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  • yummy and intelligent
  • Oh sorry, forgot to mention - she's pregnant, with Joe's babay .. I know, the story just gets better and better.
  • wait. so she's single? ;)
  • More about Lara Logan (and I didn't wanna bring this up at first because I think her journalistic capabilities should be focused on first and foremost, blah blah) but take a listen, this is quite juicy and almost movie-starring-Angelina or Nicole-worthy.

    Apparently, the reporter was - as the Chinese would say, "riding two boats" - or double fisting beaus. In one hand, CNN's Michael Ware, on the other, Joe Burkett, a civilian contractor in Iraq from Texas whose divorce was not yet final when she stole into his bunk. Apparently, Burkett’s wife Kimberly, 32, was so distraught with his cheating that she took an overdose of Valium.

    And apparently, the US State Department contractor (Joe) and the star CNN correspondent (Michael)'s jealousy over the former swimsuit model collided and exploded in a battle royal in a Baghdad “safe house.” Not sure who won. But man, that's steamy.

    Apparently, when CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric soon became aware of Lara’s supposed shenanigans, she exploded, "upset because it reflects badly on everybody at CBS, but particularly the women there."

    Doesn't take away from her journalistic badassness in any way, but I am intrigued by this hot Baghdad vixen. Prrrr Meow!
  • wow...this girl rocks. she kinda looks like nicole kidmans sister on the bottom vid.
  • step aside men - if a lady can have some balls she has them. here's an older clip of her...older but still relevant. i can appreciate her openness and i can sense the frustration in her voice.

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