Step into the kitchen and you might just be inspired to whip up one of these cool cupcake creations of your own! From old school video games to our favorite Sesame Street characters, these modern day cupcakes make us smile even before they hit our stomach! “A New Birth of Freedom" [link] Zilly Rosen "cupcake extraordinare" does it again with this kick ass Obama/Lincoln pixel art. 5,600 cupcakes were created!

Obama Pixelated [link] Someone really loves our Prez! 1,240 times!

Super Mario Bro. Pixelated [link] One cupcake at a time no good, all together...golden.

Golf [link]

Watchmen Cupcakes [link]

Cookie Monster [link] Nom Nom! Me want cookie and cupcake!

Hamburger Cupcakes [link] I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today!

iPhone Cupcakes [link] Created by and these take the (cup)cake for most ingenious!

Wii! It's your Birthday! [link]

Pick Mii Out & Wii-n! [link]

Super Mario Bro. Cupcakes [link]

Pacman Cupcakes [link]

Robot Cupcakes [link] Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto!

Lego Cupcakes [link]

Mickey Mouse Cupcake Army [link]

Monkey Business [link]

Hello Kitty Cupcakes[link]

Boy Pirates 2009 version [link]

Snow Globe Cupcakes [link]

Luxury Car Logo Cupcakes [link]

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  • Think the golf ones are amazing. And can't go wrong with pac man!
  • the hamburgers are kind of repulsive, it makes me think of meat flavored cake eww...But the others are super cute! and some of them can even be ads :)
  • super creative bakers.
  • these cupcakes are great!! i have to say--that hello kitty one is super cute =P
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