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After a very enjoyable afternoon watching Brian's group, happyfunsmile, at the Buddhist temple, we mosied our way to Chinatown to have some traditional Filipino food. Filipino food in Chinatown? Sure, why not!?

Apparently our foodie friend Vic told Arlene about this place...I shouldn't been so surprised given he knew about Tokyo 7-7 even before we did (thanks for not sharing, Vic, no bitterness here).

From the outside this place looks a little different than the other stores around - pretty clean and modern.

We walk in, are greeting by the really warm owner and are given menus:

Arlene takes lead and orders all of the food...(thanks, Arlene!)...

Asparagus and fish dish:

Spaghetti, Filipino style, and meat with french fries on top (why not?):

Garlic rice:

Chicken adobo:

Everything was very delicious. Now my experience with Filipino food has been limited to Arlene's famed chicken porridge (that I thought was Arizcaldo but upon further research is Arroz Caldo), some lumpia, Filipino's version of the eggroll, and chicken adobo, this delicious chicken/garlic/vinegar sensation. All have come from Arlene - be nice to her and she might share some recipes with you!

In any case, the Ibanez parents and the kids all agreed that it was pretty good, authentic Filipino food. I would definitely come back and have this amazing dessert. I mean really does it get any better than mango ice cream with tapioca balls, coconut shavings and fried bananas? No, I tell you! (see first pic)

A few personal pictures. Here is Arlene's signature on the wall - she used to work for Entertainment Tonight but now works for the Insider - she's famous!

Arlene trying to guess which iPhone is heavier - my first gen or Dan Su's new 3G.

Me and Sam with the Ibanez parents. Love them!

The kids: Brian, Ardith, Arlene and Danny. (Ardith and Arlene are sisters.)

It was their parents birthdays (they are two days apart from each other) so the kids gave the parents really nice frames with pictures.

Overall? We had an awesome time at this kick back restaurant that served delicious Filipino food.
Who Should Go? People who want to experience something other than the classic Korean or Japanese food.
Tip: There is a parking lot next door (you have to pay I think $6) but it's really close and it's no hassle.

This place used to be called Asian Noodle but is now called Noi (Yelp)
643 N Spring St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Thanks to the Ibanez family for letting us crash their lunch. We loved spending time with everyone and hope to see you all soon!

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  • Sammy keeps talking about that garlic rice...I need a recipe! Arlene?
  • That place was amazing...ahhh the garlic rice was to die for. Can't wait to go back!
  • AWESOME WRITE-UP! i'll have to share this with the folks! They're famous!! whoo hoo!
  • i knew you'd see this post! you have been holding out on me, you foodie! give it up! :)
  • yes! it's mango ice cream with coconut, fried bananas and tapioca balls - one of the best desserts i have ever had. i don't really have a sweet tooth but this was awesome.

    if you just ask for the mango ice cream with fried bananas they'll know what you're asking for...
  • whoa looks good! whats the name of the first dish pictured... is that ice cream?
This reply was deleted.