Weight Watchers

Tear-off advertising has been around forever. In its most basic form, all it takes is a pen and some paper. Even with the vast amount of technology in the world, these ads can still be really effective. We salute these businesses for taking this concept to the creative limit, using their imagination to push advertising to a whole new level.


Piano Teacher

Bikini Wax

Children's Hair Salon

Rugby League

Ballet Lessons


Hockey Tryouts

Jamaican Braids

via [Bored Panda], [Design Swan], [Izismile]
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  • So clever!
  • Wow! The Weight Watcher's one is truly Epic! A second the notion about the bikini wax one. Would you really want to pluck a number off it?

    Here is another one that I really like.

  • brilliant!

    my favorites are the piano teacher and children's hair salon tear-offs

    the weight-watchers one is a really cool idea, but it is odd to see with the head and neck of a woman who is 130 lbs pasted onto the body of a woman who is 230 lbs

    the bikini wax one is really funny, but also a little disturbing...
  • Genius! Love that weight watchers one! I might need to use that in the future =)
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