Think we need additional parks & open space throughout Los Angeles? What's a nice peaceful way to make a statement? Turn a parking spot into a park for a day! (Thanks, Tony, for the tip.) Park[ing] Day LA is a grassroots effort reclaiming public space in our streets. How are they doing this? 1. Host[ing] specific parking spots along Wilshire Blvd. & other streets. 2. Inspir[ing] other community groups, design firms and parks advocates to create their own Park[ing] Day LA spots on September 19th and to register the location of those spots in advance so that we can create a map of all the parks created. 3. Network[ing] to gather interest in both participation and funding opportunities so that the challenges of creating a Park[ing] Day LA spot become more accessible to all interested parties. 4. Develop[ing] an interactive website to: * Show the how to's of making a Park[ing] Day LA park * Provide a forum for diverse groups to work together * Organize & program a curriculum of events * Map out participants 5. Publiciz[ing] the day and events to others can participate in it. 6. Educat[ing] the public that a park doesn’t have to be 100+ acres, that sometimes simply 100 square feet will do. Likewise, why do we choose to abandon so much of our livable space and dedicate that area exclusively for our automobiles? For instance, often one’s workspace or office at their place of employment is smaller in size than the amount of space they are given for their parking spot. Similarly, why do we sacrifice the land that we could otherwise develop for walkable opportunities into arterials to aid and assist unsustainable lifestyle choices?

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  • i've been thinking about want to? we could get our own spot and deck it out.
  • theMET should get one!
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