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  • she sucks
  • its not like she is governor of a major state...Alaska is known for being cold and baron... there aren't many people there and the ideals of the ones that are, are far removed from the rest of us...I dont get all the sexist chatter either.. whether it a man or a woman, if you're a're a moron... if McCain had actually picked his VP with common sense and not with his d*ck, we wouldn't even be having this conversation now. I admit for an older lady, she is pretty, but thats where it stops. She's nuttier than baby sh*t
  • I'll agree about that clip... yikes. Hopefully that was just a brain fart... we all have them from time to time... Seriously sucks for hers to be with Katie Couric.... but well, okay I dunno how to "bail out" Palin from this one. :(
  • tell it like it is!
  • Go Jack!!!!
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