She probably doesn't even need an introduction. You all know her by now as one of the most outspoken people on theMET. Unabashedly herself, Kara will fearlessly go against the grain..declaring herself the sole Republican on a liberal site...sharing details about her personal struggle with us the lowdown on her shoe obsession and declaring her love for theMET like no other. What you may not know is that we're kinda related. She's my sister Carol's husband's cousin. Crazy, right?! Kara is one of the most dedicated, loyal friends a girl could ever have. I can best describe her as fun-loving and fearless. She's got the balls to go up against the toughest debaters (eh hem go faster) and has the ability to make anyone feel at ease. For my birthday, her and Rolando rounded up a few of my friends to contribute to a bound book - "Why We Love My Modern Metropolis". It couldn't have been a sweeter gift. Thanks, Kara, for being such an awesome contributor and friend. Hugs and kisses.

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  • yay kara! :D
  • sweet hat
  • I look awesome in that Davey Crocket hat. Thanks for the love Alice!
  • For she's a jolly good gurrrl
    For she's a jolly good gurrrl
    For she's a jolly good gurrrl
    ... that I will never deny. ;-)
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