My apologies for taking Monday off last week. But we're back. It's My Modern Mondays and today we'll be talking about modern mirrors. Something beautiful about a nicely designed mirror. They can serve as an art piece in your living room, enhancing the space and making the room come alive. Here are my favorites. #3 Eleanor Frameless Mirrors by Pottery Barn - Throwing up a cluster of mirrors make it simple yet classic. At $79-$99 each, it's a little pricey but let's think of this more like a statement than a few mirrors.

#2 Venetian Style Ribbon Mirror by The Source Perrier Collection - Reminds me of a Marchesca dress, maybe that's where the dress got its inspiration!

#1 Dahlia Venetian Mirror - This one looks like Snow White's wicked witch's mirror. I like. At $369 on sale, not a bad deal.

Only really like these 3 so I'm sticking to it. Opinions?
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  • #3 looks like they hired the decorator for Comme Ca
  • yay...modern mondays!! oh how i missed you=P "mirror mirror," very catchy. I like the last one...very classically modern...
  • I'll take one of each, please!
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