11 New WTF? Illustrations

They made us laugh with their first set of WTF? illustrations and now creative design company Estudio Minga is back with their second set! What began as an in-house joke quickly became a way for Estudio Minga to show the world just how creative they could be. Astoundingly, for this month, they were the #1 most appreciated set on Behance with over 5,000 ups! Just why were these minimalist illustrations so loved? I think it's because they touch us to the core. They remind us that life is filled with funny, fleeting moments and that sometimes you just have to sit back at them and laugh. Lucas, from Estudio Minga, sent us this hilarious follow-up. I asked him to tell us why he created it and here's what he shared. "Part II is just the second part of the crazy ideas that keeps flowing through our minds. Thanks to the impact Part I had on the web, started by your post, we're expanding the series, hoping to keep people laughing. We received tons of emails and requests insisting that we make more funny posters around the same topic. While we work every day here in Minga, we have our funny moments and write everything that comes to our minds: ideas, designs, phrases. The first series helped us to spread our creativity worldwide, and showed us how creativity can be sparked just by a little idea. We are working on an online shop to sell our prints to everyone that contacted us asking to have one WTF? poster on their walls. Maybe My Modern Met wants to sell them? LOL ... Maybe. (Yes, that's in the works.) Thank you, Alice, for helping us spread our work around. Thanks, My Modern Met! Regards from Minga Team"

Estudio Minga's website, Behance
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  • amazing!
  • hahahahaha........ so nice and so easy))
  • haha... really good
  • Hahaha.. nice!
  • i love the simple designs, a few of them made me stop for a second to find what was odd the picture =)
  • So good, so simple, so effective.
  • sorry but part I was wayyyy better. Still good works though :)
  • Very Fun.
  • HAHA, another great set of clever pieces. Especially love the upside down WTF. Great stuff guys!
  • Definitely my favorite WTF moments. I would love to have one of these on a shirt! I would proudly wear it around campus! Who knows, it might spark creativity among North Campus inhabitants.
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