My friend Duc and I always talk about Twitter - a microblogging service.

I love this from I’ve seen the pattern repeated over and over again when someone is introduced to Twitter for the first time. There are four classic phases: 1. Denial: There is NO way on earth I will EVER use a silly chat service like twitter. I have no use, time, nor place for it in my life. 2. Surprise: You mean my friends and colleagues are here? It’s not just teenagers with nothing better to do? 3. Acceptance: Okay, I like having twitter in my life. This is pretty cool. 4. Addiction: OMG Twitter is doooooooownnnnnnn! I suggest when you hit stage 4 you buy that Fail Whale t-shirt: My Love/Hate Relationship with Twitter
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  • I wouldnt buy it... I would hate to place my order and never get it because their e-com server got over loaded.
  • It's when Twitter is over capacity or is having problems on their side (in large part due to scale issues since it's growing so fast):

    Some people love the whale though and don't want it to go away. Save the Fail Whales.
    Some have even made sculptures of it:

  • I don't get it... What does this shirt have to do with Twitter?
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