For those people who are bored by eating good food in a nice restaurant, how about good food while being strapped into your seat hanging from a crane 150 feet above the ground? Dinner in the Sky offers their crane and catering services to anyone who wants to hold a dinner for up to 22 guests in any location that can accomodate their crane. Personally, I'm not a big fan of heights so I don't think I'd be doing to much eating if I were up there, maybe more vomiting. But for some of you thrillseekers, this may be just the thing for you. What if you have to go to the bathroom? Well just politely tell the crane operator and he'll lower you and your 21 guests down to the ground to accomodate your tiny bladder.

Need a little music to go with that nice view? They'll hoist it up for you on another crane. How nice!

At a cost of $11,400 per meal, not including catering, it may just be better to take your guests to Urasawa for dinner...twice. If any of you decide to do this, please invite me. I promise to bring my airplane sickness bag along.
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  • 520 isn't that bad considering the experience.... I would do it...
  • oops, by $11,400 per meal, I meant per seating of 22 people. So actually it would come out to $520 not including food.
  • ftw... sticker shock.... $11,400 per meal?? $11,400 per meal??? (O_o)
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