara and I went out last night to dinner and tried out this Italian restaurant in West Hollywood called Terroni. Now, I am not a tough food critique - in fact, I'm pretty open to it all. I don't like my food too sheesh or my portions too small (that I am thinking about going to McDs after)...I just want delicious food at reasonable prices.

From the outside, I see the sign and the chandeliers and I am, this place looks great! (What can I say, I am a sucker for chandeliers.)

They do not take reservations - and though it was crowded, we only had to wait 10 min. We hit up the bar and had some drinks. Tara tried out a few wines, gratis, which I thought was cool of them. Bartender was smokin' too...yes, good signs...
Wanted to get a shot of the kitchen, really cool decor, with awesome light fixtures...
(I swear that woman with the drink wanted to kick my ass after my flash went off in her face. Sorry, lady!)
And they had an old black and white movie projected on a wall:
Here are some general positives and negatives so far:
1. Positives: Nice bathroom decor and light fixtures.
2. Negatives: A little too crowded and cramped, you can hardly carry on a conversation bc it's so loud in there. What's with the mediocre bread and olive oil? No butter or balsamic served with it. Let's not get cheap, boys!

Now on to the food:
The place was too dark so I couldn't get pics of the food but we ordered this proscuitto/buffalo mozzarella appetizer, the seafood pasta, and the italian sausage pasta. All three were tasteless! When I say tasteless I am talking - these bad boys need some salt and pepper. We ate a few bites and we couldn't go any farther. That bad!

My God, I really wanted to like this place. It was hip and cool, they had valet for $6 (which isn't too bad), bartender was nice and hot, but if the food is not good it's over. Tara mentioned that our meals were bad and they actually comp'd our meals - which was nice of them.

Overall though, skip this place and head over to BLD. Waiters are cool, decor is classy, and the food is pretty good at BLD.

Here is Tara's review on Yelp:
Positives: The decor was adorable. The vibe was full of energy. The
bartender was hot. I was unsure which wine to get and the bartender
poured me a few different tastings to choose. You can't complain about

Negatives: This is the first time I have ever been to a restaurant and desperately wanted the 5 year old salt and pepper
shakers on the table. The pasta and appetizer was tasteless. It was a
complete disappointment. We ate two bites, left our food and went home
hungry. The manager was very kind to comp the pastas.
If it was not for the decor and vibe I would give it one star.

And here is Tara giving it a big thumbs down.

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LALA2JESS" by Veronique
Food was a gross disappointment and the attitude of the staff is bad at best.
Waitress chatted in the corner with friends as I waved at her repeatedly.
I wil never attend this restaurant again.

"attitude problem" by thomas
November 28, 2007 - Sorry, but "no modifications or substitutions" is just plain rude. I asked for no onions on my salad and they would not accommodate my request. The food and service was fine, but there are plenty of other great restaurants in the neighborhood that are happy to omit ingredients if they can. The chef and owner must have quite an ego.

Not only does this place have bad food, they have gigantic egos! Though we didn't ask for the salt and pepper, others had and they were denied! What the?!

Terroni, this was a miss for me. If my stomach is growling and I'm thinking about picking up some chicken mcnuggets after a meal, you've done me wrong.

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