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Hi-Def Pics - The Fifth Annual Fashion Rocks Concert

Nicole Scherzinger at the fifth annual Fashion Rocks Concert - a celebration of the relationship between music and fashion. Proceeds went to Stand up to Cancer, a program established by the Entertainment Industry Foundation to raise money for cancer research. The concert was during a live telethon that aired simultaneously on ABC, NBC and CBS on Friday night at the at Radio City Music Hall in New York

Pussycat Dolls



Justin Timberlake

Beyonce and JT

Mariah Carey

Chris Brown

Mariah Carey, Mary J Blige, and Beyonce


Hayden Panettiere Courtesy of etoday
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  • man is Hayden trying to be Paris or what? This was not a good career move...still luv Heros tho...
  • I know shes hot and stuff... but common, Hayden Panettiere really can't sing.
  • All hail Princess Rihanna!!
    What the heck is Beyonce is wearing?
    JT better be doing a Stevie Wonder number with those blinders on ..
This reply was deleted.

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