I am still angry about this.

So a bunch of us decided to check out Glow Saturday night. Here's what the website said: Glow will fill the hours between dusk to dawn (7p-7a) with compelling, enchanting and effervescent sights and sounds situated in spaces and times that expand possibilities for where, how and when the public experiences contemporary art. With the historic Santa Monica Pier and adjacent world-famous Santa Monica Beach as their space, artists were commissioned to create unique and inviting works of art that welcome the public to be both audience and actor for twelve celebratory hours. Inspired by the wildly successful Nuit Blanche in Paris, Glow takes its spirit from the fabled grunion that live in local waters and come ashore several times a year to spawn in the sand creating a momentary sensation of iridescence. So here I am thinking - cool! Art, lights, experiences...I'm there! But oh no...I did not expect this.

Annie and I asked a bunch of people, before we started walking down the pier if it was worth it to get through the crowd to the art exhibits. 6 out of 6 people said the same thing - it's too crowded. Now, mind you, I understand that sometimes lines or crowds are necessary. Free event? Yeah, I get it - there's not much to complain about. Unless! (Of course there was going to be an unless!) Unless - the experience is so damaged by the amount of people that now our time has been wasted. Unless you have such weak exhibits that you are insulting me! We found parking, weaved through massive amounts of people, and made it down to the beach to see water sprayed with lights projected onto it.

We didn't even make it down the pier so I cannot give you a true assessment of the event but judging from what others had to say this event was a huge letdown. Some of the biggest crowds on the beach were not gathering around exhibits, they were watching the grunions coming up on shore! If your exhibits are not as interesting as watching fish have some sexy-wexy you have a problem! So, here is our group picture. Notice that I am shrugging. I expected more from you Santa Monica!

WEAK! Read what Yelpers had to say. Here are some of my favorites: "Glow was a lot like getting punched in the balls. Or at least I would have rather taken the sharp, severe pain of a punch instead because at least it would have been over faster. The single worst event I've ever attended in my entire life. Fuck you Santa Monica." - Andrew "This, overheard at the crapfest "Glow" summed up the event well: "This is like Disneyland, only not fun." - Sarah T "OK so what the hell was this?! I joined YELP just express my discord with this "GLOW" event. I set my alarm at 4:45a.m ( OK it's my friend who gets out of the strip club in the wee hours of the morning i aske d to wake me up). When we got there there wasn't anything to see. Maybe we missed everything, if that be the case, then the event should not have been promoted to last until 7:00am. For the 3 little wimpy "exhibits" we saw, this could have been done in someones back yard. No stars from me or my friend!" - Cristyna and mine: "WHAT A COLOSSAL WASTE OF TIME. Too crowded, weak exhibits (of what I saw on the beach), if I could give this -100 stars I would. Marketing was good for this bc it made me want to go but I WILL NEVER GO TO THIS AGAIN."
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  • here's an LA.com article about this, too.
    They were a little nicer than me...
    "The turnout was massive and demographically diverse. The installations and exhibits were an execution nightmare, but people forged their own fun (in a crowd of 200,000, it's not that hard to do). "
  • here's LA Times' pictures. I swear they can make anything look good with a camera (do you sense the bitterness in my writing, still?) :)
  • wow - didn't know you would be following my fashion. good thing i have a great stylist!
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