Appreciating the Past, Present and Future: Photography Martin Klimas

German photographer Martin Klimas is currently exhibiting at the Foley Gallery in NYC. What strikes me most about his photos is that by using strobe lights and one sheet of film he can beautifully capture a moment where the past, present and future collide.

"His Photographs explore the ephemera of moments and material objects. An object that can be intact and so serene one minute can easily be destabilized and turned into an animated and fragmented entity. The figurines display a perpetual sense of motion, which in the cases of more action-oriented figures like the kung fu fighters exaggerates the action that the character is already implying. For the figures that are more passive in expression, this explosive aspect adds a disruptive quality to an otherwise staid object.

The intention of this process is the creation of an entity that is the result of the action. Every picture becomes a sculpture on its own, showing the transformation of an object that no longer exists into a stationary object that we can only, for the moment, imagine. There is a comforting idea amidst what appears to be violence and chaos, which is the concept that this destruction can ultimately result in creation."

Non-porcelain objects:

Foley Gallery
Foley Gallery specializes in the representation of contemporary artists who work with photography, painting, sculpture and works on paper. We are particularly focused on building the careers of lesser-known artists and promoting the work of ones who have been under recognized.

547 W 27th Street, 5th floor between 10th and 11th Avenue.
Phone: 212.244.9081

Martin Klimas website

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