Yuka Has Fabulous Taste!: Eating Delicious Greek Food and Meeting Mini Orlando Bloom at Kokkari, San Francisco

One of the best things about this site is that we can quickly get great restaurant recommendations from our most trusted friends. I put up this forum question - "SAN FRANCISCO! Recommendations on places to eat, sleep, play..." and Yuka told us about Kokkari.

Here was her suggestion:
my FAVORITE restaurant in SF is KOKKARI in the financial district.
it's greek fusion and SO awesome.
they have this appetizer--deep fried smelt. just squeeze a little lemon on them and you pop them in your mouth like little fish french fries. to DIE for. i dream about them sometimes.
and the lamb chops and moussaka entree is OMG yummy.
they have an extensive wine list and excellent greek desserts.
it's my first stop in SF whenever i go.
my mouth is watering right now...

Now, we know Yuka outside of this site, she used to room with my ex-roomie, Dan Su. I've always known that she's had great taste but OMG this restaurant suggestion completely solidifies Yuka is my GO-TO now!

From the outside you can see the menu - it's all printed on one page - not too many selections, more appetizers than main courses but they have all the tried and true Greek favorites.

You peep through the window and you think...ok now...this ain't no Daphnes! And then you walk in and are taken aback by how nice and rustic this place looks. The place is crowded with 30-50 yr olds lounging around the bar....

The shades of brown are soothing, the large chairs warm and inviting....

The place is lit by beautifully ornate hanging chandeliers and small and large lamps spread throughout the restaurant.

At first you think, wow this place is crowded and then you realize when the waitress is taking you to your seat that there is this whole other area in the back of the restaurant!

We order a few appetizers - spanakotiropita (filo pies with spinach, feta, leeks and dill), soutzoukakia (grilled meatballs with tomatoes and a green olive campote) and a greek salad.

Everything is excellent! The spanakotiropita is flaky and crispy, it is light and delicate but once you bite into it you get this warm sensation with the spinach and feta cheese titillating your taste buds. The meat balls were loosely packed, well-seasoned, not too greasy and drizzled with a delicious tomato sauce. Absolutely amazing.

Main meals consist of Moussaka (traditional casserole of eggplant, lamb, potato & yogurt béchamel - $20) and Kokinisto me Manestra (aromatic braised lamb shank with orzo & myzithra - $27).

Sam and I went to Greece (Athens and Santorini) a few months ago and had some awesome food there. When comparing the food there to here these dishes definitely had a subtlety to them. There wasn't one strong taste - nothing was too overpowering. Instead, there was a delicate balance of ingredients in the moussaka - each layer - was delicious in its own right but all together gave the feeling of the ultimate comfort food. The one cooked by your mom on a cold, rainy day.

The lamb meat was literally falling off the bone, no knifes needed. It sat on top of a bed of rice that had myzithra cheese sprinkled on it. Huge portions, it came with the bone that we had fun with.

Now a few quick shots of Sam, embarrassed by his mess:

And his quick cover-up:

And of course, our waiter who looked like the mini version of Orlando Bloom. Excellent service!

Overall: Wonderful time at one of the nicest Greek restaurants we've ever been to! I loved the decor, the service and the food! Yelp 5 stars! *****

Who Should Go?
+ People who like fresh quality food in an atmosphere that isn't too upscale

+ Make reservations, this place gets packed.
+ Check out Yelp for some more tips on what to eat before you go.

Kokkari (Yelp)
200 Jackson Street
(between Battery St & Front St)
San Francisco, CA 94111

Kokkari Estiatorio on Urbanspoon

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Comment by Eugene on September 2, 2008 at 3:32pm
I like the food spot and coverup. classic!
Comment by yuka on September 2, 2008 at 3:16pm
yay yay yay you ate at kokkari.
*so jealous*
Comment by PANDA JU on September 1, 2008 at 1:35am
Helloo there Mr. + Mrs. Smith ..
Comment by Annie on August 30, 2008 at 9:07pm
wow...this place looks great. hope we get to try it.
Comment by Sally on August 30, 2008 at 2:03pm
yumm.... looks good... i love the pictures with the lamb meat... fierce~! :)
Comment by Eugene on August 30, 2008 at 12:23pm
makes me want to go there next week! Nice pics and post!

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