As the visual representation of information, an infograph is an awesome way to take in a lot of information in a little amount of time. Personally I love seeing information displayed in a way that's not only clear and simple but in a way that's easy on the eyes and meaningful and relevant to our lives. In case you missed these, here are some of the best infographs floating around the web. You'll have to click into each picture to see them up close. First infograph

Which one is your favorite?
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  • I attended a seminar by Edward Tufte on the visual presentation of information. It was amazing. He is Professor Emeritus at Yale and has written several books on the subject all of which are very good. It is astounding how much more you can communicate to people if the information is presented in the right way. The infographics are all terrific.
  • Just spent 20 minutes looking at all these cool graphics. Especially love the buzz vs bulge graph.
  • I love the graphic design of infographs. Even the not so hot ones. When I was a kid I used to leaf through the Atlas..any Atlas..alot! Loved the maps and all the colourful info graphs. Went to the fleamarket to buy secondhand ones in bulk and made collages out of it for fun.

    I still have 3 old Atlases and a new one my sister gave me for my birthday. (Won't make collages out of those though)
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