This past weekend, our good friends Grace and Vic, asked us to go to Knott's Scary Farm to get into the Halloween spirit. It was also to celebrate Grace O's happy birthday, chickadee, welcome to the ripe old age of 30ish something! Awhile back, I put up a post on my little personal blog about "The Way Adults Do Disneyland" so I thought I would follow that up with this Knott's post. The last time I was back at Scary Farm was probably in junior high..I can still remember having my aquanet hair teased up high in a wave formation, sportin' my mood ring, in my bongo outfit from Wet Seal. Oh how I shudder in fear at the thought of that look now. Guess it's all part of growing up. Tip if you're thinking about going. Buy pre-sale online. It's 50ish bucks, you can't use your AAA discount but this will save you a whole lot of trouble when you get to the park. The parking line is already pretty insane. It took us about 45 minutes to park and then walk 2 blocks to the park.

I made everyone stop and take a pic by a Knotts sign.

This was the line for people buying tickets. We brought our printed out receipt and pretty much zipped through. Notice the girl in the right hand corner already practicing her monster face. (Sorry, girl if you're are seeing this post!) Lines are hella long. Yes I said hella. We pretty much only hit up the mazes, of which there are 13. We stayed for about 3 hours and hit up 3 mazes, which was enough for our sorry, sad asses. (On a side note, I think something happened when I turned 30. I became increasingly irritable in lines.) Couldn't help but play some carnival games while we were there.

No luck at this's much harder knocking down those little suckers than you think.

This was about 2 seconds before Sam made this basketball shot...winning us this blue monkey that apparently has a drinking problem....

He led us to the beer garden....monkey said he was dying for a drink...

Look at him eying my drink! Can't blame him...

So I let him have one. One drunk monkey later...we headed back to the mazes. Here are the gouls we encountered.

And our badass guns we picked up during the laser maze...which was actually really lame, especially 'cause we had to pay $5 bucks to rent these.

Overall?: We had a great time for the three hours we were there. Lines were insanely long for the roller coasters so we decided to only hit the mazes, which were surprisingly fun. You get used to people screaming and jumping out at you and I swear I shaved at least five years off my life by going there. Definitely something to do every few years. Keeps you young! :) Knott's Scary Farm website
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  • four alcoholics did WHAT to a monkey?!? :(
  • That damn drunk monkey, kept wanting to go back to get some more beer.
  • looked like fun!
  • the last pic is the best one! haha!
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