Sam and I saw his exhibit last October at the SF Moma - Eliasson's work is amazing bc he uses natural elements like light and water to create art that elicits an emotional response in people. Amazon

I really want to take a trip to NY to see The Waterfalls that both Mary S and Grace (sis) had previously blogged about. "In developing 'The New York City Waterfalls,' I have tried to work with today's complex notion of public spaces," Eliasson says. "The Waterfalls appear in the midst of the dense social, environmental and political tissue that makes up the heart of New York City. They will give people the possibility to reconsider their relationship to these spectacular surroundings and I hope they will evoke experiences that are both individual and enhance a sense of collectivity."

Beautiful pictures on Flickr by dietrich Eliasson was also one of the first blogs we posted at the Met. This is our 4th! If you have some time check this SFMOMA page out.
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  • very nice! thanks, j!
  • I meant "Buy it here" ! .. but I'm too lazy to edit my post. F-it.
  • OOh that reminds me .. another cool coffee table book for you! (due out Dec. 2008)

    BTW you might like this one too (from the same publisher). It's out already.

    But it here.
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